Why Most People Have Doubts about Starting Rabbit Farming

Why Most People Have Doubts about Starting Rabbit Farming, Forgetting the Benefit in It.

A lot has been said about starting rabbit farming, I’m going to speak base on my personal practical experience with livestock rearing.


At the moment we have different varieties of livestock on our farm ranging from various poultry birds, goats, cattle, etc.


But to be candid with you rabbits farming has a special place in our hearts, but for some obvious reasons, most farmers have doubts about starting rabbit farming. And don’t seems to take rabbit farming seriously.


Maybe to them rabbits are more of a pet than serious livestock or maybe because they look too beautiful and adorable and are loved by both children and adults alike, therefore this makes them look childish.


Or better still, many cultures in Africa and around the world regard Cows and Goats as symbols of affluence and success.


Because these animals are used during Naming ceremonies, Paying of Bride Price, Wedding ceremonies and Religious festivities, etc.


So they decide to keep rabbit farming at the backdrop, at one time we were also guilty of this on our farm.


We have long since corrected this anomaly, and are already enjoying the benefits of rabbit farming with all its advantages.


starting rabbit farming


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The Benefit in Starting Rabbit Farming

To be honest with you, in this part of the world (Nigeria) only a handful of farmers are considering starting rabbit farming, and only a few are into rabbit farming big time.


The majority of the farmers are keeping rabbits either as a pet for people to see when they visit their farms or just part of the numbers of livestock they keep on their farms.


Although the narratives are changing now as farmers are beginning to see the economic and health benefit of farming rabbits.


One beautiful thing about starting rabbit farming is the fact that you can start with the little available space you have.


It’s a matter of designing their hutches perfectly well putting into consideration the height and width, i.e the rabbits should be able to stretch their bodies, and be comfortable in their hutch.


Hygiene and sanitation of the pen or hutches should be constructed in such a way that it is self-clean i.e. there should be proper drainage/collection of their urine and feces.


Rabbits are very neat animals that are the reason why they seldom fall sick compared to other livestock.


Once you can ensure good hygiene in and around their hutches your success rate will be high.


bunnies in there hutche


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Feeding the Rabbit

The other day we were having a discussion with a friend about livestock farming generally, and he expresses his desire to start livestock farming.


He was actually looking for ways to augment his monthly income, by rearing livestock that will not course him a serious financial burden, when it comes to feeding.


His major concern is the rising cost of livestock feed particularly poultry feeds.


My candid advice to him was that all livestock have their peculiar advantages over others.


But he stands to gain a lot by starting rabbit farming, because of the special advantage rabbits have over other livestock’s which are low cost of feeding and their prolific nature.


As long as you are willing to work, and you are not lazy, rabbits eat a wide variety of green leaves and vegetation.


You can also gather and stockpile hay to feed your rabbits throughout the year-round.


As long as they are kept dry, mold-free, the greener the hay the better.  With these benefits the rabbit farmer is assured of increasing his income, thus improving his financial status.


starting rabbit farming


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Unique Advantage of Starting Rabbit Farming Is In the Feeding

You can also feed your rabbits with well-formulated pellets, the good aspect about rabbits is in case you are broke.


You can either go to the vegetable markets, to get some leafy vegetables that are excellent for rabbit’s e.g. carrots leaves, cabbage, watermelon not the flesh the back cover, etc.


Most of the vegetable sellers are willing to give you these vegetables for free or extremely cheap, especially in the evening when the vegetables are no longer fresh, and the market price has dropped.


Or you can equally go to the countrysides to get some good leaves and shrubs rabbits eat mango and banana leaves.


By asking other rabbit farmers around your locality you will get to know other favorite rabbit meals that are quite easy, cheap to source for, and within reach.


Therefore starting rabbit farming is a wise decision to make putting into consideration the financial burden of feeding other livestock.


Extreme care must be taken when feeding them certain vegetables such as cabbage it should be an occasional treat not part of their main diet.


Some vegetables are capable of causing indigestion and gas to your rabbits, introduce it to them gradually and should be given to them sparingly.


The basic diet for rabbits is quality hay, and you can get this during harvest from farmers at a very cheap and affordable rate.


A male rabbits


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In Conclusion

Many intending rabbit farmers have mixed feelings about starting rabbit farming. The success rate of any livestock business has to do with the following key components.


  • Your intentions
  • Presentation


Without which your success rate will be greatly affected and minimal.


By adhering to all management practices required of you and meeting all the prerequisites in starting rabbit farming.


And by utilizing the two key benefits of rabbits farming which are the low cost of feeding and their prolific nature your success is assured.

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