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Why Carbonated Drinks Is Not Good For You

Why Carbonated Drinks Is Not Good For You

Carbonated drinks are very popular drinks sold almost everywhere. When you visit Shops, Super Markets, Shopping malls, Motor Parks, and Cafeteria to small Kiosks around your homes.


So you are often tempted to buy and drink especially on a very sunny hot day. To provide temporary relief from the weather.


Although the ingredients in carbonated drinks are deemed safe by most food regulatory agencies. Such as the National Food and Drug Administration.


These drinks may cause harm to the body especially if consumed on a regular basis. Carbonated drinks are usually full of sugar, chemicals and (usually) with zero nutritional value.


They only provide temporal soothing relieve especially on a hot day when taking chilled and cold and are often expensive.

A young girl holding a Soft Drink

A young girl holding a Soft Drink

Carbonated drinks may cause the following harmful effect on the body and its organs:

Obesity and Weight Gain

Regular consumption of carbonated drinks adds calories to your diets. Thereby causing obesity and weight gain to the body.

Research has shown that people who consume one to two bottles of carbonated drink per day. Have a 25% higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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Nutritional Deficiency

Excessive intake of carbonated drinks can adversely affect the consumption of nutritious food.


Such as proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber and essential vitamins such as B-2 and the rest.


Consumption of carbonated drinks tends to make those addicted to it eat less fruits. And drink less fruit juice thereby exposing them to other diseases related to nutritional deficiency.


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Weaker bones

Studies have shown that regular intake of carbonated drinks may result in weaker bones.


And risks of osteoporosis especially in people who substitute calcium-rich milk with soft drinks because of its sweetened test.

Can Cause Tooth Decay

People who often take carbonated drinks on a daily basis will soon be visiting the dentist. Research has shown that soda eats up and dissolves the tooth enamel, making the teeth weaker. And more prone and susceptible to decay.


Acids found in soda are bad for the teeth. And dentists are always advising to take caution when consuming it excessively.

Affect Some Vital Organs

Studies have found that consumption of carbonated drinks on a regular basis may pose a harmful effect to some vital organs of the body. Such as the kidney and liver.


Because of the acidity level and mineral imbalances of soft drinks. You consume regularly your body must provide a buffer for the acid.


From soft drinks with calcium from your bones. As this calcium is eliminated through your urine it gradually forms kidney stones.


Research has also linked kidney disease or cases to people who drink two or more colas a day. Studies have discovered that excessive consumption of soft drinks has been linked to increase risk of liver cirrhosis diseases. Often associated with chronic alcoholics.


Can Lead to Some other Health Issues

Studies have shown that those who consume a large quantity of soft drinks every day are at risk of developing Asthma.

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And chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD). Several factors could be responsible.


Phthalates in soft drinks are also linked to causing asthma. The preservatives used in making soft drinks. Such as nitrites, sodium benzoate, and sulfites could aggravate these symptoms.


It is often advised that if you are not familiar with the ingredients. And you cannot pronounce the constituents of a particular soft drink or product don’t buy.

Quitting carbonated drinks altogether will go a long way in averting a lot of health issues.



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