Bitter kola

How You Can Prevent Major Illnesses by Eating Bitter Kola


Bitter kola also known as garcinia kola is a plant that is widely used in Africa and also has its origin there, with a wide range of benefits and uses which includes the following:

Bitter kola

Bitter kola

It can be used to treat erectile dysfunction

Regular eating and chewing of bitter kola have been found to improve sexual performance especially in men when eating moderately.



It is widely to prevent a wide range of illnesses and diseases such as lungs diseases, liver problems, malaria, diabetes, sexual transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, it can also be used as anti-poison agent especially when eaten with the bark.


It can be used to improve the immune system

Due to the high content of antioxidant found in bitter kola it helps considerable to improve the immune system to withstand a wide range of sicknesses and diseases.

Bitter cola can be used to relieve the following conditions

Cough, sneezing and catarrh, burning sensation in the chest, it can also be used to reduce dryness and clear the throats and also to reduce cold.


Bitter kola can be used in weight loss treatment

In such a way that when eaten, it suppresses the appetite to eat, thereby making you abstain from eating for sometimes and increases the rate at which you drink water.


Sexual dysfunction

It is known to be used for the treatment of  low sperm count in men to improve the quality of sperm and fertility, individuals that chew one or two pieces of bitter kola has more chances of improving their sperm count considerable.


Mystical believes

In some quarters especially in Africa it has been said that bitter cola can be used to ward off evil spirits or bad omen from the family or individual.


Bitter kola can be used to improve eye condition

It can also be used to treat glaucoma research has shown that certain percentage of extract from this wonder seed can significantly reduced pressure on the eye when used consistently twice a day.


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