A man filled with Happiness

HAPPINESS: 25 Proven Ways to be Happy


The pursuit of happiness is a universal goal, that almost everybody world over is seeking to achieve.

Many have taken drastic measures to achieve success and happiness at the expense of their health and life, such as crossing the Mediterranean sea or the hot Sahara desert in search of greener pasture.

Others are involve in criminal activities while a reasonable percentage  have resolve to engage in legitimate businesses through perseverance and  hard work.   

The following point may help you in your pursuit  quest to be Happy 

  • Imbibe patience as a virtue, it makes you listen, appreciate, understand situations.
  • It’s never too late to start.
  • Be open minded, to learn anything useful, in both difficult and favorable situations anywhere you find yourself, you may never know when the need might arise in other words, no knowledge is wasted.
  • Fear of the unknown is natural, but facing it with courage and tenacity is what counts.
  • Seeing every day that passes by as a privileged and a blessing.
  • Never leave words unspoken  if you want enjoy happiness don’t keep things to yourself open help might be around the corner.
  • Assumptions could be fatal, give a listening ear to the other party first before jumping into conclusion.
  • Truth is freedom, when you say the truth; you give no room for further fears and lies again.
  • A spirit of gratitude will heal the mind, give thanks always.



  • Humility counts, humble yourself before men, and they will reciprocate by given you a helping hand.
  • Engage in a worthwhile activity to keep your mind and soul busy such as gardening, farming, humanitarian service, sports etc.
  • Learn to take life less serious if you desire happiness, one day at a time as the days unfold before your eyes, your dreams and desire will come to pass.
  • The good things of life takes time, and patience to materialize.
  • When you are at your lowest ebb, the people you trust and believe in, might be the ones letting you down and discouraging you, you must learn to encourage yourself in the midst of hopelessness and uncertainty.
A man filled with Happiness

A good sense of humour

  • Learn to take a deep breath outside in a serene environment around the countryside alone.
  • Pursue your hobby with a passion.
  • Learn to respect people’s opinion, avoid augments.
  • When you are angry, move away, sit down, give it some time, you may have a different view of the whole situation.
  • If you are not very sure of the source of what you are about to say, just keep quite.
  • You should cultivate the habit of savings, no matter how little it is. It gives room for planning and investment for the future.
  • Most importantly connect to the Almighty for peace, happiness and solace.
  • Learn to let go.
  • Never blame others for your failures instead, concentrate on finding solutions.
  • Stop complaining, learn to see the positive side of every situations, you can complain because  roses have thorns, or you can rejoice  because  thorns have roses.
  • Just be yourself, don’t try to impress others, your worth and value will attracts you equal respect.


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