care of your feet

Feet: 11 Simple Rules to Follow On How to Take Care of Your Foot.

Care of your feet

Every day you make use of your feet, from the moment you woke up in the morning and you step on your feet. Carrying out daily chores at home, going to work, jogging, etc.


Your feet are, therefore, one of the most valuable and most used parts of your body. Often when it comes to our health and beauty routines, your feet and toenails get neglected. 

care of your feet


  • Cut toe-nails straight across so that the edges are not buried under the flesh. If you have diabetes, talk with your doctor before having a pedicure.


  • Never put style above comfort when buying shoes, cramming your foot into shoes that are too tight or too high will result in too many foot problems.


  • When buying or using your shoes use the right size of shoes, socks, or stockings they should be at least half an inch longer than your longest toe.

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  • When doing exercise remove your shoes wriggling the toes and elevating your foot will aid circulation.


  • Bend your toes over some object, such as the edge of a book. Pick up a pencil with or toes repeat ten times to strengthen the muscles.


  • Walk with your feet pointed straight forward this will aid your posture. It will give you a better balance.


  • Do not be your doctor if you have real pain or trouble consult a foot specialist. This is the best way to avoid serious trouble.


  • Never wear the same socks or stocking twice without washing them change them if they become wet with rain or perspiration.


  • Wash and clean your feet daily and more often if needed, wash in between your toes with a washcloth carefully and regularly. Wash them with soap and warm water. This will cleanse your feet of sweat, dirt, and bacteria that might be living there.  Dry thoroughly use foot powder for any skin irritation.


  • Select the right type of shoes, preferably leather, never wear high heels more than a few hours at a time.


  • Do not do heavy work in light slippers wear strongly made shoes especially when doing construction or farm work. Always look for Shoes that will support and protect your feet.  They should protect it against any work hazard and also make your feet feel comfortable and secured.


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