Delegating responsibilities in effectively managing your farms

4 Solid Tips on How to Effectively Manage Farmworkers

4 Solid Tips on How to Manage Your Farmworkers Effectively For Optimal Results.

Having a successful farm involves the ability of the farmer to effectively manage farmworkers on his farm.


By harnessing both human, and financial resources at his disposal for the overall success of his farm.


Having all the resources to set up a farm with the necessary structures, facilities, equipment, drugs, vaccinations, etc. is very good but is just not enough.


A very important component of a successful farm is human resources (effective management of farmworkers).


Which is often neglected by most farm owners when setting up their farm. Is the issue of farm employees or farmworkers.


Farmworkers are like the eye of your farm, they are the ones involved in the day to day running’s of your farms, especially in your absence.


Into their very hands, the success of your farm lies.


They work directly and cater for your livestock’s, poultry and crops, etc. They report to you when your livestock is sick, missing, or not doing too well.


farmworkers also help you in the planting, tendering processing, etc of your farm crops.


Generally, they help you to succeed, and that is the more reason why they must be treated with utmost importance and care.


Most farms start as family-owned farms, but with time the farm begins to increase in size. And the need for expansion becomes inevitable.


You begin to hire more hands (farmworkers) to keep the farm working smoothly especially in your absence.


And due to the expansion on your farm, your family may not be able to handle all the day to day operations on the farm.


Employing those that are willing to work and are qualified becomes a necessity.


The following tips are outlined to help you understand how to  effectively manage your farmworkers so as to achieve the desired results:


farm worker working the field

farm worker working the field



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 Take Your Farmworkers Along

One of the ways to effectively manage farmworkers is by bridging the gap between you, and your workers.


Be firm in your dealings with them at the same time be friendly and teach them the basic rudiments of animal care. Particularly with your livestock’s, birds, or crops.


They are the ones spending time with your flocks, they should be able to observe and know when a goat, ram, or cow is pregnant and unwell.


The type of drugs to administer especially to pregnant animals.


Farmworkers should be trained and taught how to handle basic health issues on the farm.


Issues such as administering multivitamin, routine vaccination, or deworming of your farm animals.


Your farmworkers should be able to distinguish between what they can handle. And when to seek professional help i.e veterinary doctor.


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Have a good rapport between you and your Farmworkers

To effectively manage your farm workers, never treat them as if they are part of your property. Treat them as humans with emotions, feelings, family, and men with wives and children.


Greetings should go beyond Good Morning Sir. Ask them about their family, children, and health.


Maybe you can also ask them about the next soccer match, between Chelsea and Manchester united. Show some empathy in your dealings with your farmworkers.


Once in awhile visit their homes to make them feel important.


Show compassion and make them understand that the success of your farm is also their success. That they also have a stake in the farm


Most importantly you should be a man of your words. Be firm and decisive when it comes to decision making.


Never tolerate a lackadaisical attitude, farmworkers should be able to distinguish between when its time to work and time to relax. There should be time for everything.


To effectively manage your farm workers, there should be good communication between you and your farm workers always. 


Encourage them to communicate with you immediately whenever there are any crises on the farm.


Teach them how to explore and make use of  Information Technology, such as social media e.g skype, Facebook, and WhatsApp’s applications to the benefit of the farm.


They can use these applications to reach you immediately.


To relate and explain to you with images, pictures, and words in case of any eventuality on the farm.


That may require your prompt action and attention wherever you are on earth.


effectively manage farmworkers

Having a good rapport with your farmworkers

Managing Your Farmworkers Effectively Involves the Provision of Welfare Packages and Wages

When it comes to the effective management of your farm workers, this is a very serious matter.


Always reward hard work and excellence from time to time. Farmworkers with criminal records should be sack and replaced. 


Whenever there are a bumper harvest and good sales, your farm workers should feel the impact of the bumper harvest.


At the end of each harvest of crops or the sale of each batch of livestock.


Learn to give to your diligent farmworkers some of your harvests.


It is not all about money, you can surprise your farm workers with a gift of a cow, goat, or even chickens depending on your net profit margin.


Aside from their regular wages, these will motivate them to perform better. And may reduce the tendency to steal from you.


Let them enjoy, feel, and be part of your success story that is the way it should be.


Whenever your employee needs assistance be it financial, moral, psychological support, within your powers be there for them.


Every act of kindness has a way of coming back to you now or later.


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Delegating responsibilities in effectively managing your farms

Delegate responsibilities

Delegates Responsibilities Appropriately To Each Farmworker Is A Good Way to Effectively Manage Your Farmworkers Effectively

The ability to observe and study each of your farmworkers should be one of your greatest assets and priority.


To effectively manage farmworkers entails that you delegate appropriately certain responsibilities to the right persons for optimal results.


The task should be assigned to your farm workers according to their abilities, trustworthiness, and capabilities.


When you assign responsibilities to your staff according to their area of specialization you get quick and good results, when and how you want it.


There should also be a division of labor each farmworker should be assigned work accordingly.


So that he or she can focus well and accomplished that which he is expected to accomplish in record time.


Occasionally encourage togetherness and teamwork. There should be a level playground for everybody willing to work.


As a farm owner, you should be able to spot out farmworkers that are found of gossiping and backbiting.


To keep them where they belong, for the sake of harmony and peaceful coexistence among your farmworkers.


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Farmworkers working the field

Farmworkers working the field


The day you start treating your employees with dignity, worth, and value that is the day you will begin to witness significant and steady progress.


Not just on your farm but in other areas that require your subject (staff) to be committed towards your course and progress.


You have to understand these simple facts you cannot succeed alone. You need the expertise and services of others, especially in your farming enterprise.


First, you must trust your ability to succeed, then you will be able to work with and trust others.


As a farm owner, you need honest, dedicated, and hardworking people with the same vision and enthusiasm to succeed.


How you manage, relate, and communicate with your farmworkers will determine your success or failure.


To effectively manage farmworkers, you have to be concerned with their welfare and progress and they in turn will pay you back with service and loyalty.


At the same time be firm and decisive in your dealings with your farmworkers. It is your hard earn money that you invested.  

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