A man and a woman communicating

How to Combat loneliness with effective communication skills

Combating loneliness with effective communication skills

Issues concerning loneliness mostly arise from the inability of most of us to cultivate good communication skills with our peers and colleagues in our schools, work places and in our everyday life.


People are said to be lonely if they desire close personal relationships but are unable to establish them. It is quite possible to feel isolated and without friends even when you are surrounded by so many people in your everyday life.


Feeling lonely is a common concern for many young people especially college students. The need to improve your communication skills becomes obvious. In order to help  you avert a lot of psychological and emotional problems


The difference between ‘being lonely’ and ‘feeling lonely’ is important. Many people enjoy being alone occasionally, which is good for the mental mind, to relax and strategize and reinvent itself.


To exercise your mind and soul, concentrate, read and enjoy music, reflect on important issues in a serene and cool atmosphere.


This is beneficial to the overall well-being of the body. These people can appreciate being alone but they can interact comfortable with others when they so wish.

 A man and a woman communicating

A man and a woman communicating, maintaining eye contact is key to effective communication.


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How to communicate effectively

Loneliness and depression best describes the states of one’s emotional health when it comes to the ability to effectively communicate with others.


You can overcome loneliness, and shyness which could eventually lead to depression if not properly handle, by improving your communication skills.


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By implementing the following steps 

Take the time to think before speaking.

Effective communication skills requires that you know what to say and how to say it, focusing your words on the most important portions of your thoughts and ideas.


Speak clearly and concisely.

Particularly when your ideas are complex or new. This is important for face-to-face meetings and video conferencing. Make sure that you appear neat accessible and confident.


So have open body language. This means that you should not cross your arms, scratching your head. Maintain eye contact as well. keeping an open posture.


Be respectful and polite

In your approach treat everyone equally. Do not talk down to anyone, smile and be in a relax mood. That will give the other person more confidence to open up and be freer to communicate with you effectively.

two men communicating,

Two men communicating, the man on the right hand side listening with rapt attention.

Always starting on a positive note.

Even when your message may be negative, a more positive atmosphere will be established when conversation begins in this manner.


 Always Seek feedback from your listener.

Provide frequent intervals between your ideas and speech to allow the listener to talk and respond accordingly.


Take your time to check your message properly.

Check and cross check your spelling and grammatical errors thoroughly nobody has a perfect communication skills. Even professional writers do make mistakes. To make sure that your words are conveying the intended message.


Effective communication skills is a two way thing

 an effective communication skills requires that you be a skillful listener as well. Listen with kin interest and rap attention. In many situations it will be important for you to hear everything that is being said. That is particularly true when you must hear and fully understand the ideas that your partner is attempting to share or communicate to you. 


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