noiler baby chicks

How to Successfully Brood Noiler Chicks

How to Successfully Brood Noiler Chicks

Brood Noiler Chick.

Nature is more than generous enough to take care of its own. The magnanimity of nature is what is still keeping virtually all species of living things alive today.


Through countless generations we have evolved to this day, this is so true also with our little birds the noiler, though a hybrid.


Brooding noiler chicks effectively is a craft that you must learn from Mother Nature. Putting into use our three sense of:


  • Feeling
  • Sound
  • And sight into use.


In order to brood noiler chicks effectively, you will need to look at how a mother hen takes care of her baby chicks.


To successfully brood noiler chicks, you have to act as if you are the mother hen in nature. The idea is to ensure that you noiler baby chicks are comfortably eating, drinking, and are healthy.


Most importantly they are adding weight within the shortest possible time.


noiler baby chicks

noiler baby chicks


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How to Brood Noiler Chicks Successfully By Taking a Leap from Mother Nature

Let’s look at this simple and common scenario, whenever you visit a rural setting, semi-urban area or you are around neighborhoods, where it is permissible to keep poultry birds.


By taking a leap from the mother hen, who knows that it is her job to feed, protect and keep her baby chicks warm. Until they are old enough to fend for themselves. What a scene of beauty and peace.


Because they have no feathers, they are unable to regulate their temperature properly on their own, and the baby chicks are not ready to live on their own.


This is the noble role you are expected to play in the next few weeks for your noiler baby chicks.


Just like the mother hen that utilizes her hidden instinct to brood her baby chicks effectively. By knowing when they are cold to cover them with her wings for warmth.


And when the weather is ok, and the noiler baby chicks are comfortable to feed outside her protective wings.


To be able to sense and distinguished when a hawk is hovering around to make a special sound to call her baby chicks to safety.


In the same vain you are expected to know when you are to increase heat or reduce it when your birds are making certain chirping sounds, you should be able to recognize that all is not well. And knowing the appropriate action to take.


If you want to effectively brood noiler chicks, you should make use of what you’ve learned from Mother Nature.


Mother Nature has thought us valuable lessons when it comes to brooding.


brooding noiler chicks

local breed of chickens

local breed of chickens


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Effectively Brooding Noiler Chicks

The noiler birds just like any other chickens need utmost care in their first few weeks of life.


Many new poultry farmers are guilty of overheating their poultry birds while a chunk of others don’t even know that you have to provide some warmth to your baby chicks during the first few weeks of life.


A lot of people have confronted us with this issue of their noiler chicks dying. Upon further inquiries, it would be discovered that the major culprit is the lack of proper brooding temperature.


Basically, the brooder has to be kept warm but the air has to pass through (Ventilation). You should try to make the noiler baby chicks as comfortable as possible.


Not to be too cold or too hot, just striking an equilibrium balance for the chicken to be very comfortable.


Regardless of the source of heat, you are using. These could be one of the following:

  • Charcoal pots with holes or normal charcoal stove. (should be done under strict supervision both day and night to avoid fire outbreak)
  • Infra-red lights
  • Gas brooder
  • Incandescent light bulb (200 watts)
  • Coil for heat.


The bottom line is providing warmth to your noiler chickens regardless of the method you are using.


You can use:

  • Electricity bulbs
  • Rechargeable lambs
  • Battery-powered light bulbs
  • Solar power lamps etc.


The use of local kerosene lantern should be discouraged for the following reasons:


  • The emission of fine particulates, carbon monoxide, and nitric oxides are dangerous to both humans and birds.
  • Fire outbreaks to provide good standard illumination at least for 24 hours for the first 3 days and subsequently reduce it for the next 2 to 4 weeks. This is to enable the birds to get used to nightfall and darkness as well.
  • the illumination is not bright enough


free range poultry farming

free range noiler farming

Brooding Noiler (temperatures)

As the proverbial saying goes

“Can a woman forget her nursing child?”

The same goes with brooding noiler chicks.


Brooding noiler chicks is a serious business that requires your attention round the clock in order for you to achieve the desired result.


