farmers, villagers carrying yam and other farm produce to the market

9 Ways Farmers Can Make More Money from Their Farm Produce without Involving the Middle Men

9 Ways Farmers Can Make More Money from Their Farm Produce without Involving the Middle Men

Have you ever wondered why farming has been looked upon by young people as a tedious and unprofitable business venture, especially in most developing countries of the world?

Many young farmers are seriously frustrated after investing both their time and resources into farming as a result of the activities of the middlemen and bad decisions.

Although the activities of the middlemen alone is not a reason why many farmers make poor gain after harvest.

There are other reasons that may be responsible for the low-profit margin farmers make from their agricultural activities.

This knowledge base article will explain to you the more pragmatic and decisive approach you need to take to improve your profit margin.

farmers, villagers carrying yam and other farm produce to the market

Local villagers carrying their farm produce to the market

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The following points will assist you to improve your profit margin in your choosing agricultural venture:

  1. Have A Positive Perception About Farming And Agribusiness As A Money Generating Venture

Many young people see agriculture as a dirty, tedious, and often an old man’s occupation. Agriculture has evolved over the years from subsistence farming, a rudimentary approach, to a more hi-tech, mechanized, scientifically driven industry.

A lot of research and innovation has been put into agriculture resulting in improved hybrid high-yielding seed varieties capable of producing tons of grains and vegetables.

When it comes to livestock production high milk producing dairy cows have been bred, and the poultry industry has witnessed unprecedented growth due to the breeding of fast growth, rapid weight gain broilers birds, high egg producing laying hens, etc.

It is very important to have this clear positive perception of agriculture as a profit-making business from the onset.

This will inform your decision on the best option that will suit your passion and resources in terms of either choosing livestock, cash crop, or crop production.

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  1. Meet The Expert

Getting knowledge from google and the internet is good but not enough to guarantee your success. You need to meet experts in the various sectors of agriculture that will give you expert and useful advice. Experts such as landscaping experts, soil scientists, an agronomist, veterinary doctors, and experienced farmers will put you on the line of success.

  1. Take Soil Sample, Make Soil Analysis Before Using The Land

Most of the agricultural land has been depleted of the important nutrient required for a bumper harvest.

Either due to human activities or continues farming year in and year out on a particular piece of land.

It is therefore very important as a farmer you consult a soil scientist to give you the best advice on how you can redeem the land for optimal yield.

He is in a better position to advise you on the type of organic or inorganic fertilizer to use.

Suggest ways to you on how best you can practice conservation agriculture in terms of natural pest control, erosion control, and soil nutrient utilization.

local farmers heading to the market

farmers going to the local village market

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  1. Start Small And Grow, Gets Grants, Join Programs Worst Still Get A Single Digits Loan.

Starting big is a wonderful way to start farming when you have both the human and financial resources to start, but you don’t need to stress yourself unnecessarily. Start small then grow both in experience and financial gains.

There are a couple of ways you can expand your farming enterprise by creating and joining associations with a common goal of sharing farming ideas, seeking collaboration, and grants from NGOs, government programs, and schemes centered around developing agricultural base endeavors.

Loans should always be the last option on the mind of any businessman let alone agriculture. There are a lot of agriculture programs that give farmers, especially crop-producing farmers, agricultural items such as fertilizers, herbicides, hybrid seeds, and technical knowledge.

On how to grow a particular crop. Such programs allow the farmers to pay at the end of the farming season.

Farmers can also access single digits loans from agricultural and microfinance banks to boost and increase their farm yield.

  1. Make Analysis Of The Best Crops You Can Plant With Minimum Financial Input But Good Profit Margin.

Before you plant any crop you make your research on how many tons per acre will a particular crop yield. The quantity of fertilizer, hybrid seeds, and the availability of human labor and resources required.

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  1. Diversify Into Both Livestock And Crop Production

You can ensure that you meet all agronomical best practices when it comes to crop production and livestock production.

There are other natural disasters, that you have little or absolutely nothing you can do about them, disasters such as drought, heavy pest infestation, fire outbreak tornadoes, hurricanes,s, etc, in situations like this, you need other aspects of your farm to salvage the situation i.e livestock’s in reared in unaffected areas.

The best advice is to engage in livestock production during the dry season and crop production during the wet season this will keep a continuous cash flow on your farm.

Investing in a cold room and abattoirs or slaughterhouse will eliminate the impact of middlemen on your farm at the same improve your profit margin reasonably.

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local farmers going to the village market

Going to the local village market

  1. Avoid Selling Your Farm Produce During Harvest

Harvest time is a period where the principle of demand and supply comes to play. This is a period when the middlemen cash out big time.

They seize the opportunity to invest heavily by buying virtually most of the grains in the market as a result of the high supply of harvested grains/crops in the market.

These grains are usually sold at an all-time low in the market by inexperienced farmers that are looking for quick money.

Farmers that really want to make a profit should avoid selling their products during the harvest period, they should pulse a little.

In order to study the market trend, when the price is favorable then they can start selling at a profitable price.

  1. Have A Good Storage Facility

One of the serious problems faced by farmers is a lack of a good storage facility for their farm produce. This is the reason why most farmers are forced to sell their farm produce to avoid wastage, spoilage, pest infestation, and destruction by rodents.

In their quest to salvage their farm produce they end up selling farm produce, at a ridiculous unprofitable price.

Allowing the middlemen to make a profit instead. My good advice to farmers is to invest in a good storage facility.

  1. Watch The Market Trend

The next task after storing your farm produce is to be vigilant when the market is favorable for you to sell your farm produce then you can sell.  This is one of the best ways you can make a good profit.

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