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Foods That Will Keep You Away From Your Doctor

Foods That Will Keep You Away From The Doctor

Eating foods

Eating at the family table

With the prevailing economic situation and food prices rising. Your family’s grocery bill might be in need of a few budget cuts and adjustments.


Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realize the quality of nutritious food they can purchase on a low budget. Because of the misconception that healthy foods always cost more.


Many families and individuals around the world. Eat lots of bulky starchy foods, snacks, and junk food that are often expensive.


With little or no nutritional value. To provide the body with the extra energy needed for protection and well-being.


Most of us neglect the simple foods that are readily available within and around us. Foods that are highly nutritious and can easily be grown in our backyard.


The quality of what you eat, and how you ate it will go a long way in determining how long you are going to live. And whether you will be sick or well.  


The following simple and yet less expensive nutritional sources of food found in most parts of the world will go a long way to keep you well and healthy.


Breast milk

This is the cheapest, healthiest, and most complete food for babies. It saves a lot of money that would have been used in buying canned or manufactured baby formula.


Except on health grounds that the mother of the baby cannot breastfeed her child. Breast milk is the best and highly recommended by health practitioners world-over.


The mother can eat plenty of plant foods and turn them into the perfect baby milk. Breast milk boost the immunity of the baby, it saves money, and prevents a lot of childhood diseases.


Leafy vegetables

Are one of the most affordable sources of nutrients and vitamins such as vitamins A, E, and C. nutrients including folate, fiber, potassium, and so on.


It is often advised when cooking not to overcook, it reduces the quality of essential vitamins and minerals.


Sweet Potatoes


Sweet potatoes are one of the most available and less expensive foods found in most parts of the world, especially in Africa and the Americas.


It is a known fact that sweet potatoes are a very good source of vitamins and minerals. Including calcium, iron, and selenium and are a very good source of fiber and potassium.


Research has shown that sweet potatoes may help in maintaining healthy blood pressure and protect against certain cancer. It also helps in easing constipation.


Rice and wheat, and other grains in general are staple food eaten in most parts of the world, especially in Africa and Asia.

They are a very good source of carbohydrates and energy and are even more nutritious when milled moderately. It contains more proteins, vitamins, and minerals than the over-milled and refined ones.



Fruits provides good foods for detoxication

Water Melon and Oranges

Fruits are a very important source of vitamins and minerals. A diet high in fruits can protect against major illnesses and diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

Most fruits are readily available and affordable in most regions of the world Especially yellow fruits such as mango grow naturally in the wild in most African countries.

Local produce that is in season is generally cheaper and fresh. It is also usually at its peak in both nutrients and flavor.

They are a very good source of vitamin A that improves vision, especially at night while fruits like oranges aid digestion.



A very important staple food in Africa. It is cheap and readily available throughout Africa, especially in West Africa, and is a major source of protein.

Protein is a vital nutrient that plays a key role in virtually everything the body does. It’s often regarded as a bodybuilder, especially in growing children and also helps in digestion in adults.


Rabbit Meat

Rabbit meat is a good source of good foods

Very Sumptuous Rabbit meat.

When making the choice of cheap, healthy, and affordable meat to eat, rabbit meat is the wisest choice to make.

It is often known as the leanest meat on earth very low in cholesterol content. Even leaner than chicken meat and widely accepted as meat in most parts of the world.

Research has shown that rabbit meat is low in calories and sodium compared to other meat. It has high-quality and easily digestible protein.

Other cheaper alternatives to beef are chicken eggs, and legumes, you can get eggs from your backyard flock.



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