Farming through planting

Why I Love Farming, The Inherent Benefit


Benefit of Farming

  • Watch life grow, it makes you become a naturalist, biologist and a scientist.
  • You leave a legacy of hard work for your children.
  • Gives you a sense of responsibility and care.
  • It teaches your family, children and the people around you the ethics of hard-work, responsibility and honesty.
  • It promotes communal and team work.
  • You know where your food comes from.
  • It keeps your mind occupy.
  • Provides natural food for your family, and you are sure of what you are eating.
  • Seeing your animals jump and excited especially when you are feeding them gives you great joy and that great feeling of responsibility, care and pride that some living creatures are dependent on you for survival.
Farming through planting


Farming is an Art

Farming is an art and science of growing crops and keeping animals for food and other purposes for the benefit of mankind.

One thing you are sure of, your family will never lack good, fresh and healthy natural supply of food.

You will come to really understand  the beauty  of God’s creation.

The transformation  that occurs  from  a little beautiful  chicks, that makes a little  chirpy  sound.

To the waking sound of a cockcrow, this can only attest to one fact that God and nature are walking in harmony.

Positive Side of Farming

It increases the love, bond and unity in between the family, it gives room for greater and better cooperation.

When you engage in farming passionately, it brings out the creativity in you and the ability to solve problems by improvising especially in the midst of scarcity.

Your ability to construct and create simple farm implement will greatly improve.

It makes you have a better perspective about life and how it evolves.

There is nothing as graceful and lovely as waking up every morning and seeing that your flocks or animals actually depend on you for their survival and happiness.

The mere sight of you coming into their pen and the sound of your voice makes them wiggles their tail, jump in excitement in anticipation of your generous gift of food and tender loving care.

One of the most obvious and rewarding aspect  of farming both crop and animal husbandry, it’s when you see people  consume  the produce  from your farm.

it gives you sense of fulfillment  and joy that you are actually part of the game and business of providing food for the people and for humanity in general.

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