Family: 5 Secret that will help you Create a Peaceful and a Happy Home

Creating  a Peaceful and a Happy Family


The human family is by far the most complex compared to the family of any other living creature.


Especially starting out as a young family. We can never ever overemphasized the importance of having a happy home.


A peaceful and happy home should be the desire and ultimate goal of every person in this world today.


Spending quality family time together creates beautiful family memories. That will linger for several countless years to come. Which is by far more valuable than material possessions, money and career as the key to happiness, according to new research.


Selfishness can be traced as the major cause of unhappiness in many homes. If as individuals we can learn to show kindness and desist from being self-centered. Living happily with one another will be so achieved.


Here are the five simple steps that will help you create a happy and peaceful family

1. Someone Has To Pay The Price in the Family

Creating and sustaining a happy home someone has to pay the price by being unselfish or self-centered. We have to learn to live in harmony with one another in spite of our many differences.


2. Happiness At Home Transcends Money

Happiness does not depends on the amount of money one has or wealth acquired. There are many people who are extremely poor yet they are tremendously happy as well.


Yet there are others who are extremely rich and have all `the comfort and luxury life has to offer. Yet they are utterly miserable and sad.


Money in itself cannot make you or your family happy. It’s all depends on your perception about money. How you spend it, and what you do with it.


“Having somewhere to go is home.

Having someone to love is family.

And having both is a blessing.”


And the impact and influence it has on you, your family and your immediate community. This may seem or unfair, but the gospel truth is that more money does not equal more happiness.


Happiness does not depend on the amount of money or wealth acquired. But rather on contentment, wholesome personality and a cheerful outlook towards life.


3. Compliment and Comfort Each Other

Reward hard work, always express affirmation and encourage each other. Especially in difficult and hard times. As parents you have to learn to stay strong when things are not going the way you planned and hoped for.


It is often said that a happy family produce happy children and happy children will definitely reflect themselves in the community and the society at large.  

A family of four


4. Stay Away Completely From Envy And Jealously

 Jealousy has no place in a happy family. A jealous person is always unstable and insecure and has no confident in himself. He criticizes virtually everything. Everything that crosses his path including members of his family.


Such an attitude cannot truly built a happy family. Happy homes should be built on enduring love, selflessness, and love for humanity.


5. You Should Plan Extensively on the Number of Children You Want to Have In Your Family

Certainly as parents you should have no more than you can cater for, to nourish and educate properly.


Home that is filled with lack, wants and hunger is often an angry home. An ideal home should have two or three children.


One child growing up alone in the family is always at a great disadvantage. Unless he is surrounded by other children with whom he can grow up with and have pleasant relationships with.


Larger families tends to be happier than smaller ones. Provided there is real stability in the home and enough food to go round, clothing to meets the needs of the entire family.    


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