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Depression Ten (10) Natural Ways You Can Treat It.

Depression Ten (10) Natural Ways You Can Treat It.

Depression is a common serious medical condition that negatively affects most people around the world, it affects the way you feel, the way you think your mode generally.


It causes feelings of sadness, loss of interests, loneliness, sadness, emotional stress, worthlessness, etc. It is a treatable condition and the following simple steps will help you get out of depression.

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All hope is not lost

Natural Ways You Can Treat Depression

1. Quit complaining

Focus on the one thing you can do well, every individual has one specific thing he is good at. Do not allow occasional sets backs to cloud your judgment. Believe in your abilities recall past success in your life.


2. Contentment

Be contented and make the most of what you have at the moment. Dwell on the brighter side of life, each time your mind is flooded with bad thoughts replace it immediately with positive and encouraging thoughts.


Always believe that every individual has an inert goodness and resilient in him. Tap into that goodness and make it work.



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3. Eat good food

Truth be told most people facing depression tend to have a poor appetite for food, don’t despair you have to fight for your life.


There are ways you can improve your appetite by having someone cook for you such as your spouse, parent, friends, etc. while you perceive the aroma, it will help improve your appetite. Avoid junk food and don’t overeat it might lead to obesity.


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4. Exercise

Finding time to exercise regularly will reinvigorate your energy, helps in triggering mental alertness. It also helps the body to produce Endorphins, which are chemicals produced by the body to relieve stress and pain when you engage in some form of exercise such as walking, jogging, etc.

A exercising will help in relieving depression


5. Laughter and Tears

These are the best antidotes for depression, they are nature’s ways of releasing our inner pains and tensions by bringing us back to a normal way of life and happiness.


Spending time with friends and family will go a long way to relieve your inner tensions, and seclusion will not solve the problems, relate with goodwill and optimistic people.


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Laughter and Tears are Natures Way of Relieving our inner Pains and Joy

6. Sleep

Finding time to sleep natural will help heal your mind. Involve yourself with some form of physical activities especially during the day such as mowing the lawn, working in the garden will put a burden on your body system to need a rest.


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7. Don’t be too ambitious

Leave the future where it belongs and concentrates on the “now” and do the needful. The best things in life are free, please enjoy it, once in a while take a rest from your busy schedule.


have a walk into the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of urbanization, business life and work and enjoy the serene natural environment, the chirping sound of birds singing songs of joy and peace. It will serve as a tonic and natural medicine to your soul.


8. Live in Peace

Try as much as possible to live peaceably with all men, avoid grudges hatred and bitterness, and develop friendship with neighbors.


Learn to be calm especially in difficult situations knowing fully well that time heals. Develop a cheerful outlook, have a great sense of humor and an abiding faith in God.



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9. Have a Pattern and Scheduled

Make a scheduled of what you want to accomplish. A lack of scheduled activities and routines can dampen your resilient to succeed.


And subsequently increase the feelings of helplessness, depression and lack of purpose. Having a plan and a pattern can help you have a sense of direction and accomplishment.


10. Respect other People Opinion

Always work in harmony with others especially when things don’t go as you plan. In life, things will not always go your way, but try to see the other side of the picture.


You should always develop a habit of gratitude and learn to take yourself less seriously, treat others with dignity, worth and value, so that they, in turn, can reciprocate your gesture, with happiness and kindness.

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