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8 Important Poultry Items and Equipment You Need For a Successful Farming Experience

8 Important Poultry Items and Equipment You Need For a Successful Farming Experience

So many newbie poultry farmers are caught in the web of lack of adequate preparation, they realize many poultry items and equipment needs to be put in place, almost too late when the birds have already arrived.

It is very important as a new poultry farmer that you have a comprehensive list of poultry items and equipment before you ever think of starting your poultry farm.

This is one of the surest ways to having a successful farming experience. In this article, we are going to help you list the basic poultry items and equipment you need in order to succeed in your farming experience.


poultry items and equipment

Ensure that poultry drugs, medication, feed, and drinkers should be made handy and available.


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The following are the important poultry items and equipment

  1. Housing, Fencing, and Security


The nature of the housing is by and large depended on the size and scope of your poultry farm.

Providing a good and conducive environment for your birds to grow is the first step towards success.

The house should be designed in such a way that it will provide adequate ventilation and be easy to clean. A standard concrete floor should be used.

This will facilitate easy cleaning, washing, and disinfection of the poultry house, after each successful batch of poultry birds.

These will help in the prevention of bacterial infection and the transmission of disease from one batch of birds to the other.

Fencing should be put into serious consideration in order to prevent rodents, predators, and farm thieves from encroaching into the poultry farm premises.


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  1. Litter or Bedding Material are Very Important poultry items and equipment

Most be a good absorbent material that will be able to decompose poultry or animal feces to form a good compost without harming the birds.

The bedding materials should be readily available within and around your neighborhood. This bedding material includes

  • Wood shavings
  • Sawdust
  • Hay
  • Straw
  • Rice barn
  • Even sand

Wood shavings should be more desirable than sawdust because sawdust can easily impact the respiratory system of young birds.

They can easily eat it because it’s smaller in nature compared to wood shavings.


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  1. Brooder Guard

Brooder guard is useful when you have a larger poultry house, and you want to restrict the movement of the chicks when brooding to conserve heat, prevent the baby chicks from wandering into danger. it makes the brooding more effective.


  1. Heat Equipment

The effectiveness of any brooding period is the method used in producing heat for the birds during the brooding stage.

We have different types of heating methods, each one is peculiar to the environment, size of operation, cost, and availability of resources.

The various heating methods include:

  • Charcoal stove
  • Kerosene stove
  • Gas stove
  • infra-red bulbs
  • Electric brooder etc.


5. Water Equipment

These are very essential in ensuring that your birds have a constant and enough water supply. Depending on the size of your operation.

If you are into medium to large-scale poultry farming, it means you need an automated system of drinking water for your birds. Which comes in varying sizes and shapes includes:

Basically, the two major types include


poultry birds drinking from a bell drinkers

poultry birds drinking from a bell drinkers


  1. Medication and Antibiotics

Most times no matter how hard you try your birds are constantly exposed to pathogens and disease-causing bacterial.

antibiotics should be included among poultry items and equipment. a lot of poultry farmers take the health of their birds for granted until it is almost late.

Most especially when practicing the deep litter system of farming and the free-range. Ensuring good biosecurity on your farm will go a long way in reducing the incidence of poultry disease.

Notwithstanding you cannot stand and watch your birds become sick or die. Having good antibiotics handy will help prevent colossal loss.

Although great caution should be taken when using antibiotics to avoid drug abuse and the misuse of antibiotics.

The overuse of antibiotics could be detrimental to both humans and animals, its usage should be done under the supervision of a qualified veterinary doctor.


  1. Feeders and The Feeding Trough

Providing adequate feeders and feeding troughs will enhance quick weight gain and even growth for your poultry birds.

This is the more reason why you shouldn’t joke with this very important poultry item and equipment 

One of the easiest ways to have uneven growth amongst your flock is to have fewer feeders and feeding troughs.

A manual drinker

A manual drinker


  1. Miscellaneous Poultry Items And Equipment

These are tools, poultry items, and equipment you may need for the day to day smooth running of your farm

  • Beak trimmer
  • Rake and shovel for managing and maintaining deep litter system
  • Nest boxes for the laying hens, its a very important poultry items and equipment.
  • Building perches for your layers and birds to roost at night
  • Weighing balances for weighing meat birds, eggs and feeds ingredients, etc.

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