how to cope with losses in poultry farming

4 Ways You Can Easily Cope With Losses in Poultry Farming

4 Ways You Can Easily Cope With Losses in Poultry Farming

Your ability to cope with losses in poultry farming will be the one to keep you afloat even in the midst of uncertainty.

Every intending poultry or chicken farmer has one basic goal in mind, which is to grow his farm and to be a successful poultry farmer. However, so many factors could go wrong and might be responsible for some temporal setback.

In some cases, even the farmer who has embarked on in-depth research may not necessarily produce the desired results.

Even in other spheres of life such as in businesses, investment in other areas can also go wrong, a disease outbreak on your farm can hit you so hard that it seems like life will never be the same again.

I can assure you, you are not an exception others have gone through what you are currently facing and came out stronger and better you can also do the same.

However, looking at the bigger picture and taking one step at a time. Coping with losses on a larger scale i.e loss of an entire farm or flock affected by viral or unchecked bacterial infection does happen and can heal with time.  

Poultry farming involves or requires a highly scientific and technical approach to be successful.

Even those that are armed with a lot of knowledge and research with regards to poultry farming still incur losses at one time or the other during the cause of breeding their birds.

As mentioned earlier especially at the early stage of starting out.

At least records and findings have shown that over 50% of poultry farmers, especially those venturing into the business newly give up at the initial stage of farming.


Probably due to the death or losses they incur along the line. Loses in poultry farming are a common occurrence, the way, and manner in which cope with losses in poultry will determine how far you would go in succeeding.

Notwithstanding your knowledge, research and resilient would always stand you out among other farmers


This article from both practical and personal experience would help you cope with losses in poultry farming, and also be instrumental in putting you back on your feet:  


how to cope with losses in poultry farming


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Seek Professional Help and Support Right Away

In a very difficult and depressing situation like this, after losing your hard-earned investment as a result of the death of your birds.

In coping with losses in poultry farming one of the first steps to take is to seek both emotional and professional help and support from experienced farmers.

Massive losses usually occur as a result of the outbreak of viral infections such as Newcastle disease, infectious bursal disease bird flu disease, etc. These outbreaks mostly occur particularly if your birds are not vaccinated or there happens to be a vaccine failure.

Because normally the mortality rate from such outbreaks is usually high. For a beginner to cope with the losses of your poultry birds especially in high numbers could be very devastating.

Do not hesitate to seek professional and technical help that would help you bounce back.

Strict adherence to the vaccination schedule, following a well mapped out bio-security strategy would also go a long way in helping you cope and bounce back even stronger.

You can reach out to other government intervention programs aimed at helping farmers in terms of loss particularly large-scale loss on the farms.

It is very important that you register your farm with the appropriate authorities. This will enable you to reach out to both government and financial institutions that will assist you in securing low-interest rate loans.


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healthy poultry birds

Healthy poultry birds

A holistic approach to farming

I remember vividly about twenty years ago when I first started poultry farming the first batch of 50 chickens I bought 35 of them died out of ignorance or lack of holistic approach to farming.

As I earlier mentioned that poultry farming is a highly scientific process many people don’t take these words seriously, a little mistake or carelessness can lead to the loss of your entire flock.

The words holistic and scientific work hand in hand together if you really want to succeed and go far in poultry farming you have to adopt this approach.


I remember back then I was providing my birds with high-quality feed observing all the necessary hygienic measures but yet they were still dying.

Why because I don’t have a broad knowledge about issues that might be responsible for their death.

What really went wrong was that the roof of their pen was leaking and that makes the litter wet and this resulted in wet litter leading to a disease called coccidiosis that resulted in their death.

This experience makes it very important to have a broad knowledge base about chicken farming before you even start, make contacts with experienced farmers, be open-minded and make extensive research in conjunction with your veterinary doctor.

In other words, seek help from professionals when you are in doubt and you are experiencing losses on your farm; this can to a large extent help you to cope and succeed in case of any eventuality or losses.


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coping with losses in poultry

Diseased and dead bird

In-Depth Assessment and Analysis of the Situation

Nothing happens without a reason, something most have prompted it, assess your loss, make your findings, what went wrong, understand what you did that is not right.

With the view of amending or averting such a crisis in the future. If you fully understand what led to your losses, definitely you would also know how to avert future occurrences, and of course you will bounce back and stand on your feet again and do even better.


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Diversify Your Source of Income Will Help You Cope With Loses In Poultry Farming

Chicken farming, especially large-scale poultry production is capital intensive.

not only large-scale poultry production even the so-called backyard chicken farming needs some level of serious planning and resources to succeed.

It is very important that you have an additional source of income, if you really desire tangible results from chicken farming you have to give them high-quality feed, medication, and care and all this comes with a price. Any compromise might lead to poor health, poor performance, and a high mortality rate.

Having multiple streams of income will help you cope with losses in poultry farming because it will serve as a backup capital base.

These will help you progress and feed your chicken adequately which would translate into high yield and profits in the long run.


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In Conclusion

Resolve in your hearts that you would not result in self-pity after losing your birds.

Loses in poultry farming are part of the learning curve. I’m yet to see a successful poultry farmer that has not lost a bird at one time or the other during his farming experience.

Mortality in poultry farming is a common occurrence, just map out ways of reducing, avoiding, and how to cope with losses in poultry farming.

Sooner than later you will come back stronger and wiser. And certainly, you will reach that stage of perfection where you have a steady source of income and a profitable poultry business.

In no time other farmers will start making reference to you as an experience and successful poultry farmer.


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