effectively use of antibiotics

11 Ways You Can Effectively Use Antibiotics for Good Health

11 Ways You Can Effectively Use Antibiotics for Optimal Result

At one time or the other in the course of your life, you will certainly feel unwell, the effective use of antibiotics will certainly affect your recovery rate and your overall health status.


Antibiotics is one of the greatest discoveries made by man. It is a miracle drug used in the treatment of various bacterial infections.


Antibiotics are a type of antimicrobial substance active against bacteria. They may either kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria.


They help in fighting bacterial infection and can cure diseases that are previously life-threatening such as tuberculosis and pneumonia for which there was previously no effective treatment.


One greater concern pose by the use of antibiotics is its misuse and improper usage. Infections such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, and salmonellosis are becoming harder to treat.


As the antibiotic drugs used in the treatment of such diseases are becoming less effective as a result of drug-resistant bacteria.


effectively use of antibiotics



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It is therefore pertinent to effectively use antibiotics for optimal results.

The following pointers will assist you in knowing how to effectively use antibiotics:

  • Never use antibiotics because a friend or a close relative had a similar health condition and the drug worked for him/her.


  • Don’t work with a friend’s prescription, if you do not know exactly how to use the antibiotic and what infections it can be used for, do not use it. Consult your personal physician.


  • Use only an antibiotic that is recommended for the infection you wish to treat by a qualified physician.


  • To effectively use antibiotics, fully understand the side effect and risks involved in the use of the antibiotics you intend to use and take all the recommended precautions.


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  • Avoid assumptions, only recommended dose no more no less. The dose depends on the peculiar illness and the age or weight of the affected sick person.


Further Ways You Can Effectively Use Antibiotics


antibiotics drugs


  • Use injection only when it is absolutely necessary. Taking them by mouth is likely to work just as well.


  • Always check the manufacturer’s instruction on the best temperature to properly store your drugs especially after reconstitution.


  • In order to effectively use antibiotics, they are best taken with water because taking them together with fruit juices, dairy products or alcohol can affect how the body absorbs some drugs.


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  • Never stop the use of antibiotics simply because you already feel better. Diseases such as tuberculosis and leprosy, need to be treated for many months or years after the person feels better. Endeavor to complete the doctor’s prescription and dosage. Incomplete dosage and administration may lead to bacterial resistance to drugs.


  • Certain antibiotics are not suitable for persons with certain medical conditions, such as ulcers, heartburn, hepatitis’s, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers.


  • Antibiotics should be used under the supervision of a medical practitioner for optimal results.

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