Pregnancy brings joy to both parents

Seven Keys You Need to Have a Hitch Free Pregnancy Period

Seven Keys You Need To Follow To Have a Hitch Free Pregnancy Period.

With conception and pregnancy, preparing for the arrival of your baby is one of the most rewarding and lovely experience for both parents. It is part of the blessing and fulfillment of marriage.

All the years of courtship, marriage and the nine months of waiting should be a joyful time, a time of meticulous planning for the unborn child and the future of the family.

These are the seven keys to a hitch free pregnancy period

A pregnant woman and her spouse

  1. Take your prenatal vitamins: Now is the time to take your prenatal vitamins to help your unborn child against certain risk factors. It’s very important to take folic acid and calcium to help in the development of the baby’s blood and bone.


  1. Watch your weight:  Be cautious of what you eat during pregnancy, for your baby survives and grow on the type of food you eat.  You are expected to choose your food wisely, choose diets that are very rich in minerals and vitamins.  You need food rich in iron i.e. eggs. Whole wheat, soybeans dates, cots, potatoes etc they are all good source of iron it is also advisable to avoid using non iodized salt, used sea foods such as cod-liver oil, to get sufficient iodine for the unborn child. You will always need to eat a well balanced diets always, because a balanced diets will contains all the vitamins.
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  1. Exercise: Moderate exercise is very important during pregnancy, rest when you are tired and avoid strenuous exercise, taking a walk regularly is very important, for it will serve as an excellent therapy for the whole body.

  1. Clothing’s: avoid tights brands of clothing’s, never wear anything tight or uncomfortable during pregnancy. Always wear loose cloths that hangs from the shoulders down.


  1. Smoking: Avoid smoking during pregnancy as much as you could, not just during pregnancy at any time in life. Smoke from a cigarette will always increase the speed of your baby’s heart by more than 20% its previous rate. The smoke from the cigarette contains certain poisons such as nicotine. These find their way into your bloods stream and can adversely affect the unborn child. If you are in the habit of smoking please in your own interest and that of your unborn child stop it.


  1. Sex: Sexual activities during pregnancy are probably safe especially if it is not yet old. But if at any time sexual intercourse is uncomfortable, it is wiser to refrain from it and give a breathing space.


  1. Reduce the consumption of caffeine: Cut down on the consumption of caffeine if possible avoid it altogether, research has shown that high consumption of caffeine is linked to miscarriage and other pregnancy problems.

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