advantages of rearing rabbits, they are easier to feed

6 Unique Advantages of Rabbit Rearing over Poultry farming

Six (6) Unique Advantages of Rearing Rabbit over Poultry farming

The advantages of rabbit rearing over poultry is enormous, especially when you are running on a low budget. It is an important live-stock venture with a great prospect and scope for expansion. Rabbit rearing is relatively easy to start.


You can easily garner the available and existing facilities previously used for other livestock activities.


Rabbit rearing is indisputably rewarding and takes little space and financial input especially when it comes to feeding them, compared to poultry farming.

advantages of rearing rabbits, they are easier to feed

advantages of rearing rabbits, they are easier to feed

Advantages of Rabbit Farming:


One of the Unique Advantages of Rearing is the fact that  Rabbits Are Highly Prolific


Depending on how you mate them they breed about eight times in a year. It has been said that before you start breeding and rearing rabbits. Ensure that you have enough space and place to accommodate them.


Rabbits are wonderful creatures that can easily mate, breed and multiply before you realized it, you have more than you can handle. Except your major aim is to go into commercial business with your Rabbit venture.

Rabbits are prolific

Another unique advantage of rearing rabbits is that they are highly prolific


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Large Number Per Litter

When given adequate care, feeds and water, the female may produce between four to eight young’s in some cases even up to twelve and fourteen.


They can also attain sexual maturity between four to eight months depending on the species.



Rabbits Can Be Used As Pets

Rabbits are a beautiful and wonderful animals to behold. They come in different shades and attractive colors. Children, pet lovers alike keep this little creature as they are often harmless.


Their soft beautiful fur makes them a lovely creature to play and be with. When properly tamed they can live comfortably with dogs as house companions, especially when raised together. 

one of the advantages of rearing a Rabbit over poultry is that rabbits are used as pet

Rabbit used as pet

The Feeding of Rabbits Is another Wonderful Advantage of Rearing Rabbits

If you are operating on a low budget rearing rabbits will be a good starting point. Rabbits feed on a wide variety of feeds ranging from pelletized feed, hay from your farm.


You can also source for both groundnut and cowpea hay from your neighbors after harvest. You can also buy hay from the village markets or farmers market as the case may be at a very cheap rate.


Alternative rabbits can feed on kitchen wastes, grass, plant leaves e.g mangoes banana, etc. just gradually introduce it to them.


Rabbits, unlike poultry that you can’t compromise their feed especially broilers and layers. Rabbits can eat a wide range of different feeds.


Especially when you are broke and cannot afford manufactured or pelletized feed or hay you can easily supplement their feed with available feed in and around your house and neighborhood.



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Rabbits Can Easily Meet The Protein and Nutritional Needs of Your Family At A Very Low Cost

Because rabbits multiply fast and attain a slaughter weight of about 2 kg, which can be achieved in 12 to 15 weeks.


Rabbits produce a tasty, succulent and highly nutritious meat. With low calories, lean meat that is suitable for all ages.


Meat from rabbit is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements high in vitamins B3 and B12, phosphorus, potassium, and selenium.


Rabbit’s meat contributes to a good balance of vitamins and minerals for daily dietary requirements.


A meat with an excellent balance of fatty acids. Rabbit’s meat is richer in omega 3 than chicken or pork meat.


The good and tremendous advantage of rearing rabbits over poultry birds is the fact that rabbits can attain a slaughter weight without feeding them manufactured feed, which are very expensive.


If you try to compromise broilers or layer feeds it will affect their weight gain and their laying period respectively.


Unlike rabbits, you can always feed them with homegrown vegetables, banana, mango leaves, hay, etc at almost no cost.


two rabbits

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A Good Source of Income for the Family


Rabbits have several products that can be derived from it. And these products could be a good source of income for the rabbit owner.


 Product such as the rabbit itself they can be used by research institute, universities, agricultural colleges of education, etc. they are used for research and project purposes especially by the final year students as part of their research work.


Rabbit meat is a highly sort after meat for those looking for meat with low calories and low fat. Rabbit is widely accepted with no taboo attached to it.

Brown rabbits

Families can derive good revenue from the sale of rabbits for meat to restaurants and those interested in eating rabbit meat. Rabbit fur is widely used in the manufacturing of winter clothing.


Composted rabbit manure may also represent an income opportunity for sale to backyard farmers, gardens and growing flowers for homeowners.


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