Duck farming

Why Duck Farming is a Good Alternative to Chicken Farming


Duck farming


If you are looking for an alternative, an economically viable good source of income duck farming is your best option.

And a steady source of nutritious and tasty eggs including meat then you might as well consider raising ducks in your backyards. Or even as a commercial venture.

Though chickens have proven to be a very good source of farm fresh eggs and meat, you cannot take that away from them.

If you really want to have an expansion and alternative to chickens then duke is a good option due to its hardiness.


Ducks can serve as a source of multiple streams of income and a good source of eggs and meat just like chickens.


Duck farming has supplied meat and eggs to many poor families, and not just supplying them with meat and eggs it has lifted a lot of them out of poverty.


Especially those from the rural community. I have seen families enjoying extra sources of income from engaging in just backyard duck farming.


This highly profitable farming venture if only can be re-invented and pursued like chicken farming, it will lift a lot of families out of poverty.


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Reasons Why Duck Farming Is a Good Alternative to Chicken Farming

  • Ducks are incredibly hardy and more resistant to disease than chickens. And can grow and survive more in a cold, wet, and marshy environment than chickens.


  • Ducks also have a comparative advantage over chickens in terms of surviving floods. Chickens can be easily swept away. While ducks will just simple float on the waters and survive the flooded area until the situation subsided.


  • Comparatively, ducks have more laying period than chickens. i.e their laying periods are longer than that of chickens.


  • Considering the hardiness, the foraging ability, and adaptability of ducks to grow and flourish in a free-range environment. These attributes stand them out. And have succeeded in making these birds help a lot of families have a good source of livelihood and earn a reasonable amount of income.


  • Ducks lay their eggs mostly in the early hours of the morning and at night. Thereby affording you the opportunity to do and achieve other routines for the day and at the same time keeping the ducks safe and well-fed.


  • Ducks can also be used in controlling other harmful insects on your farm and as exterminators of snails, fleas, etc. they can also be used to control the population of mosquitoes larvae as they feed on them.


  • Ducks have a low mortality rate compared to chickens. Due to their hardy nature. This gives the farmer an ample opportunity to increase his revenue base and enhance profitability.


Ducks foraging

Ducks Foraging


Duck Breeds

There are different types of breeds of ducks available throughout the world and depending on what you want to achieve.


Some are suitable for egg production while others are suitable for meat production. Breeds like Peking, Sweden.

These breeds are very good for meat products like white Pekin can weigh up to 4.0 to 4.5 kg. Which makes it bigger than an average broiler chicken meant for meat production averaging between 2.5 to 3.5kg.


While the Indian runner and other breeds like Campbell ducks are very good for egg-laying purposes.



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Suitable Housing for Duck Farming

Ducks are hardy and can grow and flourish with minimum inputs compared to chicken in terms of housing.

They do not require an elaborate housing system like that of chickens.


Though they can still be reared in various forms of rearing systems like the intensive system and semi-intensive and free-range system.


Under the intensive system and semi-intensive systems, they can all be reared. Ducks can also tolerate a deep litter system.


Where their movement is restricted with a reasonable space provided. And a good floor bedding’s that will provide them with great comfort.

They also perform very well, with a free-range farming system. Owing to the fact that they are excellent foragers.

Local ducks are very hardy, and very good for duck farming

Ducks in the Yard

They feed on a wide range of small organisms, foods, insects, etc.

Both on dry ground and marshy swampy areas. Just make sure you protect them from external predators.


And the adverse effects of weather and intruders that may course harm to them.


in order to be successful in duck farming. It is advisable to always provide an artificial pond in areas where there is no water body.


If there is the availability of a natural pond it’s fine. They love playing around water and wet environment.


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In Duck Farming Feeding is Minimal

Though ducks are excellent foragers. They are capable of converting grains, insects other small living organisms, leftover food, plant materials into the meat, and egg efficiently.


It is also important that you provide them with proper well prepared commercial feed depending on their age.


1-2 weeks provide them with starter feed. And 3-8 weeks grower feed which can be extended up till 20 – 21 weeks,


Once they are adults they will be just fine with foraging and other supplements.



Ducks Enjoying Foraging

Hatching and Incubation

Normally ducks hatch their eggs more than some poultry birds, such as turkey.


Just provide them with a dark nesting place with good beddings either with wood shavings or dry grass.


Using an incubator the temperature should be set at 37.2 to 380C and the relative humidity should be between 65-70 percent.


Eggs should be turned every 2-4hrs interval every day to near hatching of the eggs.


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Common Disease


One of the reasons why I love duck farming is the fact that they are very hardy and have resistance to many diseases that do affect chickens.


But they could be susceptible to some viral diseases like duck plague and other viral infections that affect ducks.


They are also often affected by a condition known as botulism which causes paralysis.


Which can be contracted from the consumption of dead and rotten carcasses of animals.


While duck cholera can be contracted from the consumption of water, the food they eat from marshy, swampy areas they forage from.



The good news is that it can be treated with sulpha drugs. When you vaccinate your ducks promptly, be rest assured you will really enjoy the fruits of your labor.



Ducks are arguable one of the hardiest and disease resistance birds and are, excellent foragers.


They can feed on a wide range of insects, small organisms, leftover foods, manufactured feed.


Ducks do not require many inputs or elaborate housing facilities like their cousins the chicken.


They can adapt to hardship easily than other poultry birds. They are much easier to rear and lay eggs for longer periods of time than other poultry birds that lay eggs.


If you really want to have eggs and meat products at a minimal and reasonable production cost then duck farming is the way to go.


Duct farming is a veritable tool that can be used in poverty alleviation. Both in the rural areas and urban settlement.


Especially for the unemployed graduate or youth looking for a sustainable means of livelihood.

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