6 Important Lessons I Learned About Raising Noiler Chickens

6 Important Lessons I Learned About Raising Noiler Chickens

I was opportune to visit a Noiler chicken farm about two weeks ago, owned by a retired military veteran who retired from the Nigerian army some years back.


Though he is much older than me in age, he is quite friendly and helpful. He was patient with me and was able to answer every question thrown at him.


Noiler is a hybrid chicken produced from the successful crossing of a male broiler with an exotic pullet.


They come in different colors: brown, black & white, white, pure black, etc. which makes them look very beautiful and appealing.


Another very important characteristic of noiler farming is that they serve a dual purpose.


They serve a dual purpose i.e. can be used to produce meat and egg which makes them highly economical and profitable to any person aspiring to venture into poultry farming.


They are very hardy and are more resistant to the normal poultry diseases that affect other breeds such as broiler and layers and can feed on less quality feed compared to broilers or layers.


 If you compromise the feed given to broilers or layers the results could be very devastating and can course you serious economic loss.


Noiler laying hens

Noiler laying hens


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The following are the very important lessons I learned from the visit to his farm:

1. Brooding Noiler Chickens

For the fact that noilers are hardy and have high resistance to disease, it doesn’t mean that they should be handled carelessly.


Brooding of day-old chicks is the first step towards success. From what my friend told me they need the same care you would give your day-old chicks either broilers or layers.


According to him at least the first four weeks of their life they need a special kind of warmth and care.


Their pen should be kept warm at least 24 hours before they arrive because the first 3-5 days their body cannot regulate temperature by itself.


So you need to keep them warm at a temperature of 350C so that they can keep warm and stay alive.


Their pen should be properly covered to avoid draft air from entering as well. Depending on your region how hot or cold temperature.


It is therefore very important you have a thermometer so that you don’t overheat them too much or provide them with less heat.


chicks feeding on a tray

Noiler chicks feeding on a tray


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You are expected to take the temperature reading at all times, but in the absence of a thermometer, you have to be observant and watch their behavior.


If they are clustered in one place it indicates they need warmth and heat. But if they are scattered and away from the source of heat it means you are to reduce the heat so that they can function properly.


Noilers also do well under a deep litter system of rearing poultry birds.


A Noiler hen

A Noiler hen


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2. Feeding Noiler chickens

One very important advantage I observed about noiler chicken at the farm is that he feeds them with formulated feeds in the morning.


And open their pen when it is 10 am so that they can scavenge, and browse for their food.


This method of rearing is known as free-range they move around from one part of the farm to another and then come back in the evening to their pen.


At times he gives them formulated feed grower mash and at times he doesn’t and they are doing just fine.


He also feeds them with maize brand and wheat offal to supplement their feeding. But he told me you should feed them with formulated feed with high protein contents.


And all the necessary ingredients in proper amount and quantity before you start supplementing their feed or allow them to free-range. And scavenge for their food.



Young Noilers in a free-range system of poultry farming.


3. Vaccination Scheduled for Noilers

Before visiting the farm I used to believe that noilers don’t require strict vaccination schedules like other poultry birds such as broilers, layers, or turkey.


Since they are very hardy and have disease resistance but I was informed that for you to succeed you have to follow a strict vaccination scheduled for your birds.


Because they are still exposed to viruses that cause diseases such as Newcastle, bronchitis, fowlpox, etc.


You have to observe and inquire about poultry diseases that are endemic in your area so that you can vaccinate your birds against them to avoid serious economic loss.


4. Method of Rearing

One fascinating thing I love about Noiler farming is that they can be kept in the various method of rearing poultry birds.


Either in deep litter, semi-free-range, and free-range methods and they do very well in all the methods.


But it’s very beautiful when you allow them to free-range. There is nothing as beautiful and lovely as coming to your farm and seeing lovely birds in different colors and sizes.


Their sight is both lovely and encouraging. Especially if you observed all the best practices attached to their rearing.


Three noiler chickens foraging

The Three Musketeers Foraging


5. Noiler Farming is a Serious Business

Noiler farming requires all the seriousness you can give other poultry birds.


Before I visited the farm I thought you could handle them the way I handle local chickens living them to fend for themselves.


Roaming about without proper feeding, or without proper vaccination schedule leaving them to their fate.


But to a large extent, noiler farming requires serious planning and budget if you want to get a good result and make profits.


There is no substitute for hard work you have to face their upkeep headlong.


It is a 24-hour job you have to constantly check them daily to know how they are doing or fairing.


If you can’t be there at least somebody should be to look after them.


Noiler baby chicks

Noiler baby chicks


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6. Noilers Are Friendly

One very funny behavior I notice from Noiler birds at the farm is that they are very friendly.


Especially those kept on a free-range. If my friend wants to feed them, all he needs to do is to make a funny sound. And you see them coming towards him from all directions within the farm.


They are very sensitive and familiar with a particular sound. As he makes that sound they would follow him around.


And as they are following him, he gives them their feed, which could be scratch grain, millets, or even pellets. The whole scenario is a beauty to behold.




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