when planning for a livestock farm get a good species

Planning a Livestock Farm and how to Make It Profitable

 Planning A Livestock Farm

Planning a livestock farm, involves the meticulous design preparation, and an outline of your goals and target, what you really want to achieve in your livestock enterprise.


These may result in keeping animals for food and other economic and financial benefits.


When it comes to planning a livestock farm

The major commercial livestock includes cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry. In order to make the livestock enterprise a profitable one, the following points must be considered.


planning a livestock farm with a young calf

Young calf for fattening

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In Planning a Livestock Farm You Have To Put Into Consideration the Construction of Their Housing Unit


For instance, the Nigerian dwarf goats are predominantly found in the southern part of Nigeria while the Sokoto red goat is found in the northern part of the country. Both regions have varying climatic conditions.


The northern part of Nigeria has far less rainfall compared to the southern part of Nigeria. So in constructing their housing unit great care must go into the planning of the housing.


To ensure adequate shield from wind, draft air, and rainfall to guarantee a dry and conducive environment that is attainable up north.


If you are considering rearing Sokoto red goat where it is always dry. These are closer to the ecological zone that is most suitable for the wellbeing of your livestock.



Goats feeding


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Water, Feeds, and Quantity of Pasture

When planning for a livestock farm the availability of water, feeds and quantity of pasture is a basic requirement. Especially in the dry season when the rains have gone. Without adequate planning, provision, and storing of these basic items you have already signed a pact with failure in your farming enterprise.


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Optimal climatic conditions that favor its rearing in the area

Most livestock has the ability to flourish in most climatic regions of the world as a result of years of genetic medication, study, and adaptation.


Regions of the world with extreme heat that spans most parts of the year do have problems rearing certain livestock such as poultry and cattle.


In view of this when planning for a livestock farm you are advised to provide good shade, adequate ventilation, and a good cooling system where applicable.


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when planning for a livestock farm get a good species

Young rabbits


In Planning a Livestock Farm Investigate Growth, Weight Gain, Disease Resistance, and the Economic Viability

One of the greatest mistakes done by many livestock farmers is their inability to fully investigate the growth, weight gain, disease resistance.


And the economic viability of the particular specie of the livestock they want to rear. Knowledge of the breeds of animals to be reared and their production potential is pivotal to the overall success of any farming enterprise.


If you don’t take your time to do a thorough work on this your chances of success would be extremely slim.


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Having A Standard Road Map

Planning for a livestock farm entails having a standard road map on how to control pests, ticks, worms, and diseases in your flock.


You have to put into consideration the following


  • The environment you want to rear your livestock.


  • The feed you want to use how safe and nutritious it is to your livestock.


  • Deworming, treatment, and drugs to use.


  • How to reduce the cost of production to maximize profit



in planning for a livestock farm make provisions for their drugs

in planning for a livestock farm make provisions for their drugs

Housing Requirement, Its Location, Equipment, and Materials Used


These are very crucial in planning a livestock farm. Each particular species of livestock or farm animal has a basic need and requirement when it comes to constructing their place of abode.


The location also matters in terms of

  • Good access road


  • Availability of electricity




  • Availability of cheap and affordable labor


planing a livestock farm always consider good access road

Choosing the countryside with good access road isn’t a bad idea. For farm location.

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Nearness to Market Centers Is Also Pivotal In Planning a Livestock Farm

If you get this wrong from the beginning it’s going to affect your overall success. You are in business to make a profit. If you cannot sell your livestock or farm produce, it means there won’t be room for expansion.


Therefore strategizing from the beginning where you want to sell your livestock, will be an added advantage.


Certain products such as milk, meat, and fish go bad due to lack of proper storage and preservation facilities, as well as poor market demands.


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Having Basic Knowledge Is a Key Factor in Planning a Livestock Farm

 To be successful in livestock business you need to have basic training and technical knowledge, skills, and the experience of a farmer.


Recognizing signs of ill health or abnormal conditions in livestock in order to effectively care and manage the situation.


This is very important in planning a livestock farm because your veterinary doctor will not always be in your farm 24hours.


You have to be able to recognize when an animal or livestock is sick, unwell to apply first aid treatment before your vet doctor arrives.


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Financial Standing of the Farm Owner

When planning a livestock farm, on a large scale requires huge investment on the part of the farmer. You can’t start what you cannot finish.


From day one livestock farmers are often advised to make provision for the following basic requirement to avoid failure and regrets.


  • Housing


  • Feeding


  • Labor force or farmworkers.


  • Treatment, drugs, and disease management.


In Conclusion

In starting and planning a livestock farm, you must not be 100% perfect and ready, it’s a journey and a learning curve. You will learn a lot as you climb the staircase of your livestock enterprise adventure.

But there are some basic issues you must address if you want to make any headway at all.

These include passion, basic knowledge on livestock housing, feeding pattern, disease management, and treatment. Good luck.

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