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Stop Smoking: Why you should stop smoking?

Why you should stop smoking?

Why you should stop smoking? Are words resonating and throbbing your heart for some time now. But the will to stop smoking might not be there.


 Reading through these vital points might rekindle your resolve to stop smoking altogether.


The strange thing is that most smokers never wanted to smoke in the first place. They were only doing what was popular among the youth.  


To impress their pair groups and probably to be popular. And to some, it is an escape route to the many emotional and psychological problems they are facing.


Smoking provides a quick way out of a dilemma. Drug presence in tobacco leaves gives temporary relief and a soothing sensation.


Perhaps you have never learned to smoke. Good! But many of your friends are not so fortunate. For their sake, it is well for you to understand something about this serious health issue.


Then why don’t they stop smoking? Because they are addicted to nicotine, a powerful drug that is present in tobacco leaves.


Some people seem to have little difficulty in giving up the habit, but most people have a real struggle.


Why should you worry about smoking? For several reasons. Smoking is not merely an expansive luxury; it plays a definite part in your health status and your overall well-being.

stop smoking

Stop smoking

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1. Smoking Lowers A Person Resistance to disease

For every cigarette, your friends smoke leaves them just a little weaker and less able to carry on. Heavy smokers die from five to ten years earlier than non-smokers. In most cases, the trouble is due to some condition of the heart or blood vessels.


Another important factor is the risk of cancer of the lungs, the chronic irritation may lead to cancer. Stroke, diabetes, and chronic bronchitis.


Smoking also increases the risk of tuberculosis. Smoking increases your chances of picking up common illnesses. The symptoms of these illnesses are more severe if you are a smoker.



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2. When You Stop Smoking Your Sex Life Improves

Smoking can cause impotence or impact your erections. Smoking damages sperm and makes them less able to fertilize an egg.


3. Looking Older Than Your Age

Smoking makes you look older than your age. It makes your skin looks haggard, it discolors your fingernails and teeth. ones you stop smoking, you will begin to see significant changes in your overall outlook.


4. Cigarettes Smoking Has a Toll on your Finances

Imagine having to smoke several times a day. Quantifying the financial implication on your budget can only be imagined. This will put a strain on your monthly income.


Depending on your income, other aspects of your basic needs will feel the impacts of your smoking habits. Smoking is actually an expensive habit to maintain.


You can save a lot of money by stopping smoking; but far more important, you are saving your health and vitality.

smoking affects your finances

Cigarettes Smoking Has a Toll on your Finances

5. Smoking Affects the Eye, the More Reason Why You Should Stop Smoking

Excessive smoking is capable of causing certain eye diseases and vision loss. People who smoke are often advised to stop smoking to protect the health of their eyes.


Studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and Dry Eye Syndrome.


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6. Difficulty In Finding A Marriage Partner

In most religious and conservative societies, young people are not confident and proud to be associated with smokers. Because there is a social stigma attached to smokers when it comes to having a lasting relationship.


Smokers especially female folks are perceived to be wayward when found to be smoking.  Particular young people are not usually proud or confident enough to introduce to their parents or guardian a suitor that smokes. For this reason, young persons are advised to stop smoking.

stop smoking

What Happens When You Stop Smoking

  • Those wrinkles and blemishes will start disappearing.


  • Your mouth odor begins to reduce, your mouth smells better, your general mouth hygiene improves, and the health of your mouth and teeth improves.


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  • Your digestion improves, your blood pressure returns to normal, the quality of the blood itself improves, and your heart works more efficiently when you stop smoking.


  • But this is not all; if you give up smoking you’ve done something really worthwhile for your future health. You have fewer chances of developing ulcers of the stomach.


  • Your risk of lung cancer, esophagus cancer diminishes.


  • if you stop smoking, you will be less susceptible to heart disease during the productive years of your life. You will also have less trouble with your nose and throat.


  • As a Nonsmoker, you will have far less trouble with your throat and lungs and also with your heart and circulation when you stop smoking.

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