mango tree is good fruit tree

Why it is Important Planting Fruit Trees rather Than Non Fruits Producing Trees

How Planting Fruits Trees Can Help Your Family.

I remember some years back when a friend visited me at home, and saw some trees I just recently planted within the compound, he wasn’t impressed instead he advise me to plant fruit trees.


He said planting fruit trees will help my family a lot in the long run. Because fruit trees will serve among others two important purposes, by providing shade at the same time serve as a source of nutritious vitamins and minerals.


Planting trees is very important and good, but planting not just ordinary trees, but planting fruit trees is far more important than you could ever imagine.


With a lot of jingles, campaigns and awareness to plant trees to save the planet from desert encroachment, deforestation, erosion, and even climate change, etc.


These are all quite important points or reasons to plant trees, but you will have far too important benefits, in fact, several benefits. When you plant fruit trees in your compound or community.


With the current world population standing at over 7.5 billion people. From the US Bureau world population estimate in June 2019. The simple implication is that we would have more mouth to feed than ever before.


Governments in several countries have failed their citizens especially in developing countries in the world. They have failed in providing basic amenities, infrastructures to fast track development. Talk less of providing food security for its citizenry.


Most of these countries now depend on foreign aid for sustenance, which is rather unfortunate.


planting apple fruit tree

Take Charge of Your Life by Planting Fruit Trees for Yourself and Your Family


Now you have a basic responsibility as an individual or a family owner by planting fruit trees. To provide food security to your family your community and your country in general.


In this context, we are interested in you supplying your family with the basic nutrients they need for healthy living and sustenance.


By planting and growing your fruit trees yields many benefits for your family. It allows you to foster family unity. By providing an avenue to relax and interact with each other when tending to your plants especially during holidays and weekends.


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By planting fruit trees you are providing organic foods, fresh from the garden for your family. When you plant fruit trees you are helping in preserving health with a green and natural lifestyle.


You are providing fresh air, natural environment, natural compost manure from the fallen leaves, thereby recycling nature and conserving the environment.


Most importantly by planting fruit trees, you are providing a beautiful, tranquil and relaxing atmosphere for you and your family to unwind.


The role and importance of fruit trees can never be overemphasized because it is going to save you a whole lot of trouble.


When you invest your time and resources in planting fruit trees, I bet you. You will never regret it.


The following reasons are why you must reconsider planting fruits trees in your compound, garden, backyard, and surroundings:


mango tree is good fruit tree

A mango tree is good fruit tree


Planting Fruits Trees Helps In Providing Food for the Whole Family


Planting fruit trees in your surroundings or having a small orchard in your compound, will provide you with a constant supply of fresh fruits at all times.


If you have mango fruits and guava you can be rest assured that you are going to have fruits almost throughout the year.


For instance, mango produces during the dry season. And guava produces during the rainy season which makes it possible for you to have fruits throughout the year.




mango orchard

mango orchard

By Planting Fruits Trees You Have Access to Tasty and Fresh Fruits


Fruits in supermarkets or grocery stores are often harvested unripe to make up for the distances they are going to cover.


Most of them are transported over hundreds, if not thousands of miles to get to their desired destination.


They are exported to other foreign countries for consumption. For instance apples in Nigeria are mostly imported from South Africa because apples don’t grow in Nigeria.


So in the process, they lose their freshness and nutritional value. But if you grow these fruits threes at your backyard.


You are going to have the privilege of eating fresh, healthy, palatable and sweet tasty fruits.

planting fruit trees with pawpaw



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By Planting Fruits Trees, It Provides Your Family with a Sense of Responsibility


It teaches your family to be responsible, especially your children, having your children assist you in the day to day activities in the orchard.


These will help them to be responsible citizens in the feature, by assigning tasks and respond to them in the orchard or garden. And in so doing they will be hardworking and productive.


These will afford them access to eat fruits. Thereby supplying them with the necessary nutrient needed by the body to flourish and stay healthy.


Planting Fruits Trees Helps In Saving Money


By planting your fruit trees, you need not to spend money buying fruits from the farmers market, supermarkets, and grocery stores again. Instead, that money will be diverted for other purposes and needs of the family.

planting fruit trees such as orange

Planting Fruits Trees Can Serve As Source of Revenue or Employment


So many families are making their lively hood from fruits trees planted in their backyard or within their community. The excess fruits are sold to the immediate community thereby generating an additional source of income to the family and meeting the family immediate needs.


By planting fruits you are sure of continuous supply of food and income throughout the year or in different seasons. Find out the harvest times of different fruits in your area and plant in such a way you will have fruits all year round.

food trees serve as source of revenue for most a rural women

Food trees serve as a source of revenue for most rural women


Promotes Healthy Living


Having fruit trees in the house means you will be eating them often, in the process you will have the essential nutrients needed to stay healthy.


Especially in these days of so many fast foods, packaged foods, snacks both healthy and unhealthy. These fruits can shift your attention from most of these unhealthy foods available in supermarkets, grocery stores, etc. and will help you stay healthy.


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Growing Fruits Trees Helps In Improving Air Quality in Your Surroundings


Fruits trees can help your surrounding environment considerably in a number of ways:

  • It can help in checking erosion, the roots of these trees can help in holding soil. And preventing it from washing away, thereby controlling erosion.


  • By planting fruit trees, you can help reduce the greenhouse effect and slow the rate of global warming. By absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, trees reduce harmful gases in the air. Thereby purifying the environment.


  • Planting fruits trees also helps in regulating temperatures especially in a humid hot climate like Africa, tree shade is very important especially for recreation and relaxation.
Bird perching on the tree

By planting fruit trees, you are bringing nature to your doorstep.

Planting fruit trees helps tremendously in improving your mental and physical well-being.


Orchard farming, fruits planting involves physical activities i.e digging the soil for planting, selecting fruits for planting, mapping out. And strategizing all involves chores and activity.


All are good sources of physical and mental activity and can help to keep your mind and soul healthy.


fruits trees beautifies the environment

Trees beautify the environment

Helps In Uniting and Connecting People


Growing your fruits in your backyard in most cases usually involves the entire family. And if your family is involved everybody is assigned responsibility it helps in fostering unity within the family.


As you are always working together as a team. Sharing ideas, taking responsibility, and in turn fostering unity among family members and the entire community. Thereby creating a safer and healthy community.


By Planting Your Own Fruits Trees You Have Peace of Mind


Growing and planting your fruit trees in your backyard will always give you peace of mind. Because you grow them yourself, no fear of any chemical preservatives, pesticide treatment.


Most of those fruits we buy from grocery stores are commercially cultivated. And most often requires the heavy use of chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides.


To keep them over a long period to enable shipping, to prevent them from becoming rotten.




With the increase of chemical usage and increased incidence of cancer and other illnesses caused by chemicals, preservatives in some of our food, fruits inclusive.


And the level of poverty especially in developing countries in Africa and South America the planting of fruits trees cannot be overemphasized.


It will help a great deal in providing food and creating a source of livelihood in many families around the world.

By planting fruit trees, you can help reduce the greenhouse effect and slow the rate of global warming. By absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, trees reduce harmful gases in the air. And also purifying the environment making the world a safe place to live.

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