senior citizen that have live long

8 Proven Ways to Help You Live Long and Healthy

8 Proven Ways to Help You Live Long and Healthy.

To live long, healthy and fulfilled life is the utmost desire of every one alive today. Making a few lifestyle changes and commitment can help you live longer.

Genes might play a role, but to a larger extent environmental factors such as diet and lifestyle are major factors.

Therefore your chances of living and staying healthy are more if you adhere to the following points:

senior citizen that have live long

Good Companionship Plays an Important role in longevity

  1. Cutting Down on Alcohol and Smoking: This will go a long way in reducing and curbing altogether most of the terminal diseases that leads to death.


When you take a lot of alcohol and eat less nutritious food over a long period of time it might reduce your ability to live long.


You are definitely exposing your health to certain depreciating and very difficult to cure illness such as liver cirrhosis and lung cancer cause by consistent smoking and drinking.


Alcohol has been in existence from time immemorial.


It has been known to reduce heart disease, ischemic stroke, peripheral arterial s disease, and most causes of mortality especially in civilized societies to the barest minimum when taking in moderation.


However heavy and indiscriminate intake is highly detrimental to health which could lead to a lot of cardiovascular health issues

in order to live long avoid smoking and drinking

Smoking and Drinking is associated with Most Terminal Illnesses

  1. Don’t be a Glutton (don’t over eat) if you want to Live Long:  Eating less helps you to age slower, reducing the amount of excess calories intake was found  to lower the production of a thyroid hormone that slows metabolism and speed up the aging process.


  1. Eat Healthy Foods, By Making Right Choices: Longevity has been link to making healthy foods choices all over the world.

Cutting down on saturated fats and avoids eating too much refined foods, focus much on fruits and vegetables especially fresh ones, harvested fresh on a daily basis.

Drink a lot of water when you are tasty, reduce considerable the consumption of processed foods. Dwell much on eating natural and healthy foods.

  1. Exercise Daily and Engaged in Active Social Community Work: Enjoying and not enduring physical and mental activities every day will keep you well and alive for a long time.


Engaging in supportive social structures involving the family and the community.


  1. Involve Yourself in Some Form of Physical Activities:

Living a sedentary lifestyle does no good to the body this will affect your ability to life long . It might be a sign of depression and inner trouble.


Regular physical activity such as mowing the lawn, working in your farm, tending to the flowers, even washing your car are all beneficial to your health.


Positive health benefits, includes protection against chronic disease, improved physical and mental health and cognitive function, and better health-related to quality of life.


However poor physical activity or living a sedentary lifestyle is associated with higher health care costs and utilization.


  1. Spending Time Outdoors: Take some times out of your busy schedule and enjoy a period of rest in the country side.


Away from the overwhelming worries of work, business life and the chaos and headache in the corporate world will go a long way in relieving the tension and stress of city life.

taking time to enjoy nature will help you live long

Enjoying the Beauty of Nature

  1. Learn to Take Life Less Seriously and Forgive Often: Make friends with great writers, read good books, be inquisitive, open to learning and be humble.


Learn from wonderful authors of the past, listen to good music and have an abiding faith in the creator to help you stand strong in times of crises.


  1. Have A Good Sleeping Regime it will help to life long: We all need sleep to reinvigorate and re energized our body cells for optimal performance.


Developing a good sleeping pattern by maintaining good balance not too much sleep and not less sleep will improve your overall well-being and your ability to live long.


It will reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases, and many health related issues associated with poor sleep.


Over sleeping has been linked to depression, obesity and other mental illnesses which are clear indications of some underlining health issues which could adversely affect your ability to live long.

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