group of young person with common relationship and friendship

Improving Your Relationship and Quality of Life

Improving Your Relationship and Quality of Life

group of young person with common relationship and friendship

Friendship, Togetherness, and Relationship.

Having a good relationship is key to a good quality of life. Most middle age and older adults are optimistic about the quality of their lives as they age. Although they consider a satisfying marital and sexual relationship important to their quality of life.


Relationship with a spouse or partner is important to the quality of life, and so are close ties to friends and family.


It’s not being in a relationship that matters. It’s being in a long-term, happy relationship that’s beneficial to both partners.  Poor and unhappy relationships are detrimental to health.


We tend to become more stressed and depressed. When we spend too much of our time with people who don’t value our friendship. who drain us, undermine us, or who don’t support us in so many ways.


As in young adulthood, relationships seem to be good for physical as well as mental health.

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Socially isolated men, those who were not married. And had fewer than five friends and relatives, and did not belong, to any religious or faith base community groups.


Were more likely to die of cardiovascular or heart-related diseases. Accidents, or suicide during the next few years than men with larger social networks.


Genuine and good Friendships are a powerful medium. To have strong emotional support and improve the general well-being, especially for women.

Making  Your Relationship Work

Relationships, especially intimate ones, require work, dedication, perseverance, and patience. Great relationships just don’t happen.


They are a result of deliberate and concerted effort. Couple with a lot of sacrifices and compromise. And the ability to realize your mistakes, make amendments, and timely apologize whenever there is a conflict.

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Realizing the benefit of peaceful co-existence, over turmoil and malice.

Good Source of Friendship

Good sources of friendship often revolve around work and parenting. Others are based on neighborhood contacts or on association with volunteer organizations.


improving relationship and quality of life through volunteer work

Community Volunteer Work

It is important that we center our friendship and relationship based on good moral values, religious beliefs, and lifestyles as conflicts can arise based on divergent views and differences in our moral values, beliefs, opinion, and lifestyles.


Helping other people improve their relationships and to find meaning in life. By encouraging them to overcome some of their fears.

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Encouraging them in their moment of desperation. Does enhance our lives and general well-being.

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