If you are a working-class individual, ensure that you are physically available at least the first 3 to 7 days of your bird’s life.


My advice to you, you should collect your birds towards the weekends so that you can have enough time to monitor their performance, and to be able to brood your noiler chicks properly.


Even though you might have farmworkers your constant supervision will always make a difference.


The brooding period for noiler chicks should be around 4 weeks, this is dependent on the prevailing weather conditions.


From day 1 your noiler chicks should be provided with 88 – 92° F (30 – 33° C.


Endeavor to provide a brooder guide to protect your noiler chicks from drafts air. Lack of a proper good brooder guide could worsen your noiler chicks’ health conditions.


Leading to wind chill and other unfavorable health conditions.


Gradually reduce the brooder temperature 4° F (2° C).  Continue reducing the temperature until the housing temperature of 70° F (21° C) is reached.


This temperature regulation is strongly dependent on the season of the year.


If you stock your noiler chicks during the dry (hot) season your birds need more fresh air and good ventilation, not heat.

Young noiler birds

Young noiler birds

Employing Kin Observation When Brooding Noiler Chicks

Your kin observation with the help of a good thermometer will help you achieve a good result during the process of brooding noiler chicks.


During this important period of brooding noiler chicks. You are expected to bring into play your three major sense of:


  • Sight
  • Sound
  • And feeling.


Observation of the birds during the brooding period can assist you in providing the most desirable temperatures.


Birds that are cold will huddle together in a very tight group.  Should this condition exist the temperature needs to be increased.  While noiler chicks that are too hot will pant and appear drowsy.


Chicks that are comfortable will be evenly dispersed within the cage and will be seen to be very active except during periods of rest.


brooding temperature for noiler chicks

getting the right brooding temperature for noiler chicks


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Drinkers and Feeders

Immediately your chicks arrive water should be made available to them with good multivitamins, or a mild combination of both antibiotics and multivitamins in their water. This will help them fight bacteria right away.


Always use specially design drinkers for baby chicks. This is to avoid the noiler chicks from getting wet, cold and to avoid accidental drowning.


Upon arrival, feed should be withheld for the first two hours to allow chicks to find the water prior to consumption of dry feeds.


Provide enough drinkers spread across their pen. This will encourage them to start drinking water immediately.


The weak birds among them should be assisted to start drinking water by dipping their peaks inside water.


This is to enable your noiler chicks to have some sip right away, this method has help saves a lot of chicks from dehydration, exhaustion as a result of prolonged journeys.


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providing adequate feed and water to your baby chicks

providing adequate feed and water to your noiler chicks


Providing Quality Feed For Your Noiler Chicks

Provide a rich starter diet for your noiler chicks continuously (ad lipitum) for at least a period of two weeks.


This will help your noiler chicks to develop fast, generate more energy to keep them warm and active especially at night.


This will also encourage a fast growth rate and weight gain.


One of the greatest disservice you can do to yourself, and your poultry business during the brooding of noiler chicks is to start compromising their feed at a tender age.


Before you ever think, of ever mixing their feed with anything at all, allow for at least 6 to 8 weeks of age of complete feeding, with a standard manufactured feed from a reputable feed mill, with a good track record for optimal result.


One of the best ways to avoid uneven growth when brooding noiler chicks is to provide enough feeding trough spread across their pen.


In fact, it is recommended to spray some feeds on the newspaper or calendar. During the first three days, this will help the noiler chicks find feed right away.


Although some people complain of their chicks having spraddle legs when old newspapers or calendars are been used. Well to be honest I have never experienced such kind of case with our baby chicks.


In Conclusion

Brooding noiler chicks is a very serious business, we all stand to learn a lot from the local breeds of poultry chickens we have around us.


Brooding noiler chicks is a period of immense sacrifice, fierce battle with predators, and aggressiveness with anything that wants to harm our day-old baby chicks.


Most importantly, just as the mother hen employs all her sense of feeling, sound, sight, and instincts, in other to protect herself and her baby chicks.


In the same vain you are expected to put in all your effort, which includes physical, emotional, intellectual, and financial resources to achieve your desired result.


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