noiler chicken farming

8 Proven Ways You Can Change Your Fortune through Noiler Chicken Farming

8 Proven Ways You Can Change Your Fortune through Noiler Chicken Farming

Noiler Chicken Farming

Noiler chicken farming has been one of our beautiful and rewarding discoveries in recent years.


It has opened our eyes to a lot more opportunities to increase and expand our revenue base in our farming enterprise.


We rear broiler chickens, laying hens and other livestock’s on our farm. But among all these livestock, noiler chickens have proven to be more rewarding.


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noiler chicken farming

Young noilers


Noiler Chicken Farming, Our Little Success Story

Our first shot at noiler chicken farming was in 2017. We started with around 500 birds.


We actually targeted the Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr, also called the “Festival of Breaking the Fast”, which is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of the month-long dawn-to-sunset fasting of Ramadan.


Living in a community that has a large Muslim population, and having a reasonable amount of noilers for sale.


At table size, at this festive period of the year is a good omen for any poultry farmer.


The whole scenario makes the selling of noiler chickens even more attractive and a worthwhile venture.


One intriguing fact about noiler chickens, is their share size, color, and beauty that attracted more of our customers to the noiler chickens than our broiler birds.


In no time we have sold all of our noiler chicks even before the broiler birds.


The seed capital from the sales of the noiler birds enables us to restock a new batch of noiler chickens and to buy a new incubator.


And this encourages us to invest more in noiler chicken farming.


One of the major ways to generate and increase your revenue base is to branch into noiler chicken farming.


Which if properly harnessed can lead to real prosperity and a source of livelihood for you and your family.


Free-range Noiler chicken farming.


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noilers perching

noilers perching


The following proven ways can help you create wealth and an enduring source of livelihood for yourself and your family at the same time employ others:


#1. Hatching Your Own Baby Chicks

One of the easiest ways to generate a substantial amount of money from noiler chicken farming is to starts hatching your own baby chicks. Noiler’s chickens have a good hatching success rate.


Most farmers buy day-old chicks from other farms that they don’t really know much about their state of health.


Their vaccination history, whether they have been vaccinated or not. The condition of the parent’s stocks, how healthy they are.


And at the same time, you may not even know whether if your order has been short change.


With less quality chicks from a farm with far less standards or quality in hatching baby chicks.


If you really want to have healthy thriving noiler baby chicks, it is very important to invest your time.


And money in learning how to hatch noiler chicks not just hatching baby chicks.


But hatching healthy baby chicks that would guarantee your success.


Success stories have been told of several farmers who went into the hatching business and are very successful and doing well.


The idea is to look at your locality particularly where sourcing for healthy baby chicks is lacking.


You are to create a standard one and watch your business grow to greater heights, it’s a very good source of creating wealth.  


hatching and incubating noiler birds

Hatched noiler birds


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#2. Go For Quality Rather Than Quantity In Noiler Chicken Farming

One of the major reasons why most noiler chicken farmers fail is been overly ambitious.


Stocking more noiler chicken than they can handle, not considering their financial capability.


All they are interested in is the financial reward at the end of the day. People are more interested in healthy, beautiful, and good quality birds, particularly your customers.


If they come to buy chicken of course they would prefer healthy-looking big chicken to pale-looking small or emaciated chickens.


Besides if your noiler chickens are healthy and good-looking you have the upper hand, when it comes to price negotiation.


So if you really want to succeed as stated earlier start small and watch your enterprise grow to your desired goal.


People will come from far and near to patronize your noiler birds, this will ensure a steady flow of income to you and your family.


Thereby enhancing expansion and sustainability in your farming enterprise.


healthy noiler chickens

Noiler chickens


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#3. To be Successful in Noiler Chicken Farming You Have to Expand Your Knowledge Base

Every batch of noiler chickens you rear and sold should be a source of research, new discoveries, and means of acquiring knowledge.


Invest your money into acquiring books that will increase your knowledge base about best practices in poultry and noiler chicken farming.


Visits bigger successful farms, learn from their success stories and problems they have encountered, and how they have overcome such problems.


So as to averts or reduce to the barest minimum the occurrence of such problem in your own farm.


In the real sense the less mortality and incidence of disease you have on your farm.


The more successful you will be in the long run. If you are successful in raising noiler birds to maturity.


They have a way of rewarding your hard work because people believe they are healthier than the normal high breed broiler chickens.


So they go for them particularly in Northern Nigeria in the end this will guarantee real financial reward for you. 


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#4. Selling Brooded Chicken at Different Stage

As mentioned earlier if you hatch your noiler chicks by yourself it would guarantee you money intermittently by selling brooded chicken at different stages such as 2 weeks old, 3 weeks old, 4 weeks old, etc.


There are always small farmers who don’t want to go through the stress of brooding day-old chicks they prefer already brooded chickens.


Such farmers can always buy from you, especially if you provide healthy looking beautiful chicks.


This will also provide you with a good source of income to run your farm efficiently also feed your chicken to maturity


Brooded chicks

Brooded chicks


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#5. Re-Investing Into Your Farm

The primary reason I would want you to reinvest into your noiler chicken farming is for you to increase your revenue base and expand your business.


 I have seen farmers who started with just a few chickens say 50, 100, and today they have chickens in their thousands.


This is possible because they kept on investing and re-investing in their business from the profits they make, and from other sources of income they have.


You may not have an incubator at the beginning but with time if you keep reinvesting into your business you can afford a state-of-the-art incubating machine.


Automate your farm to make work easier and faster and to also increase the processing capability of your farm.


#6. Proper Vaccination and Observing Strict Bio-Security

Noiler chickens just like any other breed of chicken are prone to different forms of disease such as viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic diseases.


It is very important you vaccinate your chicken often, adopt a strict vaccination schedule.


And follow it to the end, particularly against viral infections such as Newcastle, gumboro and fowl pox.


Which often affects chicken and are capable of causing serious economic loss to the farm.


Restrict and vets the number of visitors to your farm. Except it is absolutely necessary not everybody should be allowed access into your farm and property.


Do not allow strangers into your chicken house, always adopt strict biosecurity rules to safeguard your chicken from diseases and avoidable mortality.


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#7. Selling Off the Roosters of Your Noiler Chicken

One of the most important advantages of noiler chicken is that they are dual-purpose birds, they come in male and female.


The female can supply you with farm fresh eggs for consumption at the same time provide you with fertilized egg for incubation.


And also provide you with a steady source of meat for consumption, while their male (roosters) counterpart will always provide you with tasty meat and ready cash.


Practical experience has shown that most customers, for some obvious reasons prefer to choose matured roosters for meat during festive periods, probably because of their size and look.


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young poultry birds


#8. Patience and Perseverance

Patience and perseverance will keep you afloat. Especially when your birds are sick and you have to keep on feeding and treating them.


Poultry farming (noiler chicken farming) has its own peculiar challenges, but giving up is not an option.


Continuous learning, researching, re-strategizing, and reinvesting will distinguish you from other poultry farmers.



Poultry farming particularly noiler chicken farming can make you rich and improve your standard of living significantly.


If you do the right thing, keeping in mind that it is not a get rich quick venture. But a long-lasting way of becoming rich not just yourself, but your entire family, and your community at large.


Passion and hard work are the two basic keywords in poultry farming.




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