All You Need To Know About Nail Biting and How to Overcome It

All You Need To Know About Nail Biting and How to Overcome It

Nail biting is a common sign of nervous strain, also known as onychophagy.


It is an irresistible urge to bite one’s fingernails.


It could be annoying and embarrassing behavior to the person concerned.


At times, the parents or other family members may feel ashamed of the behavior of their children or siblings.


These may lead to the stigmatization of the child or adults with this condition, been laughed upon by others.


 Once developed, it is a difficult habit to break, particularly during adolescence.


In solving this problem try to remove every known cause of worry and anxiety. Be sure to take sufficient rest and avoid over-excitement.


This increases blood circulation and helps to get rid of the nervous tension.


nail biting


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Possible causes of Nail biting

  • Lack of enough sleep and relaxation
  • Worry and anxiety
  • Stress
  • Cultivated habit from a friend or family members
  • Heredity, a transference from the thumb-sucking habit.
  • Poorly manicured nails.
  • Lack of plenty of wholesome outdoor exercise, including frequent deep breathing.


Negative Effect of Nail biting

  • The sad truth about nail biting, it causes pain and even injury to the fingernails.
  • Your fingernails can easily pick and harbor dirt, bacterial, and germs in your fingernails. Since it’s habitual that your nails are always in your mouth. These can lead to Bacterial infection and damage to the nail, cuticle, or surrounding skin.
  • Nail biting can pose a serious health risk to your teeth.
  • It has a way of making people look upon you as if you are a child. Thereby leading to low self-esteem, psychological trauma, depression, and even shame to you and your close associates.
  • As earlier mention nail biting can be an annoying behavior to your spouse and friends. These could lead to putting a strain on your relationship.


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Some measures you can take to prevent this Condition

  • Keep the nails short and smooth, so there will be less temptation to bite them.
  • Avoiding boredom or factors that will trigger nail biting.
  • Provide plenty of wholesome outdoor exercise, including frequent deep breathing.
  • Providing time for relaxation living a healthy lifestyle, such as getting active, managing stress and anxiety
  • apply various bitter-tasting substances to the nails
  • Nails should always be kept neat, trimmed, or manicured
  • Occupying your hands or mouth with alternate activities, such as playing a musical instrument or chewing gum
  • People with chronic nail biting may need medications or behavioral therapy to deal with the root course of the condition.

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