Cockroaches are a means of transmitting germs and bacteria

Cockroaches, Housefly and Bed bugs: How to Deal with This Annoying Visitors.

Cockroaches, Housefly and Bed bugs: How to Deal with This Annoying Visitors in Our Homes.

what are these cockroaches, housefly and bed bugs looking for here? At one time or the other, you must have uttered these statements. Their sight and sound could be annoying and frustrating.


How on earth this bed bug did get into this house or what are all these cockroaches looking for here.


The honest truth is that most times you don’t have to invite any of them before they get into your home.


Some of our actions or inactions will always invite them into our homes.


Sadly enough they carry disease-causing germs with them as they come into our homes.


house fly

Why you need to get rid of houseflies in your home  

If several flies settled on top of an uncovered food. let’s say between three (3) to five (5) hours, studies have shown that they can deposit over millions of germs on that uncovered food.


We can fully understand why so many people fall sick, from diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, etc.


When the foods they eat are so easily exposed and contaminated by flies.


If you are careless with your personal hygiene and surroundings to allow flies into your home then be prepared to suffer the consequences.


I strongly believe that it is not your desire to allow these unwanted visitors into your home.


You should understand the fact that houseflies do not only carry germs on their feet, legs and wings alone but also inside their bodies.


Each fly has a sort of pouch, like a small bag or reservoir which it fills when it’s feeding.


After having a full meal at some filthy rubbish dump or sites the fly wings its way to some more comfortable spot, where it can rest and digest its meal.


There the housefly transfers this filthy material in the pouch to its own stomach, often leaving parts of the meal behind anywhere it previously settled.


This is what causes what is normally referred to as fly spots on walls and ceilings. Unfortunately even on your food that you are about to eat if left uncovered.


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How to get rid of houseflies in your home

  • The most effective way to get rid of flies around your home is to prevent them from breeding in the first place, and also destroying their breeding ground.


  • Look around your premises and clear any refuse dump around your vicinity. Make sure every rubbish dust bins or garbage cans are properly covered. And most importantly are properly disposed-off.


  • Public refuse dump should not be anywhere close to your home so that your family health is not put in danger.


  • If you live in rural areas especially in some parts of Africa and Asia where open defecation is the norm. Well if you are ever going to enjoy good health with your family, open defecation must be discouraged in its totality.


  • Clear all bushes and hideout corner around your vicinity and neighborhood to discourage open defecation, and illegal waste, refuse disposal spot.


  • Toilets should be properly washed and clean with a good germicide


  • Another very effective way of getting rid of flies and protecting your family from the hazard of flies. Endeavor to provide wire screens on all the doors and windows in your house.


  • Check for torn wire or old once so that they can be replaced immediately.


  • Leftover foods should be properly kept or dispose of and covered properly when not in use to avoid attracting flies.


house fly

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The sight and movement of cockroaches around the house is quite frustrating and unpleasant.


They can be likened to invaders in our homes, you need not invite them before you start seeing them in your home.


Over 80 percent of our homes are already infested with this pest


This percentage could be very alarming because the implication is virtually almost every home most have it share of this unwanted visitor.


Though they don’t bites they could be irritating and carry some disease-causing germs.


Cockroaches love humid temperatures, dark places, they are typically scavengers where ever they can find food, water, crumbs, scraps, etc.


In your home, most times in dark places, you see them climbing and touching your body, and once the light is on you can see them trying to run and hide.


That’s their nature they don’t like bright lights. They are also attracted to filth, dirt’s and breeds in sewage around your home.  And that’s the more reason you have to get rid of them.





  • Cockroaches can carry pathogens causing disease, due to their invading tendencies and live almost side by side with humans.


  • In most cases, cockroaches have been known to carry microorganisms that cause diseases such as diarrhea, dysentery, and leprosy, etc.


  • It has also been discovered that cockroaches naturally carry, some serious diseases, such as salmonella typhi, which causes typhoid.

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  • It has been found in cockroaches also. A bacteria called pseudomonas aeruginosa is particularly found in cockroaches and can be transmitted to humans. Cockroaches have harmful bacteria in their body


  • Cockroaches could be very annoying at times, due to their nature of staying in the dark. They can climb over your body especially at night making you uncomfortable. Once the light is restored they immediately run for cover. This situation can be very annoying and irritating.


  • Cockroaches can attack the food you eat. Cockroaches will eat almost anything, including paper, leather, and waste materials. When cockroaches attack food, they can spread bacteria through cross-contamination.


  • Cockroaches could be a source of embarrassment to homeowners especially their presence in the house. If proper measures are not taken to reduce their population.


How to protect your family from cockroaches


  • Cockroaches are known to multiply rapidly and they are known to be very hardy and resilient pests. One of the most effective ways to control them is to invite a good pest control and fumigation company. To help you with the eradication process.


  • Food should be properly stored and taken care of. Preferably using sealed containers to store food items. Since they feed on household food, scraps, crumbs, etc. cleanliness should be your watchword at all times.


  • Since cockroaches flourish under filthy conditions and dirty environment. You should try at all costs to provide a healthy clean environment for yourself and your family.


  • Dark corners, unnecessary items or luggage that are not needed at home should be discarded or disposed of properly.


  • Avoid all hiding places for cockroaches.


Cockroaches are a means of transmitting germs and bacteria

Cockroaches are a means of transmitting germs and bacteria



Though bedbugs are not known to transmit diseases but they also pose a serious health problem.


Because they feed on human blood, of course, no sane person will welcome a visitor that feeds on his blood no matter how harmless he pretends to be.


Bed bugs just like most pest, you need not invite them they will get into your home undetected, you cohabit with them.


They are majorly found inside your mattress, pillow, clothing, couches, sofas and other items within your home.


Their tiny flattened bodies make it possible to fit in places you least expect and can be troubling your life from their hideout.


They normally feed on their victim’s blood in a dark environment, mostly at night when their victims are fast asleep.




Their bites can result in some health issues such as skin rashes, allergic symptoms, unpleasant feeling and discomfort by their presence in your home.


It can cause skin changes, by causing some areas of the skin to look red, different from the rest body, and also causes blisters on the skin.


Sleep Deprivation: Once you established the presence of bed bugs in your house it can lead to sleep deprivation.

As a result of the numerous bites and annoying itch associated with the bites, the thoughts of those bites and itchy tendencies can deprive you of sleep.


bed bugs

bed bugs

Protecting Your Home from Bed Bug


  • Clean infested clothing, bags, mattress, pillows, etc regularly if possible soak in hot water and dry to dislodge them.


  • Block cracks in walls and glue down peeling walls to get rid of their hiding places


  • If you can’t treat the infested materials get rid of them and replace them with new ones but care must be taken to make sure they are not remaining in other parts of the house or other materials as well.


  • Always expose your clothing, pillows mattresses to sunlight in case of infestation. Avoid dirty, moisture environment at all times.


  • Most importantly employ the services of a qualified pest treatment and Control Company.


  • Avoid indiscriminate use of pesticides or chemicals that may be harmful to the body, especially when you come into contact with such chemicals or when you inhale them.




You should always remember the fact that you are always surrounded by these hidden enemies, such as houseflies ’ cockroaches, bedbugs, germs, and viruses.


All of them are just waiting for the chance to take advantage of any weakness or lapses on your part.


In other to stay healthy, we must keep ourselves and our homes clean and tidy at all times. Such measures will help us to stay well, so we can live up to our potential in life.

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