A peaceful and a happy home

7 Tips That Will Help You Create a Peaceful and a Happy Home

7 Tips That Will Help You Create a Peaceful and a Happy Home

A peaceful and happy home should be the desire of every person who comes into this world. That is exactly how God intended it to be for all of us. Because we are his children, and God loves his children.


No human being should be allowed to remain long in an unhappy home be it male or female, old or young.


Happiness and enjoying a peaceful life is never an exclusive right of any group of persons is meant for all of us.


Unhappiness can soon cause illness of both mind and body. The contented person who has been privileged to know and understand the better ways of life. And who lives sensibly, would usually enjoy the best of health, both mentally and physically.


The human home is far more complex than that of other animals, for the young human has many more lessons to learn from his parents.


That is why he remains with his parents for several years. His physical growth is slower than that of most animals. That is why his mind develop in proportion to his place in life.


Your home was originally intended to be a real haven of rest, a little heaven on earth, where all of the family are supposed to live in peace and harmony with one another.


Where everyone is supposed to understand and learn to be unselfish. Attitudes of love and loyalty were to be inculcated into the minds of your children.


When you do that you are laying down a very strong foundation for a peaceful and happy family for the next generation. Because the very feature of the entire human race will be handed over to them.  


A peaceful and a happy home


The following tips will help you create that peaceful and happy home you always desire:


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1. Good Moral Upbringing Will Make a Peaceful and Happy home

Almost all the problem that afflicts the human race can be traced to a faulty and wrong environment during childhood and youth.


Proper home training develops a balanced personality and of course, if you have a balanced personality it will translate into a good mindset.


And if your mind is at peace you can always radiate that peace of mind in your family and the community in which you live.


If you give your children the right kind of home training and teach them good family values. They will grow up to be responsible, show respects and love for each other.


And to you, as their parents, also to other elders within the family and the community in general which will translate into a peaceful home.


There would be no more quarrel, no more fighting, no more crimes, no more killings no more wars, and poverty. Most importantly the family will be at peace.


2. Adapt to changes


Learn to be flexible and adapt to changes that come with age, as time goes on both husband and wife will age.


There will be changes as we age especially with women when they attain the age of menopause there will be mode swings.


Children too will grow and as these changes occur we should learn to treat each other with worth and value respecting each. So that the respect and love that exist will be sustained.


3. Tolerating one Another Will  Have a Positive Impact Towards a Peaceful and Happy Home

Many people are too self-centered to live happily together. Even when two people marry. It is often impossible for them to get along well with each other.


The simple reason is that they are so wrapped up in their wants and desires that they cannot think of the other person.


They are constantly acquiring and gathering assets for themselves without even having consideration for their partner or colleague.


This attitude is often unconsciously copied by the children from their parents or the environment they grow up in, and if steps are not taken to address this behavior, it passes on from one unhappy generation to another.


If we are ever going to enjoy a peaceful and happy home, then we have to learn to live in harmony with one another respecting each other’s opinions. Even though we may not agree with them at all times, but let’s show some respect and tolerance towards each other.


happy family



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4. Showing kindness

 When you show kindness to your spouse or children vice versa the ripple effect in the family can never be overemphasized.


It is a well-known fact that when you show kindness to a person the likelihood of him showing you kindness in return is very high.


Especially in the family, it bridges the gap, reduces relationship distance, and creates a good and healthy relationship within the family.


The logic is simple when we are kind we inspire others to be kind towards us and others around them.


If there is a lot of kindness in the family, of course, that family will leave in peace and harmony with one another it will thereby translate into a happy and prosperous family.


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5. Making Sacrifices is a Hallmark of a Peaceful and a Happy home

Creating a happy home is never an accident. Someone always has to pay the price, not only in money but also in the deeper realities of life. But a happy home is worth whatever it may cost.


Fortunately for all of us creating a happy home is not a question of money. I have seen people who are very poor by all standards but yet their joy and happiness far exceed anything that money can buy.


Others have all the luxuries that this world can offer, and yet are utterly confused and miserably.


Happiness does not depend upon the amount of money one possesses, but rather on a wholesome personality and having a positive outlook towards life.


To build a happy home, both husband and wife must be prepared to get along well with each other. Their personalities must blend, though it is not always easy, someone has to make sacrifices to make the marriage work.


Each must respect the right and dignity of each other, and both of you must be prepared to listen to each other to work out your problems without quarreling.


Neither of you (parents) can expect to be right all the time. Each must be willing to give in to the other for the good of all in the home.


Lapses in one’s disposition or habits may have to be corrected to build a successful and happy family relationship both parents need to remember that the little joys, kindnesses, and happy surprises make life worthwhile.

happy home

6. Create time for your family

If you value your family so much that you don’t want to lose them. And you want to make them happy, please create time to be with them, especially your children.


Try to balance between work and family, your family needs you too. Some parents are in the habit of neglecting family values and trading it with their carrier thereby living their family to suffer.


Spend time with your children, so that you can teach them good family values. Show them you love them so they can have feelings of security and a sense of belonging.


7. Get Education or Training

Education and training is very important for both parents (father and mother) if they are ever going to create a peaceful and happy home.


Education is very important to a young man if he is to succeed, not only in the business and professional world. But also in the business of creating a successful and happy home.


In some African culture, people will always advise you to get married, starts a family knowing fully well that you don’t have any means of livelihood.


The reality is that when you get married after one or two years, you don’t have what to feed your family with.


This means you will start having marital issues with your wife especially if she is not the understanding type. Before you realize it if care is not taking she will start filing for divorce, especially if you can no longer cater to your family.


Getting an education and training prepares you for the challenges ahead and will allow you to secure a good job or start a good business. This will enable provide for the needs of your family.


It will help you avoid the pitfalls that are normally associated with lack and wants that normally create crises in the family.


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The desire of every person both male and female is to have a home where true happiness exists. The home should be bright and cheerful.


Every day each room should be filled with sunshine and fresh air. So that every part of the house will be sweet and clean for the entire family to enjoy. Above all, it should be a place where love and kindness exist.


A place where the door is always open to friends and neighbors. And where even strangers will be received with hospitality and kindness.


Always remember this popular saying that: happy parents create happy homes. Happy homes produce happy children, happy children make a happy community, and happy communities make a happier world.



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