Eating healthy is a sure way of preserving our liver.

The liver: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Guide This Vital Organ Diligently

5 Reasons Why You Need To Guide the Health of Your Liver Diligently

The liver is known as the largest single glandular structure in the human body. It is located in the upper right-hand portion of the abdomen under the lower ribs.


And just under the diaphragm and under the lower sides of the ribs under the diaphragm which divides the chest from the abdomen.


The liver looks simple in appearance and less complex, but this vital organ supports every other organ in your body.


And has so many very important functions that make it possible for you to stay alive and healthy.


In fact, the liver is so important that once it is damaged or shut down it is practically and logically impossible for you to live beyond 24 or 48hrs.


It is therefore very important for you to guide your liver as much as you can by taking preventive measures.


Even though it means changing your lifestyles to prevent serious complications and diseases that could adversely affect the liver.


Complications such as parasites, viral infections, disturbances of the circulation, stone formation in the bile ducts, various kinds of tumors.


And injuries that may arise due to poisonous substances that may find their way into the liver.


It is therefore very important you take the health of your liver seriously and with uttermost care.


To keep your liver functioning properly at least throughout your lifetime.


Eating healthy is a sure way of preserving the liver.

Eating healthy is a sure way of preserving our liver.

1. The Liver as a Storage Gland

Virtually most of the food you eat is stored in the liver, after having been digested and absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract.


A vast network of tiny blood vessels arises from all parts of the stomach. These numerous tributaries unit and become the portal vein, which subsequently flows into the liver.


This large vein splits into many channels that pass between all the actively functioning cells of the liver.


By this means food materials from the digestive tract can reach the liver cells where they are chemically changed and stored.


These energy foods are stockpiled until they are needed by the muscles, bones, nerves and other tissues in your body.


This vital organ also acts as a storage gland for some vital vitamins, minerals and glucose, particularly those that have to with the production of red blood cells in the bone marrow.


Protein from the digestive tract is put together again into the forms needed within the body.


The blood streams bring what we might call the raw materials to form the gastrointestinal tract and leave them with the liver cells.


The finished products from the liver are transported to the heart so that they can be carried to each organ and tissue where they are needed.


A good looking individual is evident that the liver is healthy

A healthy liver translates to a healthy individual

2. The Liver Also Helps in Blood Sugar Regulation

The liver helps your body to maintain blood glucose levels within a particular range. Whenever your blood glucose falls too far.


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The liver will convert stored glycogen back to glucose or it can make glucose from amino acids to raise the blood glucose to a normal level.


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3. Detoxifying or Destroying Harmful Poisons in Your Body

The liver has a very important function in your body, it’s detoxifying and destroys harmful poisons in your body.


That’s the more reason why you have to do everything possible within your powers to keep it healthy.


Once the liver is sick this harmful poison makes the body sick and the body suffers greatly if care is not taken it may lead to eventual death.

taking prescribed drugs is dangerous to the liver

Avoid doing drugs, only take prescribed drugs from a licensed medical practitioner

4. Production of Bile

The liver in your body produces a very important substance known as the bile. It is a golden –yellowish liquid that is needed for the absorption of fat from the intestine.


The bile is a natural laxative, it actually prevents your body from being poisoned by absorbing the byproducts of our digestion.


Should the liver fail to produce the bile in your body or it is blocked. It may result in a serious condition known as jaundice that could be deadly.


5. The Liver Also Helps in the Conversion of Harmful Ammonia

The liver helps your body considerably in converting harmful ammonia to urea. Urea is an important component of urine that is produced within the liver.


It is also one of the end products of protein metabolism that is excreted as urine



Protecting this vital organ is not something you should have a second thought about; it’s a topmost priority for every individual.


The liver is a very important key player in your body’s digestive system.


Everything you eat or drink, including medicines, passes through it, and in fact, that’s the more reason why you have to keep it healthy so it can function properly and do its job.


The liver is an organ that can easily be damaged if you don’t take care of it. And once it is damaged it is gone.


It is all about living a healthy lifestyle, be cautious about what you eat and drink. Eating food that is nourishing to the health of the liver, sticking to the doctor’s prescription, dosage, and administration.


Never going out of your doctor’s prescriptions, and never indulge in self medications and overdose, always consult your doctor.


It is far more important to prevent a liver disease than to treat one, by not indulging in lifestyles that may lead to liver diseases i.e.


Eat and drink healthy diets and exercise regularly, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.


Constantly reminding yourself each time you want to eat or drink anything that you have your vital organs to protect.

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