sunlight rays through the blinds

Simple Ways on How to Disinfect Your Home from Dangerous Bacteria Using Sunlight

Natural Ways to Disinfect Your Home from Dangerous Bacteria by Using Sunlight


Using Sunlight to Kill the Germs

Using ultraviolet rays from sunlight can be used as an effective mechanism for the disinfection and sterilization of bacteria and germs.

As we are faced with millions of bacteria and germs daily, going about our daily activities be it at home or in our various places of work.


Naturally, all germs die quickly when exposed to direct rays of the sun, nothing is more powerful than sunlight in ridding our homes and the community of germs.


The sensible homemaker will see to it that her house is well ventilated and thoroughly aired each day.


By allowing the sun’s rays to fall directly on the floors in each room as often as possible. Bringing out Blankets, cloths and other bedding materials should be frequently placed in the sunshine.


All floors should be swept and thoroughly clean every day. Everyone who comes into your house brings in some germs. Most of these are not dangerous, but a few if given the chance maybe destructive enough to cause serious illness.


Cleanliness is essential to health. Clean hands, clean bodies, and clean homes are the very basis of civilization.


Ensuring that your house is clean and dry always with well-ventilated rooms design with cross ventilation. For easy penetration of UV sunlight rays whenever you open blinds to allow for full access to sunlight rays.

sunlight rays through the blinds

Sunlight rays illuminating through the blinds


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Why Sunshine Is Good For Your Health and General Well-being


It is very important to put into consideration in the design of our homes maximum cross ventilation with wide windows that will allow for easy sunlight penetration. This is for both aesthetic purposes as well as for our health and general well-being.


Whenever you open your blinds you have these illuminating sun-rays that give both beauty and freshness into your living room and bedroom respectively.


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The following are the best ways we can utilize sunlight for the benefit of our health.

Sunlight helps in providing vitamin D

Sunlight can also help your body produce vitamin D. Vitamin D helps strengthen bones, muscles, and the body’s immune system. It may also lower the risk of getting some kinds of cancers such as colon cancer.


A lot of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is derived from sunlight when you are exposed to it.


Vitamin D Sources Deficiency And The Overall Benefits.


Exposure to sunlight helps in improving our modes


Research suggests that sunlight stimulates the pineal gland in the brain to produce certain chemicals called ‘tryptamines’. These chemicals improve our mood.


Sunlight Is Used For the Preservation of Meat

One of the oldest and effective ways of preserving meat is by drying meat under natural temperatures, humidity, and circulation of the air, which includes the direct influence of sun rays.


It consists of gradual dehydration of pieces of meat cut to a specific uniform shape that permits the equal and simultaneous drying of whole batches of meat.


Useful For Disinfection and Sterilization of Germs and Bacteria

One of the best uses of sunlight is the disinfection and sterilization of germs and bacteria in our homes. By sun-drying our clothes, underwear, nappies, and children’s wear. Mattress to ‘kills’ (deactivate or destroy) microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria.


To destroy the microorganisms, UV rays penetrate the cell’s membrane, destroying the DNA, weakens them, and keeps them from reproducing or surviving.


This destructive effect explains why we can use UV from antibacterial lamps for disinfection and sterilization.


Sunlight penetration is used for the sterilization and disinfection of germs and bacteria

Sunlight penetration is used for the sterilization and disinfection of germs and bacteria

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Sunlight Can Be Used For the Preservation of Farm Produced

By the dehydration or the removal of water content from the various farm produce such as maize, cowpea, groundnut, pepper, yam for yam flour, melon, fish. To prolong their life span and to prevent bacterial and germs infestation.


This farm produce is to be exposed outside and outdoor for direct contacts with ultraviolet light for maximum results.

dried fish

Sunlight rays can be used to dry fish and even meat.

In conclusion

If we really want to maximize the effect of sunlight on our health, and that of our household we should always put into consideration the design of our homes.


Such as the size of the windows, cross ventilation the ability of the UV sunlight rays to penetrate our living rooms, bedrooms once we open or lift our blinds.


Finding time for outdoor activities, also providing a clear and suitable environment for sun-drying our laundry, rugs, bird sheets, children clothing’s, nappies and other potential places bacterial/germs can inhibit.


Because sunlight has the potentials to kill germs does not mean we should overexpose ourselves to it Long-term. Sunlight exposure is known to be associated with the development of some types of skin cancer, skin aging, immune suppression.


And eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. We should always exercise caution and moderation in utilizing and exposing ourselves to sunlight.


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