turkey farming source of income

5 Reasons Why Turkey Farming Is a Good and Dependable Source of Income

5 Reasons Why Turkey Farming Is a Good and Dependable Source of Income

Turkey farming has helped a lot of families all around the world to have a steady source of income and livelihood.


And has equally succeeded in bringing countless farmers back to their feet financially.


If you are looking for a steady source of income and livelihood from farming or you just want to go into poultry farming.


Having a homestead that is suitable for poultry farming, then turkey farming will be a wonderful option.


I will highly recommend that you go into turkey farming, not only will it bring you income in the long run.


It will guarantee you a steady and constant source of income. If you religiously adhere to bio-security measures, and strictly applying best practices on the farm.


The Following Tips Will Help you generate Steady Income from Turkey Farming:

1. Breeding Turkey For Their Meat

Turkey’s meat is widely accepted all over the world and has no cultural taboo attached to it.


They will normally reach maturity between 3 to 6 months depending on the breed and how they are raised.


If you observe best management practices, you will get good results and make a substantial amount of profits.

turkey farming source of income


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2. Targeting Festive Period

It’s all about strategy and planning a lot of turkey birds are sold during festive or holiday periods.


If you stock in your turkey 3 to six 6 months before any festivity, you are going to rake in a substantial amount of profits.


For instance in America during Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays a lot of turkeys are sold out to retail shops and end consumers. This generates a lot of income for the farmer in the long run.


Also in most parts of Nigeria, turkey meat is usually associated with affluence and wealth.


As a result, most families will be looking forward to using turkey meat. For consumption particularly during festive and holiday periods such as Christmas and Idi fitre. The Muslim festival comes after the fasting period (Ramadan).


A lot of families buy turkey during these festivities, the sales of turkey during these periods of festivities are usually high due to the high demand.


And these will, of course, generate a lot of income for the farmer that is smart enough to stock in turkey before the time of the festivity. And also those that are involved in the retail business as well.


So if you want to be part of this success story and make cool cash for yourself, targets festive periods to increase your profit margin.  To make a living out of turkey farming for yourself and your family as well.


turkey farming


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3. Brooding Day Old Turkey

Brooding day-old poults is a bit more challenging for a lot of farmers especially inexperienced and new farmers.


Brooding day-old turkey is highly technical, extreme care must be taking in brooding day-old to avoid high mortality.


From the feeding, temperature, medication, administering of multivitamins or antibiotics, etc.


For you to make progress and profits, best practices must be adhered to strictly. In this regard, a lot of farmers, especially new and young farmers are not experiencing brooding day-old poults.


This is an opportunity for you as a farmer to master the art of brooding day-old poults so that you can generate income for yourself and your family.


Depending on the request of your customers, some inexperienced farmers want two weeks old poults.


Some three weeks while others prefer between six to eight weeks old or at any age or weeks your customer wants you can always supply to them.


These will allow you to generate income, by brooding turkeys for young and inexperienced farmers.


By brooding turkeys, for other farmers, you can generate income consistently. Either weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly.


This makes turkey farming highly profitable and a steady source of income for the family.

turkey farming a good source of livelihood

turkey farming a good source of livelihood



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4. Sales of Day Old Turkey

Some farmers will always argue that in poultry farming, particularly turkey farming. The bulk of the income comes from incubating and hatching day-old turkeys.


Well, you can’t take that away from them; a lot of farmers are rich today because of the sales of day-old turkey from their farm. Although it’s a highly capital-intensive venture.


If you can acquire a small scale or medium capacity incubating machine that will hatch at least between 350 to 1000 turkey eggs.


It is going to provide you and your family with a dependable source of income. Particularly in developing countries like Nigeria, Ghana, or even developed countries like America.


If you can tap into this aspect of poultry production I bet you, you will be glad you did.


5. Sales of Fertilized Turkey Eggs

Turkeys are very good at producing fertilized eggs and are also good at hatching eggs themselves. Especially the ones we call local turkeys particularly in Nigeria.


A lot of farmers have access to incubators but don’t have fertilized eggs. You can always breed turkeys for the sole purpose of getting and selling fertilized eggs to other farmers.


In a situation that you can’t acquire an incubator for the sole purpose of hatching an egg.


You can always sell your fertilized eggs to other farmers that have incubating machines, while you are waiting to acquire your incubator.


And as time goes on from the sales of many fertilized eggs you can generate money to buy your own at least small to medium scale incubating machine.




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