Market Your Farm Produce

How to Market Your Farm Produce, Best Strategy to Adopt.

How to Market Your Farm Produce and the Best Strategy to Use.

Two things are very prominent in a farmer’s mind, having a bumper harvest and how to effectively market his farm produce.


Marketing your various farm produce could be a bit of a challenge if you don’t have a strategic laid down plan, on how to sell and disburse your farm produce.


Selling and marketing your farm produce, and making a profit out of it, are two different ballgames.


Before you think of making a profit out of your farm business. Understanding what your customers want is a definite prerequisite for successful sales.


The following are the basics requirement any prospectus customer (consumer) will want from your farm produce.


Market Your Farm Produce

Marketing of Your Farm Produce


  • Fresh looking and tasty farm produce


  • Clean, healthy and nutritious farm produce


  • Mostly organically and environmentally friendly grown crops, vegetables, and livestock.


  • Hygienically and well packaged presentable items.


Marketing your farm produce involves all the activities relating to the flow of goods and services from the producer (farmer) to the final consumers.


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Why effective marketing of your farm produce is very important, both to you as the farmer and the consumer in the following ways


  • It provides a forum where the farmers (producers) and consumers meet and interact together on how to improve the quality of the various farm products.


  • The sale of various agricultural products provides money and income and serves a means of livelihood to the farmer.


  • The marketing of farm produce provides employment for the different agents involved in the marketing activities.


  • The exportation of agricultural products abroad provides foreign exchange to the government and the country involved.


  • As a result of a good marketing strategy and interactions between the farmer and the consumer subsequent research activities can be carried out so as to determine consumer’s preference for the particular products for future production.


  • Agricultural products can be regularly received by consumers throughout the year through strategic marketing.


  • Marketing can also bridge the gap between where there is an excess to where there is a shortage by linking the surpluses to the shortages.


  • The demand for particular farm produce enables the produces (farmer) to know consumer’s tastes and preferences, and which farm products to concentrate on.


fruits and vegetables

Fresh farm produce (Watermelon)



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Effective Marketing and Branding Strategy to Enhance the Marketing of Farm Produce Involves The Following

Most big players in the farming industry have promotional and marketing departments, so they have fewer problems in the sale and disbursement of their farm products.


When it comes to the marketing of your farm produce as a small and medium scale farmer, it requires serious strategic planning on your part as a farmer.


By putting the following marketing strategy into play:


  • Having An Identity

This involves having a good farm name that describes what you produce. First of all intending customers (consumers) need to know and identify where the farm products are coming from.


This will help them distinguish between different farm products and also identify the good from the bad. Having an identity helps in two ways:


  • Having an identity will help the farmer (producer) stick to the standard and to maintain product quality.


  • Help your customers easily identify with your brand and stick to your products.


  • Creating Logo And Branding Your Products

Your logo gives the first impression of your brand and what you do, it’s undoubtedly your means of communication to your audience.


And it speaks volumes about what you produce and how you produce it. Having a well-crafted logo will help in marking your farm produce.


For instance having one or some of the words such as farm, livestock, goats, sheep, vegetables, maize, organic, natural, and green, just to mention a few crafted into your logo will help in describing to your customers what you produce.



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  • Packaging And Labelling Of Goods

Packaging and labeling of goods in a layman’s language simply means presenting your farm products in an attractive, presentable, and marketable way.


Making it easier for your customers to evaluate and identify the value and quality of the product they are buying.


Packaging also helps your customers to be able to easily transport and store products. A well-packaged product has a great influence on the overall marketing process and success.


well packaged eggs

Well packaged farm produce such as eggs can attract good customers


  • Advertising in Order To Create Consumer Awareness

If your farm is along the road putting a Signboard displaying the name or logo of your business and what you do is the first attraction to your property and business.


You can leverage the importance of Information Technology through the utilization of the internet for example:


  • Having a website or blog describing your business or even selling your farm produce online.


  • Utilizing social media, by having a Facebook page to describe your business, Pinterest linkin, etc.


  • Using your mobile phone to text messages and WhatsApp your contacts, business associates, family, and friends via messages informing them of your latest products.


  • Depending on your budget, you can go on air, radio, and search FM, Televisions shows, etc. are a great way to create awareness and market your farm produce.


cow fattening in marketing your farm produce

Cow fattening


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  • Processing Your Farm Produce Into The Finished State

Processing your farm produce into the finished state is a good way of increasing your marketing and sales.


A lot of consumers will prefer to buy directly from the farmer the finished goods. Because that will guarantee the quality and freshness of the end product.


  • For instance, soybean and groundnut e.g end product soy oil and groundnut oil.


  • Goat milk e.g cheese and goat milk.


  • Cow milk and dairy products e.g yogurt.


Though it might be capital intensive to set up the facilities to transform your farm produce into finished goods (or value-added chain).


But this has a tremendous advantage in eliminating the middlemen who take the large junk of the farmer’s profit.



Poultry farming


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  • Having Distribution Outlets

Depending on the size of your farm and your budgets having outlets in various cities and towns to sell your various farm products at both wholesale and retail prices it’s a good marketing strategy to pursue. It means you are also dealing directly with your consumers.


  • Transportation

Most farm products are consumed in a different geographical location other than where they are been produced.


Having a good transportation network will help ease this bottleneck. Thereby making your products easily accessible, fresh, and in good time.


  • Good Farm Storage Facilities

A lot of farms produce are perishable goods without good storage facilities the farmer is going to lose a lot of money and income.


Besides most farm produce are produce at certain periods of the year except where irrigation farming is practice, therefore the need for proper storage facilities becomes a necessity.


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  • The Use of other Marketing Agents

Other marketing agents such as:

  • Cooperative societies: Dealing directly with the leadership of the cooperative societies is a great way to sell and Market Your Farm Produce. Selling it to them at a reasonable price since they are buying in bulk. And they in turn will sell it to their members as individuals as loans.


  • Private middlemen (individual): Most of the middlemen are cunning, they take the junk part of the farmer’s profit, this is not the best way to go. The use of middlemen should be the last option usually I don’t recommend this for any farmer.


  • Farmer (producer): As a farmer, you can deal directly with your customer by selling to them on your farm by eliminating the middlemen if done properly this is capable of increasing your profit margin significantly.


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