Proven Ways to Keep Farm Thieves Away From Your Farm and Property

Proven Ways to Keep Thieves Away From Your Farm and Property


Farm thieves which comprise of both external and internal security threats are serious issues to be considered when it comes to establishing your farming enterprise.

Investing heavily in farm machinery, livestock, animal feeds, and farm structure and buildings. Without the adequate provision of equal and commensurate security architecture to your farm property. It is like pouring water into a basket.  


Most farms are best located in rural areas possible because of the availability of large expanse of land. At an affordable price, cheap labor, availability of raw materials in terms of farm produce for animal feed, etc.


All of these advantages come with a greater and even more serious challenge which is the farm thieves and the security of your farm in general. And how to ward away thieves from your farm property.


Keeping thieves away from your farm and property is one very crucial and important factor often neglected or rather not given full attention from the onset of the farm project.


Especially now that the livestock business has been bedeviled by cattle rustling and other

vices. It is thereby pertinent to put into consideration the security of your farm.


To avoid any project that will end up in futility, unproductiveness as a result of both Internal and External thieves.

In this scenario, we are going to classify ranch and farm thieves as both Internal farm thieves and External farm thieves and security threats.


Securing your farm from thieves with a good padlock and keys


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Internal Farm Thieves and Security Threat  

Internal security threat: Simply means protecting your livestock’s, farm machinery, and property from your staff and farm-workers.


And this can be achieved through the following means

Always Keep and take inventory: you must have a proper record of all the farm machinery, tools, and equipment, livestock, and poultry birds on your property. You should be conversant with the day to day running of your farm.


Never rely on your farm manager for all the information, check and cross-check all inventory presented to you. Finding time to verify them yourself. This will save you a lot of trouble.

The following tips will help:
  • All death animals must not be discarded without you seeing them for proper verification and autopsy. To know the true cause of death. This will prevent some unscrupulous staff from siphoning your livestock without your knowledge.


  • Install CCTV cameras, alarms, and lighting: Proper installation of CCTV cameras in some hidden positions on your farm property. This will help fish out farm thieves and criminals among your staff and farmworkers. Proper lighting of your farm property especially at night will help deter criminals. And will enhance the visibility of your cameras at night.


  • Proper labeling and Tagging of Your Assets: to deter thieves from stealing your farm properties. Ensure proper labeling and engraving of all your farm equipment and machinery for clear and easy identification.


  • Having a Duty room and a Duty roster: One of the easiest ways to fish out the bad eggs among your staff is to have a fully functional Duty room where all keys are kept after the day’s job. All staffs are to sign in and sign out with their names and signature for proper identification.


  • To curb internal thief always, have stipulated time of reporting and closing from work: This is very crucial to avoid criminal staff taking advantage of certain hours of the day to perpetuate their evil act. Nobody is to stay longer than usual or come to work earlier than normal.
CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras are a good way to sport out criminals

Sensitive Department and Equipment


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  • Sensitive departments and records such as store and finance should be allotted to trusted and tested staff only.


  • Farm equipment, machinery, and cars are to be left empty. They should be fueled only when the need arises.


  • As a farmer and a business owner, you have to be actively involved in the day to day running of your farm or at least know what is happening.


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guard dogs will help in warding away farm thieves and both external and internal security threats

guard dogs will help in warding away farm thieves and both external and internal security threats

External Farm and Security Threats

External security threat: These are security threats coming from within and outside the community in which your farm is located.


One of the best ways to secure your farm and property is to have a cordial and peaceful relationship with your host community.


Starting from the community leader and the village head as the case may be. These are the people that have the full knowledge of the community and its environs. They know the bad eggs amongst them when looking for farm-workers, security men you might definitely need their help.


Establishing a good relationship with them might help in securing your farm.


There are several  ways you can put things in place to secure your farm property from external thieves and security threats, they are outlined as follows:
Using an electric barbed wire will also help in keeping farm thieves both external and internal security threats at bay

Using an electric barbed wire will also help in keeping farm thieves both external and internal security threats at bay

  • Forming a community vigilante group. This is very important in warding away thieves from your farm. Most of the vigilantes are conversant with the environment because they grew up in the community. They are fully aware of the potential source of external threats and the best ways to curb it.


  • Depending on the available financial resources, investing in a good and strong perimeter fencing is a good idea and a major step in securing your farm.


  • Having well-trained guard dogs will perform wonders. Dogs are known to keep petty thieves at bay. They are good at alerting the security men especially at night of potential danger either from wild animals, thieves and criminals.


  • Install CCTV cameras and employ security men to man the gates and secure the environment.


  • Floodlights should be installed in strategic locations around the perimeter fencing.


  • Unfamiliar visitors should be check and scrutinize before they are allowed access into the farm property.


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