creating wealth through layer farming

Five (5) Solid Ways You Can Create Wealth through Poultry Farming

Five Solid Ways You Can Create Wealth through Poultry Farming.

day old chicks, creating wealth through it

Day old chicks

Creating wealth through poultry farming requires a lot of sacrifice, patience, hard work and a bit of some guts and common sense.


If you love life, freedom, flexibility, financial stability, the feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment that comes from pursuing and achieving your dreams. And goals that you are so passionate about, then its time you consider this noble profession poultry farming.

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1. You Can Create Your Wealth Through The Sale Of Day Old Chicks

More and more people are venturing into poultry business just to improve their livelihood. Provide a stable source of income and quality protein to their families. This necessitate the need for more day old chicks, as the demand for day old chicks is high and the market is huge.


These present an insatiable business opportunity for serious minded persons that want to cease the opportunity to create wealth for themselves.


There are two basic ways you can create wealth through the sale of day old chicks


  • Be a middle man by buying from a reputable hatchery and selling it to your customers for a commission or profit.



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create wealth through the sale of day old chicks

Be a Middle Man

The first point is more popular and easy to execute as it require less capital input and technical know-how. All you need is to have a



  •  A bus or van for easy and safe transportation of the chicks to the owners.


  • An easy and accessible selling point or outlet for your customers to locate and collect their day old chicks.


To succeed in this business you have to supply high quality healthy chicks with a good brand name, for your customers to trust you.


That is the only way they will keep on returning back after the purchase of each batch of chicks. They will in turn spread the good news around for you. Before you realized it you will have a large customer base that you can’t  meet their demand.

Owning Your Own Hatchery


Creating wealth is not a day’s job it comes with great and meticulous planning. Determination, patience, doggedness and tremendous sacrifice.


Owning a standard and good hatchery requires serious capital investment, technical know-how, but you can start small and grow. You also need bit of some guts to withstand any loss that might arise as a result of technical and machine failure.


All things been equal hatchery business is a pretty lucrative business. It has provided good employment opportunities to many individuals and families around the world.


Before starting out in this business of creating wealth and financial freedom.


There are some basic prerequisite you need to put in place such as:


  • Good land located in an upland not water logged or marshy environment. Located far away from human settlement and other poultry farms.


  • A well secured environment. From thieves and intruders and wild animals, with good bio-security measures put in place.

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  • Adequate and constant supply of good clean water to the facility.


  • Supply of uninterrupted electricity.


  • Where to purchase your fertilized eggs, it must be from a good farm with healthy parent stock.


  • If the fertilized eggs are coming from your own breeder’s farm, you have to ensure that they meet industry standard. The health and quality of your fertilized eggs has direct impact on the success of your hatchery business.


  • You have to consider the manpower (labour) veterinary doctors, farm workers, the expert you need. And the financial involvement as regards their salaries, transportation, accommodation etc.


  • Put in place good transportation network from the farm to the various distribution outlets. To avoid or reduce mortality due to stress to the barest minimum. So that the birds get to the customers at record time.


  • Marketing: the quality of your day old chicks will speak for itself. If you have good quality day old chicks it will attract more customers for you in no time. All the same you need to have good marketing and advertisement plan for your product.


2. Creating Wealth Through Broiler Farming

Broiler farming is a very popular among the local populace. It has help tremendously in providing a source of income for many families at subsistence level.


It has also provided a means of employment to small, medium and large scale farmers around the world. Owning to the fact that it is easier to start. From some few chickens in your backyard to large scale family owned venture.


Broiler farming owned its popularity to the following points.

  • Minimal initial capital investment, you can start from your backyard with makeshift, improvised facilities.


  • You can start also with standard facilities depending on the financial capital at your disposal.


  • Very easy to source for day old chicks from a good hatchery.


  • Takes 6 – 8 weeks to reach table size, requires shorter time.


  • You can sale to neighbors, friends and family. And you can also target festive period, wedding occasions and various ceremonies in your locality to sale your birds.


  • Broilers meat are widely accepted all over the world. No any traditional or religious taboo attached to it, compared to pig meat.


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3. Through Layer Hen Farming

 layer farming

This is one aspect of poultry farming loved by so many intending poultry farmers. And even established farmers as well, due to its multiple facet of income generation.


Layer production involves a lot of patience and resilience on the part of the farmer to make a considerable profit. It takes 5 to 6 months before you probably start seeing eggs.


Which may seem endless considering the financial expenditure involved in feeding your birds throughout this period.


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In order to maintain a high yield from your laying hens. Ensure that they are always kept in good health condition.


