succeed in poultry farming

All You Need In Order To Succeed In Poultry Farming

All You Need In Order To Succeed In Poultry Farming

In order to succeed in poultry farming, there are other numerous issues that will be discussed in this article.

Issues that are quite different from the normal basics such as good day-old chick breed, routine vaccination, good feed, bio-security, and drugs, etc.


As I was coming out of my poultry farm I was greeted by this couple outside my poultry farm.

They have been waiting out there in front of my farm for quite a while, though I was fully aware of their presence outside.


I’m trying to make sure, I’m fully equipped with the right words to explain to them what it takes to succeed in poultry farming.


Because am sure eventually they are going to be asking me about poultry farming and how to start.


On several occasions, people such as this couple want to see me. They want to talk to me about poultry farming,  they want to start poultry farming, they want to succeed in Poultry Farming.


And are always coming to inquire about poultry farming, but the unfortunate part of it is that, as they come in droves that is how they leave in droves, I mean quitting poultry farming altogether.


Wanting to go into poultry farming, having a passion for poultry farming, or be enthusiastic about poultry farming are all very good qualities to start with. But are not just enough to succeed in poultry farming, it involves a wider holistic and scientific approach. If you really want to succeed in poultry farming.


A lot of people have hurriedly jumped into poultry farming and have hurriedly jumped out of it as well due to lack of a proper, and holistic approach to it.


The following points will help inform us on how best to succeed in our new found passion:


succeed in poultry farming


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Passion and Perseverance will help you Succeed In Poultry Farming

Having passion and enthusiasm about poultry farming will propel you to save money for their feeding, build the poultry house, buy day-old chicks just to start your farm all this are good and fine. But the real test comes when the rearing begins when you start facing challenges of not having enough feed, right kind of feed, or when you start facing challenges of poultry diseases.


Because there are sure a lot of poultry diseases out there, and as time goes on you will start experiencing them. The only saving grace that will keep you in business is perseverance especially when you are not prepared, even though you are prepared you will still face the challenge in a different form, for instance, I remembered back then when I first started poultry farming I ordered for over 200-day old chicks from a middleman who helps in supplying the chicks to me. When I started brooding and rearing the chicks at first there was no problem.


Presence of a Disease

The process of rearing was moving smoothly. Along the line, they started becoming paralyze and some even went blind after almost 10 weeks of feeding and nurturing and caring for them. Just for me to discover that they have not been vaccinated upon against Marek’s disease a very frustrating poultry disease that causes paralysis, lameness, blindness, and subsequently death to poultry birds.


In this situation is none of my faults as a farmer I have done my part, but the farm refuses to vaccinate their birds against this particular deadly poultry disease (Marek’s) which resulted in serious economic loss because at the end of the day I have to destroy the entire flock. And restock again after awhile. Ordinarily, I should have given up at this stage but I have to continue that is where perseverance comes in. succeeding in poultry farming requires determination even in the face of enormous loss.


Ordinarily, I would have given up poultry farming but I have to persevere in order to actualize my dream. The lesson here is to always get your birds from a good and standard hatchery.


poultry farming


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Open your heart, your mind to always learn be also inquisitive, and always be prepared for any eventuality, never assume you know everything about poultry farming.


In most cases every new flock you bring comes with its own challenges, that is the more reasons why you have to keep learning, making research, and make friends with those farmers that have gone ahead of you and are more experienced than you are, it will help you and save you a lot of trouble at the end.


Do not be afraid to lose birds if you really want to succeed in poultry farming

In other words, don’t be discouraged when your birds are dying as a poultry farmer especially as a beginner. If you truly want to succeed in poultry farming.


Frequent sights of dead chicks might be a common occurrence to you, it’s the learning curve. Do not be deterred or discouraged as time goes on you will be more experienced and overcome most of these challenges.


And in most cases, you may not really experience much mortality, especially if you adhere strictly to best management practices. And do what is right, for the facts that your first attempt they died or are dying, does not mean they will continue to die at your second attempt or subsequent attempt. Stay focused and be determined to succeed.


A Young rooster


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Holistic and Scientific Approach

I have to attest to these points of a holistic and scientific approach to poultry farming. If you handle poultry farming carelessly you will have disastrous and discouraging results.


There are a lot of activities in poultry farming that makes it quite scientific and very interesting such as the administering of vaccines to prevent diseases and boost their immunity against diseases and viral infections that don’t have cure such as Newcastle disease, mareks, infectious bursal disease, etc, proper administering of antibiotics dosage to avoid overdose, underdose.


At this point it is very important you implore the services of a qualified veterinary doctor, so as to get it right. Proper diagnosis and testing are very important to ascertain the root cause of any poultry disease or infection.


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It is not a bad idea when you keep poultry birds, at the same time you also keep other livestock such as cow, goat, sheep, or in other words other animals. And most importantly if possible have multiple streams of income, from practical experience other sources of income other than your poultry farm can always help you bounce back and stand on your feet in case of any disaster or serious loss.


I remember vividly back then when I have to destroy my entire flock due to Marek’s disease. Having three cows, it means selling two of the cows to restock the birds I lose due to Marek’s disease. It helps me a great deal to still be in business had it not been for the two cows I sold I should be out of the poultry business by now. And definitely closed down the poultry farm. Having other sources of income will always keep you in business and avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety.


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poultry birds scavenging

Be kind and generous to your customers it’s a major key factor if you want to succeed in poultry farming

 Your customers are the reason why you are still in business. Most times it’s not always about the high prices or making a profit at all costs.


Though it is very true and necessary that you make a profit and a good one for that matter for you to remain in business and to succeed in poultry farming. That is why you are in business, but making too much profit or making your product too expensive beyond normal, calls for concern.


It is very important you build good customer relationship and trust between you and your customers for you to succeed in poultry farming, so that they can always come back to your farm or buy your products, having a loyal customer will always help your business grow in the long run.



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To succeed in the poultry business is very possible. A lot of farmers are making a living out of it, a lot of people have downgraded poultry farming saying that is a business for the uneducated or Jobless that is very untrue.


Poultry farming is highly scientific and knowledge-based, that is why if you make a small or careless mistake, you will lose your birds, and if you get it right, you start smiling to the bank. The bottom line is always to do what is right if you want to succeed seek knowledge from professionals and those that have been in the business for a long time. Gods willing you will succeed.



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