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Why It Is Important You Re-Visit Soybeans Farming

Why It Is Important You Re-Visit Soybeans Farming

Soybeans farming have been around for quite some time, in fact as far back as anyone can remember.

Soybeans cultivation is not new, soybeans is cultivated in virtually all parts of Nigeria, especially in the middle belts and northern parts of Nigeria.

Not only in Nigeria, but also in most parts of the world. Though most people are cultivating or farming it but never regarded soy bean as a money spinning crop.

In other words a crop that can provide a good source of livelihood.

in fact because of the high demands and importance of the crop (soybeans) a lot of farmers especially those living in the hinter land are abandoning the farming of other crops.

And are now venturing into soybeans farming due to its lucrative nature, and it is fast becoming a cash crop with serious economic value. And high demands owning to the facts, that it can be cultivated and grown on soils that are just okay and requires less or no fertilizers provided your region and climatic condition are favorable.

As a chicken or livestock farmer the farming or cultivation of soybeans cannot be over emphasized. it would serve you dual purpose, as it would provide you with cash to meet your other financial obligations, especially if you farm or cultivate it in commercial or at a mechanized large scale level. And at the same time provides you with an important feed constituents for your livestock.

This article would further convince you on the need or rather the importance of farming soybeans and its numerous benefits.

soy beans


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Few out of the many benefits of cultivating or farming soybeans:

  • Soybeans are not easily destroyed by insects or weevil like other crops such as beans, which makes its storage easy and sustainable.
  • Soybeans is used in food and animal feeds production, essentially a good protein supplement and also as a good source of metabolizable energy.
  • Virtually all soybeans are processed for their oil. The oil may be refined for cooking and other edible uses, or sold for bio-diesel production and other industrial uses.
  • Soybeans have provided of recent a source of livelihood for many young people especially in Nigeria. Where you see them around streets corners or major roads frying soybeans cheese popularly known in the local dialect as wara.
  • Some major or popular foods are produce using soybeans oil i.e cakes, cookies baked breads etc.
  • The cake is also an excellent source of livestock feed, especially for poultry as mentioned earlier.

A good product of soybeans

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Cultivating soybeans successfully

As lightly explained above, the soybeans performs well in the Southern and Northern Guinea Savannas of Nigeria.

Where rainfall is more than at least 700mm. However, short duration varieties can thrive in the much drier Sudan Savannah when sown early and with an even distribution of rainfall throughout the growing period. The time for planting depends upon temperature and day-length. Soybean is a short day plant and produces flowers in response to day becoming shorter.

It can be grown on wide range of soils with the PH value ranging from 4.5 to 8.5 for maximum and better yield soybeans should not be planted in sandy or shallow soils to avoid drought stress, and should not be grown in waterlogged soils such as the once meant for rice farming or soils with surfaces that can crust, as this will lead to poor seed germination.


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Marketing the Products

In the time past farmers usually have the problem of selling their products at a reasonable price that is commensurate with their efforts i.e the price at which they sell the products is not encouraging after investing huge sums of money and capital.

The goods news now is that a lot have change in the prices of selling the products these days, with high demands of soybeans both internationally and locally the prices are reasonable fear these days, at least as a farmer you can make substantial gains and profits from sales of your harvests.

In the local market hear in Nigeria the price of a bag of soybeans can go for as high as N50,000.00 that makes it highly profitable.

If a farmer invests like N200, 000 in cultivating one and half hectare of soybeans he can make a profits of over N350, 000 thousands Naira. Profits after tax which makes it highly profitable and recommendable to any farmer who really wants to invest in agricultural particularly in crop production.

The most important thing to do and get higher and better yield is to make wider consultations with experience farmers. Make research and visit agricultural institutions for a good high yielding varieties or seeds that would guarantee you profits that would match your inputs or investments  so that in the long run you would always have a course to smile.

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