how to become successful in rabbit farming

3 Secrets that will help you Become More Successful in Rabbit Farming

3 Secrets that will help you Become More Successful in Rabbit Farming

Knowledge, capital, and passion are not enough for you to become successful in rabbit farming. The most important factor is to have a clear vision, about what you intend to achieve in your rabbit farming enterprise.


Many people have started rabbit farming with great enthusiasm and passion.  Only for their love for rabbit farming to begin to dwindle and weaned down with the passage of time.


I have had a lot of farmers say they are tired and fed with the entire rabbit farming venture. They just want to sell everything off.


This can only be attributed to a lack of clear vision and purpose from day one.


Yes, knowledge, capital, and passion are great prerequisites to becoming successful in rabbit farming or any venture for that matter.


But having a clear vision and purpose surpasses them all because it’s what is going to keep you focus on your goal. Regardless of the obstacles, you are going to face along the line.


how to become successful in rabbit farming


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Three important factors that will make you successful in rabbit farming

In this article, we are going to discuss the 3 major factors that will enhance your profitability and success in rabbit farming.


These factors include:

  • Having a clear vision and purpose
  • Where and how to source for your rabbit feeds
  • How to dispose of and sell your matured rabbits


To Be Successful In Rabbit Farming You Need a Clear Vision and Purpose

Have you ever wondered why two love birds that are greatly in love with each, would eventually get married even have kids but suddenly their love begins to wean down.  And suddenly they are talking of going their separates ways.


This is exactly the case with a lot of newbies rabbit farmers they are in love with the beauty and tender nature of rabbits especially the bunnies.


They just want to have them in their backyard or property either as an additional source of income or as a pet.


Without having a clear vision on the scale and scope of the business they want to go in.


Rabbits are very prolific animals before you realize it they are everywhere. Most rabbit farmers are often overwhelmed by this phenomenon and good attributes of rabbits.


Without putting into consideration their feeding, medication, housing, hygiene, etc.


There are a lot of successful rabbit farmers in China, Kenya, and other parts of the world doing wonderfully well.


Having a clear vision of where you want your farm to reach, and how your farm should be in terms of size, economic relevance both in income, and employment generation will make a huge difference.


Having a clear vision before even starting your rabbit farm will help you stand the test of time.


successful in rabbits farming


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Where and how to Source for your Rabbits Feeds

For you to be successful in rabbits farming you need to have clear written blueprints on where and how to source for your rabbit feeds.


This is very important to your overall success. It may seem ordinary because a lot of rabbit farmers have been made to believe that rabbits eat virtually most green vegetables. So rabbits feeding is very cheap, easy, and accessible.


Just like in any business venture, consistency in the feeding pattern of your rabbits will stand you out.  To be successful in rabbit farming you need to set aside both your time and money in sourcing out standard feed for your rabbits.


Rabbits eat a wide variety of green vegetables, you need to set aside time to get green leaves and vegetables for your rabbits.


Either growing it yourself in your garden, or you can get it around your neighborhood and around the countryside.


These could be time-consuming and tiring if you are not motivated by the clear vision you have to achieve your goal and purpose. You can easily give up, this is the more reason why you see a lot of rabbit farmers after a while, will just give up on rabbit farming.


The other alternative of providing quality feed to your rabbits. Involves budgeting a substantial amount of money for buying pelletized rabbit feed and quality hay for your rabbits.


rabbits farming


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How to Dispose and Sale Your Matured Rabbits

The sale of your rabbits is usually the last stage of rabbit farming, but in the real sense, it’s supposed to be the first on the list before starting your rabbit farming enterprise.


A lot of rabbit farmers overlooked this very important factor, but it is responsible for discouraging a lot of rabbit farmers.


I’m not going to discuss further on the topic of how to sell your rabbits, or are there really markets for your rabbits?  This topic has been fully discussed in a previous article.


For you to be successful in rabbit farming you need to have a clear vision and goal on this very important success factor.


The quantity and quality of rabbits sold at any given time on your farm is a strong indication and a determining factor on whether you are successful in rabbits farming or not.


To be successful in rabbit farming, just like in any other business you have to create the market yourself. From day one you decide where and how you intend to sell your rabbits.


In conclusion

If you really want to be successful in rabbit farming you must have a clear vision from day one. This will propel you to greater heights.


The pinnacle of every successful business, rabbit farming inclusive is cash flow. Defining how you will sell your rabbits, and how to source for their feed will help in fast-tracking your success rate.


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