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Houseflies: How to Get Rid of them from Your Home and Surroundings

Houseflies: Its Dangers and How to Get Rid of them from Your Home and Surroundings


None of us are immune to houseflies as long as we are constantly exposed to them on a daily bases. Either in our homes, in restaurants, food markets, hospitals, city parks, rural environment.


In our working environment as we traveled, visits friends and family in different homes and neighborhoods.


Flies are usually found in areas that are dirty and filthy. They live almost entirely in a filthy environment. They breed on all kinds of decaying substances, such as human waste, manure. And waste from animals like cows, pigs, chicken, pigs, etc.


They are also found around waste and garbage deposits. Each female fly is capable of laying over 1500 eggs. These young houseflies are then ready to start the cycle all over again thereby increasing and multiplying their population considerably.



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Why Houseflies Are Dangerous

Flies not only carry germs on their feet and legs but also inside their bodies. Each housefly has a sort of pouch or reservoir which it fills when it eats.


After taking a full meal at some filthy rubbish dump. The fly flies its way to some more comfortable spot where it can rest and digest its meal.


As a result, houseflies transfers this filthy material to its harbor in its pouch to its stomach. Often leaving parts of the meal behind.


This is what causes housefly spots on walls and anywhere the houseflies settle even on your food. That is exactly what happens if you are careless enough to allow houseflies inside your dwellings.


Flies Carry Disease Causing Germs

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Flies carry disease-causing organisms, such as


  • Cholera


  • Typhoid


  • Dysentery




  • Other foodborne illnesses


Flies are also found to transmit virus of polio or eggs of intestinal worms. And parasites where ever they settle they live behind them, deposits of filth and germs.


This is specifically dangerous when they settle on food meant especially for human consumption.


Housefly is capable of contaminating dishes, kitchen utensils, restaurant tables, storehouses, etc.


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How to Get Rid of Housefly in our surroundings

It is often said that the best form of defense is attack. The most effective way to deal with flies around your home is to eliminate their breeding sites.


  • Take a thorough look around the surroundings in your house make sure that all waste, filth, and dirt are properly disposed of accordingly.


  • Don’t allow anyone under any circumstances to dispose of waste and filth around your vicinity or house.


  • Waste should be disposed of at a specially designated place approved by health officers. This is in order not to put the health of your loved ones in jeopardy.


  • The use of airtight polythene bag should be encouraged for proper packaging and disposal of waste material before evacuation.


  • Your grass in the garden and surrounding environment should always be mown and free of leaves and debris.


  • Another efficient way to eliminate flies from your vicinity is to employ the help and services of a professional pest Control Company. The services rendered by a professional housefly exterminator will be able to offer efficient flies and pest control.


  • Remove trash frequently and store it in covered containers away from the house.


  • Keep the yard and house free of animal excrement. Clean cat litter trays frequently and always remove and discard pet excrement.


  • Always repair and replace torn nets on your doors and windows.


  • Keep the garbage disposal clean and free of rotting food.



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Getting Rid of Housefly at Home

  • Always allow the free flow of water in the drainage. Avoid standing water which provides a breeding and conducive environment for all manner of insects including flies.


  • Avoid leaving used plates and utensils for long without washing. Cover exposed food and store your food properly in the refrigerator.


  • Protect your food from flies by properly covering the plate. Especially when you are not ready to eat.


  • Clean up spills as soon as they occur with a good detergent.


  • Good food hygiene culture should be practiced. This can be ensured by making sure that raw or perishable food items are properly stored. And not exposed to agents that can easily contaminate them or cause them to rot, get spoiled easily. Thereby attracting flies and other disease-causing germs.



The use of insecticide might be helpful. But the best form of preventing houseflies in our homes and environment. Is to discourage and eliminate any environment that will provide a conducive breeding ground for them.


As you move out of your homes be cautious of what you eat, how you eat, and where you eat.

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