A stress man in how to manage stress

6 Ways You Can Effectively Manage Stress, understanding the Cause and effect

6 Ways You Can Effectively Manage Stress, understanding the Cause and Effect.

Stress is an integral part of life, but how you manage stress is what counts. If stress is not well managed it has a way of adversely affecting you, both your physical, and mental health, and even your emotional stability.

When well-managed stress has its own little advantage it can allow you to achieve a lot within a short period of time with limited resources.

The onus of the matter is to identify the culprit or rather the stressor, and find a lasting means of resolving and effectively managing stress.

As an individual, you cannot shy away from stress, understanding the course and its effect and acting on it. Will certainly produce a strong, healthy, resilient goal-oriented individual.

The truth of the matter is you can still be happier, healthier, emotionally, and mentally stable, and more productive with your life, with simple life changes and by taking decisive measures to correct the anomaly that led to you having a stressful life.


A stress man in how to manage stress

A very stressed man


Identifying the Possible Causes of Stress

Regardless of your occupation, either as a Farmer, Business Person, Information Technology Professional, Banker, Civil Servant etc.

We all have challenges and are faced with daily stressful conditions, identifying what makes us uncomfortable, stressed and emotionally down will go a long way in defining our general well-being.


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Possible causes of stress

  • Work-related stress
  • Transfer to a new location i.e. finding it difficult to acclimatise and settle down
  • Marriage-related issues i.e. divorce, raising rebellious teenagers, paying bills.
  • The natural disaster comes unexpectedly.
  • Finding buyers for your farm produce could be stressful
  • Poor harvest on the farm.
  • Disease affecting your livestock.
  • Loss of business bankruptcy.


The first step in resolving any stressful condition is first identifying the problem, and then taking deliberate steps towards finding a lasting solution to the particular stressor.

For instance, in 2017 we were involved in maize production that cost us a lot of stress from the leasing of the land, and the hiring of the farm machinery i.e. harrowing, planter and making of the ridges.

The biggest problem came when we were about the sell the maize to offset the loans borrowed. Finding maize buyers at that particular time of the year, that will buy the maize at a good price was very stressful and a serious challenge to us.


In the coming years, we have to suspend maize farming until we were able to resolve the issues that led to us having to pass through those stressful conditions.

Identifying the problem and eliminating it or finding a means of resolving will go a long way in improving both your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Indulging in temporary measures that will bring momentary relief will create more health, psychological, and mental issues.


Talking to some you confide in can help in relieving tension and stress

Talking to someone you confide in can help in relieving tension and stress


The following vices should be avoided at all costs because they will cause more harm than good:


  • Smoking cigarette
  • Drinking of alcohol
  • Substances and drug abuse.
  • Indulging in illicit sex
  • Eating junk food to relieve tension
  • Watching pornography and excessively watching television
  • Wasting too much time on social media and your phone.
  • Living a secluded lifestyle from friends and family.
  • Taking sleeping pills without the doctor’s prescription.
  • Engaging in unnecessary augment as a way of relieving tension
  • Overindulgence in religious activities.


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6 Ways You Can Use To Manage Stress Effectively

  1. know your limit

You should have by now fully understood your body system and how it functions. Have a work schedule. Do not exceed your elastic limit especially when your body is giving you signs of fatigue, and tiredness.

Just stop what you are doing and find somewhere to relax, to reenergize your body system, if its warrants you even sleeping to refresh.

The truth is don’t go beyond your limit, your life belongs to you, and your paramount goal is to keep fit and healthy all time.


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  1. Always involved in some form of physical activity or regular exercise

Living a sedentary lifestyle is one of the surest ways to depression and a stressful life. Physical activity and any form of simple exercise that will enable you to sweat help greatly in improving blood circulation relaxing the muscles relieves stress. And puts you in good shape.

From a simple walk around the countryside enjoying the beauty of nature, to jogging within your neighbourhood will help greatly in maintaining a good body system.

Avoid any strenuous exercise except if you are a sportsman or woman. Knowing your health status will determine the kind of sport that will be appropriate for you or better still you can consult your personal physician.


One of the best ways to manage stress is have a walk in the country side

One of the best ways to manage stress is to have a walk in the countryside


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  1. Eat good food

Eating a good healthy, well-balanced diet is one of the best gifts, you can give to your body system. Indulging in substance abuse can only bring temporary relief.

If possible stay clear of alcohol, and limit nicotine and caffeine intake.

Instead, go for organic naturally grown fruits and vegetables, avoid processed foods and sugar, try herbal tea, black tea and drink more water avoid taking soda drinks.


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  1. Stay Clear From Toxic People

Anybody that tends to frustrate or demean you as a person, avoid such persons. Always associate yourself with good people. Those that will make you happy and productive in life those that have genuine concern about you.

  1. Get involved in something worthwhile

You can carve a niche for yourself, developing a particular hobby that makes you happy and productive i.e. knitting, handcrafting, poultry farming, livestock keeping, or animal husbandry.

Something that keeps your mind away from the cares and worries of this life.

Generally get engaged in some sort of physical activity that will bring you joy and peace of mind and at the same time makes you more productive.

Do you enjoy gardening, reading, listening to music, or some other creative pursuit? Engage in activities that bring you pleasure and joy.

  1. Connect to higher powers

Regardless of what you believe in, always connect yourself to higher powers and let God take charge. For we are all children of faith. Knowing fully well that tomorrow shall be better than today.

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