broilers farming, you should avoid cutting corners in poultry production

Why You Should Avoid Cutting Corners in Poultry Production

Why you should avoid cutting corners in poultry production

When it comes to attaining success in poultry farming, it is pertinent to all poultry farmers to endeavor to avoid cutting corners in poultry production.


Virtually all poultry farmers especially backyard and small flock homestead owners have had one bitter experience or the other during their learning curve. And to a larger extent, it has everything to do with cutting corners to maximize profit.


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The success of any poultry venture has to do with three cardinal points:


  • Health of the birds.


  • The quantity and quality of the feed used.


  • Housing facility.

broilers farming, you should avoid cutting corners in poultry production

Avoid Cutting Corners in Poultry Production As Regards the Health of the Birds


Several years back when we started poultry farming at a subsistence level we never considered buying drugs for our birds to be a serious issue.


We lost several of our birds to this common and highly preventable disease coccidiosis.


When you live in a humid wet region especially during the raining season, coupled with a leaking roof or poorly constructed chicken coop that allows raindrops into the chicken coop. Thereby making the litter damp and wet.


Which of course is a breeding ground for oocysts to thrive, the protozoan that courses coccidiosis. There are good effective drugs that will effectively handle coccidiosis and other bacterial related diseases.


As a poultry farmer, you have to avoid cutting corners in poultry production. You have to do anything within your powers to provide good quality drugs for your birds. Drugs from a reputable company such as kepro.


You will see a lot of farmers trying to cut corners in poultry production in their quest to maximize profit thereby using a cheaper home mixed remedy that is not very effective in curing such disease.


Which if care and prompt action are not taking these will lead to economic and financial losses on the part of the poultry farmer.


Anticoccidial drugs and other antibiotics have undergone a lot of research, test and had been proven to be very effective in curing poultry diseases.

It is highly advisable to avoid cutting corners in poultry production and to use these drugs to:


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  • To curtail disease outbreak


  • To reduce the suffering of your birds


  • To save the farmer from more economic and financial losses that may arise from the death of more birds


  • To ameliorate wasting away and lack of weight gain especially in broiler birds.


Effective drugs used in curing coccidiosis and other poultry diseases


Drugs such as Prococ, Amprollium  Kepcox, Totrazuril (baycox) sulpha drugs, etc. are known to be effective in curing coccidiosis and other chicken ailment.


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There are other numerous disease of poultry that needs your urgent care and attention. Coccidiosis is a pretty common disease that is why we choose to use it as a case study.


The bottom line is when you notice poor feed intake, lethargy in your flock. Avoid cutting corners in poultry production.


Don’t hesitate to take prompt action by consulting a qualified veterinary doctor to prescribe appropriate drugs to your birds before it’s too late, the earlier the better.

Everyone wants to better his life financially, to have an extra source of income. This informed the reason why most people venture into poultry business.

Avoid cutting corners in poultry production get quality drugs

Avoid cutting corners in poultry production get quality drugs

Avoid cutting corners in poultry production when it comes to feeding your birds


Feed constitutes almost 50% of the entire cost of production. This informed the very reason why farmers are advised to avoid cutting corners in poultry production.


provide quality feed for your birds without cutting corners

Provide quality feed for your birds without cutting corners

Feeds and feeding is an important aspect of poultry production. Farmers can easily compromise this very important aspect. Because it requires a lot of financial expenditure from the poultry farmer.


This singular reason course a lot of poultry farmers, to look for an alternative cheaper means of producing their home-mixed feed. Which might not meet industry standards.


Thereby leading to poor weight gain and in most cases, poor profit margin and financial loss. It is therefore very important, before starting your poultry venture. You make adequate provision for quality feeds from day one to point of sale or slaughter to avoid any issues.

Avoid cutting corners in poultry production when constructing their housing, shed or coop


Poultry housing is peculiar to your region and the part of the world you live in. different regions have different specifications when it comes to:

  • The roofing type.


  • Size of the window (height and width.)


  • Ventilation (inlet and outlet air (air circulation).


  • Prevailing atmospheric condition.


  • Temperature (hot and humid region, temperate regions of the world will affect the design and construction of the poultry house).


The most important point here is to avoid cutting corners in poultry production. The type of housing facility you provide for your birds will affect your overall success.


Most poultry farmers rush into poultry farming with great speed and enthusiasm. In the same vain quite a number of them rush out of it with even greater speed and disappointment.


To succeed in poultry farming you must have passion, dedication and an open mind to learn from others that have succeeded in the industry. And always strive to avoid cutting corners in poultry production.


Everyone in this world has a passion for a particular trade or business and poultry business could be one of them.


If you are in the poultry business just for the money, the chances that you will cut corners are high. Of course, you are in any business to make money.


If your focal point is on the money. The chances that you will skip and compromise some steps along the production line is high, which is a sure recipe for failure.


When you have passion and dedication coupled with the desire to make money. It will result in a high-profit margin and the overall success of the entire venture.


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If you want to make a profit and have a steady income in the poultry business, never cut corners. Before you start make sure there is provision for adequate drugs or antibiotics.


Provide enough funds for quality feed from a reputable feed mill with good testimonial from other successful farmers.


Make provision for good housing facility, with ample space, without any roof leakages, good ventilation system and control especially in hot humid regions of the world.


Passion and dedication will propel you to get good and standard feeds, drugs and good shelter for your birds. Which will translate into better weight gain, good flock uniformity, and good selling price.


Most importantly endeavor to avoid cutting corners in poultry production. Put in your best sit down and watch your birds reward your genuine effort with cash.



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