Always take prompt action when you notice drop in feed and water intake. Consult your veterinary doctor immediately to curtail the situation before it gets out of hand.


When you care for your birds they will definitely compensate you with the best financial rewards. 


Strive to provide safe shelter and protection from adverse weather conditions and predators.


Provide good nesting facilities to avoid and reduce floor eggs. Which might result in egg eating, egg breakage thereby leading to financial loss.


Provide sufficient perches for all the chickens to roost safely.


Layers are highly technical and sensitive birds. Any careless mistake could cost you several days or weeks of drop in egg production.


If you really want to create your own prosperity through the sale of eggs.


You have to draw out an effective marketing plan by considering this three cardinal points.


  • Good packaging


  • Promoting your product


  • Effective distribution network


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Good packaging

Nothing will turn down prospective customers than poor packaging and dirty looking eggs.


Provide good nesting facility for your laying hens with good nesting materials in the form of dry grass and clean wood shavings in their nest.


Pick your eggs regularly to avoid dirt and stains in the eggs for those practicing deep litter and barn rearing.


Put your farm name, farm address, on the Label of your egg package for easy recognition.


Creating your own brand will help in sustaining loyal customers especially when they discover your eggs are always tasty and fresh.

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Promoting Your Product

The constant, natural fear of most entrepreneurs is the fear of not getting customers. This is actually a real and honest fear.


You can start from family and friends then your neighbors, all you need is to make sure your eggs are fresh and in good condition.


Everyone loves good quality, tasty fresh eggs, if your initial customers are satisfied. They will spread the good news before you realized it you can’t even meet the demand of your customers.


Effective Distribution Network

Depending on the size of your farm and the quantity of eggs you produce, whichever way, you need to have an outlet where you supply your eggs to.


Consult and negotiate with various grocery stores and supermarket in and around your neighborhood and town for upward delivery to them.


You can decide to sale at wholesale price to middle men, you can also sale direct from your farm by yourself. You can also sale at the local farmers market.


4. How You Can Create Wealth Through the Sale And Utilization of Chicken Dung and Manure in Your Farm

In this modern age and time when a lot of health expert. And nutritionist are advocating for pure and natural means of producing what we eat. Free from any inorganic material.


The use of chicken dung and manure becomes imperative.


When it comes to crop production and vegetable gardening we can’t take it away from chicken dung as the major component after water, for maximum yield.


Chicken manure delivers quality nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. It doesn’t stop there, also providing micronutrients such as copper and zinc.


When a good compost chicken manure is applied to the soil it keeps the soil fertile for upward of 3-4 years unlike the inorganic fertilizer that has to be applied almost every farming season.


In our poultry farm we already have a lot of farmers, seeking for chicken compost manure for their farms. They are willing to buy at a reasonable price.


As testified by most farmers chicken compost manure is the best fertilizer for crop production. Especially for growing maize and yam and other crops.


After forming a good compost from your poultry farm. All you need to do is to package it in a sack and store it in a good location on your farm.


Farmers will always come and buy, especially during the onset of the raining season.


This is a very good way to make cool cash by selling the chicken manure.


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5. By Boosting Your Agricultural Produce (Maize farming)

create wealth through maize cultivation

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Crop and animal production (Particularly poultry production) have a good symbiotic relationship.


Many farmers tap into this relationship to increase their farm yield. Thereby creating wealth and  increasing their financial base by generating more streams of income.


Maize as we all know is a major component in poultry feed formulation. Maize is an excellent feed ingredient for both meat and egg laying birds and is extensively used as a good energy source.


It is high in energy but low in protein, this makes it very important ingredient.


Most medium to large scale poultry farmers, should consider venturing into crop production (maize) in particular. in order to maximize their profit and to generate additional source of income.


You can farm maize for the formulation of feed for your birds and other farm animals and also sale the surplus to other farmers thereby creating wealth for yourself and your entire family.


Good compost manure from your poultry farm is an excellent fertilizer for maize production. It is capable of increasing your farm yield by more than 40%.


In many rural communities getting access to inorganic fertilizer is very difficult and expensive. Besides inorganic fertilizer has detrimental effect on the soil.


It can easily be washed away by rain water into the surrounding environment which could be hazardous to the ecosystem.


A lot of maize farmers are now resulting to the use of organic fertilizer, because of its ability to produce high yield.


And its friendly nature to the soil as long as the chicken dung or manure is allowed to form a good compost.



Everything good comes with time, including creating wealth and attaining financial freedom. You can use any of the above mention ways of creating wealth through poultry farming. To leverage on your income.


Depending on your knowledge, your ability to utilize and harness the available resource at your disposal.


The good news is, you can start small as you grow you can then begin to spread your tentacles.

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