cook before peeling in order to preserve minerals and vitamins

How to Preserve Minerals and Vitamins When Cooking.

How to Preserve Minerals and Vitamins When Cooking.

The food we eat contains different minerals and vitamins, the way we preserve mineral and vitamins especially during cooking will greatly have an impact on our health and general wellbeing.


When cooking and preparing food, ensure that valuable minerals and vitamins are not lost through avoidable mistakes.


The way and manner most of our food is handle and prepared often result in the loss of important nutrients. Therefore the knowledge on how to preserve minerals and vitamins becomes imperative.


Which are thrown away with the water in which the foods were cooked.


cook before peeling in order to preserve minerals and vitamins

Always cook before peeling in order to preserve minerals and vitamins


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These minerals and vitamins may be lost by too vigorous deep peeling and overcooking.


The Food We Eat

The various food we eat provides us with the ideal amount of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients our body needs.


The nutrients in the various foods we consume begin to decrease as soon as they are harvested. The quality of the nutrient begins to decline until the food is eaten.


The sooner you eat the food, the less chance of nutrient loss. The water-soluble vitamins, especially thiamin, folic acid, and vitamin C, can be destroyed during improper storage and excessive cooking.


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Heat, light, exposure to air, cooking in water, and alkalinity are all factors that can destroy vitamins. If food is not eaten within several days, freezing is the best method to retain nutrients.


These important minerals and vitamins are necessary for good health. By being careful in preserving minerals and vitamins especially when preparing food.


You are guaranteeing your family with better health and fewer medical bills to pay.





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The Following Tips on How to Preserve  Minerals, Vitamins After Picking Them, And When Cooking

  • To preserve minerals and vitamins you should not cook vegetables any more than absolutely necessary.


  • Use as little water as possible for the actual cooking in order to preserve minerals and vitamins. This will help to save those minerals so often thrown away.


  • Water from vegetables should be used for making soups, curries, gravies, or for flavoring other foods. 


  • Don’t waste minerals by avoiding deep peeling the nutrients in vegetables and fruits are concentrated just below the skin. So peeling before boiling increases the loss of Vitamin C, Folic Acid, and other B vitamins.


  • Avoiding cutting vegetables into smaller parts, the larger the better. The greater surface area allows oxygen to break down vitamins faster.



cutting vegetables the bigger the better in preserving minerals and vitamins

Cutting vegetables the bigger the better in preserving minerals and vitamins


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  • Avoid reheating vegetables, only cooked what you can consume at a time.


  • Use a shorter time to cook with less exposure to heat.


  • Always keep milk refrigerated and tightly capped, away from strong light. Riboflavin is very sensitive to direct light.


  • Adding baking soda to enhance the green color of vegetables produces an alkaline environment that destroys vitamins.


Avoid deep frying

Avoid deep-frying


  • Deep frying and excessive heating for a prolonged time and heating at high temperature should be avoided. Boiling should be preferred to frying.


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