care for your teeth and gum

How to Have Healthy Teeth and Also Care for Your Gum

How to Have Healthy Teeth and Also Care for Your Gum

If you want to have healthy teeth, coupled with beauty and confidence, then you have to make a deliberate effort in maintaining healthy teeth and also care for your gum.


The loss of teeth will often change the shape and look of an individual. Your teeth have an immense effect on your beauty, health as well as your appearance.


 Healthy teeth and a clean mouth contributes toward an attractive personality and a happy disposition.

care for your teeth and gum

The health of your teeth has significant impact on your facial appearance

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Possible Causes of Tooth Decay and Gum Trouble

Causes of Gum Trouble

  • Not cleaning the gums properly or often enough.


  • Eating foods that are poor in nutrients (malnutrition or nutritional deficiency)



  • May be due to some allergic reactions.


  • Certain health conditions may be responsible such as diabetes or even leukemia.


  • Pregnancy and the use of some certain drugs may also be responsible for gum troubles.



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Causes of Tooth Decay
  • Inadequate use of a good toothpaste that contains fluoride and not properly brushing your teeth regularly.


  • Poor diet favors the development of tooth disease and other maladies of the mouth.


  • Hereditary factors may be responsible for some defective teeth.


  • Food particles lodged in the area may provide a suitable place for the growth of bacteria, and these in turn apparently produce a local acid reaction which then attacks the surface of the tooth.


  • Microscopic cracks or defects in the enamel, or hard outer covering, of the tooth, may also favor this process.


  • Tooth decay is to a large extent related to the amount of sugar, sweets, desserts, and soft drinks that we take.


  • Teeth injury as a result of accidents or some form of occupational-related hazard. Always wear a mouth guard or full-face helmet when playing sports e.g. boxing, mounting climbing, etc.


  • Your teeth’ primary purpose is to chew food. Avoid using your teeth to crack nuts, remove bottle tops or rip open packaging always use tools meant for such purposes or you risk breaking your teeth.


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How to Have Healthy Teeth and Care For Your Gum Properly
  • Most individuals are fond of just brushing their teeth without adequately massaging their gums carefully when brushing their teeth. A good soft brush will be good for this purpose.


  • Limit the intake of Sugary Foods and beverages make sure you clean and rinse your mouth by brushing or by mouthwash so that there is no residue that might encourage bacteria proliferation. Avoid sweets, eating many sweets (sugar cane, candy, pasty, tea, or coffee with sugar, soft or fizzy drinks like colas, etc.) rots and cause damage to the teeth quickly.


  • Do not accustom children to sweets or soft drinks if you want them to have good teeth.


  • For good dental health, it is wise to visit your dentist at least twice each year. Do not wait until you have several cavities. Go and see him while your teeth are in good shape and condition. If any repair work is needed he knows the best option for you.
A smiling woman

A healthy teeth brings beauty and confidence

Further Measures on How to Have Healthy Teeth and Also Care for Your Gum


  •  A healthy and balanced diet is the key to your overall health and well-being. Calcium is one of the most important minerals for healthy teeth because it strengthens your enamel. Dairy products are a good source of calcium, and almonds are also a good source of calcium. Other healthy and protective foods rich in vitamins, especially eggs, meat beans dark green vegetables, and fruits like oranges, lemons, and tomatoes avoid sweet, sticky, and stringy foods that get stuck between the teeth.


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  • If you are a sportsman or woman or are constantly exposed to some form of occupation hazard always wear a mouth guard or helmet to protect your teeth and to prevent any serious head injury. Your teeth have a great influence on your appearance, try as much as possible to avoid anything that will alter your facial appearance.


  • Cigarettes, tobacco smoking, and alcohol can cause tooth discoloration and inflammation. Beverages that are high in alcohol cause dryness in the mouth. Without proper saliva, your mouth is unable to effectively remove plaque and bacteria from the surface of teeth.



  • On how to have healthy teeth and also care for your gum always Floss your teeth daily. By using a slow and gentle sawing motion. This is necessary in order to prevent gingivitis and the build-up of plaque.


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Steps on How to Brush Properly In Order To Have Healthy Teeth and Also Care for Your Gum

a good tooth paste and brush

A good toothpaste and brush

  • To maintain healthy teeth, it should be properly brushed at least twice a day to maintain good dental health.


  • When brushing your teeth it should be done in the direction in which they are growing.


  • The upper teeth should be brushed downward, and the lower teeth should be brushed from below, upward.


  • This should be done thoroughly, the same method should be applied both the inside and outside surfaces. Uses a sweeping motion, being sure that the bristles reach the crevices between the teeth.


  • This will help in removing any food particles that may have lodged there. When necessary, a little dental floss may be used to clean the areas between the teeth.


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