The girl child

10 Reasons Why You Need To Educate Your Girl Child

The Importance of the Girl Child Education

The girl child education is a fundamental human right that should be made available by all and sundry without any rethink. If the goal to make the world a better place is to be achieved.

The girl child

It is a fact that the foundation of every home is the woman. The peace, the wellbeing, economic management. And the education of the family depends on her to a very large extent.


All the activities that will help the family and channel it towards prosperity rest on her shoulder. If she is well cultured, peaceful and generous it will certainly reflect in her home.


There will be peace, love, and prosperity reflecting in the home, but the reverse will be the case if she is uneducated and careless in handling the affairs of the home.

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Why You Must Educate Your Girl Child  

1. Multitasking Jobs

Women are widely believed to be multitasking. They can handle so many tasks at the same time. Executing and overseeing jobs that are traditionally handled by men are also been handled by women today.


If given proper education and training. At the same time attends to the day to day needs of the family Women are found doing Jobs such as engineers, doctors, lawyers, and even entrepreneurs. They are very successful at it worldwide.


2. A Good and Healthy Home lies in her Hand

The Education and training of the girl child in the art of homemaking is far more important than you can ever imagine. For into her hands is committed the future and existence of the entire human race.


Every girl child should be given basic training in the general principles of health, child care, and first aid and home skills. The very success of the family, home, community and the entire nation depends on her.


There is no substitute for a well-groomed and cultured woman for her training and education is far more important than luxury and pleasure money can afford.


3. The Education of the Girl child Benefit All

The improvement of the socio-economic wellbeing of the entire family educated women with good education secure themselves good jobs.


Thereby improving the wellbeing of their family and those around them, escaping poverty. Living a healthier and better life compared to her less-educated counterpart.


4. When the Girl child is Educated she will Fight Injustice

When the girl child is educated she is equipped with the right tool to fight inequality, injustice, rape, sexual and domestic violence. She knows the appropriate authority to meet when confronted with such vices in the society.


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To crown it all, she cannot tolerate injustice in the society she lives in, talk less in her immediate family.


5. The Education of the Girl Child will cause a Reduction in Child Marriage

The education of the girl child will almost always reduce child marriage. In most parts of the world. Most girls are been given out for marriage at an early tender age of 8 and 12 years old, thereby terminating or ending their educational carrier.


If these girls have secondary education at least the number of years before they are been given out for marriage will be increased. To adolescence age where they will be at least adult and attained an acceptable age of marriage medically and health-wise.


6. Bringing in Genuine Economic Prosperity that will Benefit All

Involvement in government and policymaking. If your girl child is well educated. Chances are very high she will be involved in the decision that will shape the economy and future of her nation.


A well educated girl child, becomes a hardworking and resourceful woman

A well-educated girl child becomes a hardworking and resourceful woman

Women are known worldwide today to have governed and are still governing nations and piloting the affairs of countries.


Leading them to growth and prosperity, a clear example is Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain and Angela Markel of Germany. Education has afforded them the responsibility to take their respective countries to greater heights. 


 7. Human Trafficking

A lot of women are easily deceived into trafficking for a better life, due to their vulnerability as a result of poor education, in many developing countries.


According to the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking. Through providing young girls with education, opportunities and fundamental skills, this billion-dollar industry can be significantly reduced and discouraged.


8. Improvement in the Nutritional Needs and the Wellbeing of the Family

If a woman is educated her children will be well-fed, because she will ensure that she gives them a balanced diet. With the little available resource that will nourish them to maturity.


Also, she can convince her husband to a large extent to give birth to the number of children they can afford to nourish and educate thereby checking malnutrition, population explosion, and destitution.


9. Safe Sex

 A well-educated girl is well equipped to understand the dangers inherent in unprotected and illicit sex. The dangers of unwanted pregnancies and how they affect her education and her feature, the dangers of contracting HIV and STD.


With these statistics in mind, The World Bank calls education a “window of hope” in preventing the spread of AIDS among today’s children.


10. Girl Child Education is important in Reducing in Infant and Maternal Mortality

The education of a woman will go a long way in reducing infant and maternal mortality considerable to a large extent. 


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Research and studies have shown that children of educated women are less likely to die from complications resulting from childhood diseases. Because she will ensure that they are vaccinated when and as when due.


She will also ensure that she attends antenatal and prenatal clinics to make sure she averts any complications that may arise as a result of childbirth.



We can never overemphasize the importance of the education of the girl child. Her education is as important as life itself for if she is educated life will be more meaningful to the entire family and the society in general.                                     

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