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Soybean: Simple Natural with High Nutritional Benefits

The Golden Beans

Soybean is a cheap and affordable good source of protein. Especially when a lot of parent are concern about the nutritional needs of their children. An often neglected and good source of protein comes to mind.


Soybean (Glycine max (L) merr. family fabaceae) is known as the “Golden bean” of the 20th century.


Though, soybean is a leguminous plant, yet it is widely used as oil-seed.


Due to very poor cook ability on account of inherent presence of trypsin inhibitor. It cannot be utilized as a pulse. It has emerged as one of the important commercial crop in many countries.


Due to its worldwide popularity, the international trade of soy beans is spread globally. Several countries such as japan, china, Indonesia, Philippines and European countries. Imports soybean to supplement their domestic requirement for human consumption and animal feed production.


Soybeans are leguminous plant. Native to East Asia that are grown for its high oil and protein content around the world. Cultivated primarily in warm and hot climates of the world.



Its Nutritional Value

One of the richest sources of protein is the soybean this simple food contains a complete protein in itself. A good alternative to meat and eggs, when prepared properly.  Soybean is a good source of vitamin K which is essential in the clothing of the blood.


Soybean has great potential as an exceptional nutritive and very rich protein food source. It can supply the much needed protein to human diets. Because it contains above 40 percent protein of superior quality. And all the essential amino acids particularly glycine, tryptophan and lysine, similarly to Cow’s milk and animal proteins.


Soybean also contains about 20% oil with an important fatty acid, lecithin and vitamin A and D. The 4 percent mineral salts of soybeans are fairly rich in phosphorus and calcium.

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Soybeans as Source of Food and Income

Soybeans are primarily consumed by humans after being fermented and turned into a Curd, Tofu, or Wara. As it’s normally called locally depending on the region of the world you are from.


A blend, cheese like substances made from the whey of fermented soy bean. Is the most common example of this type of soybean application once known as the “cow of the orient”.


Soybean is one of the few plants that provide a complete protein. And is therefore often used as an alternative for meat, eggs and most dairy products. Soy bean are low in carbohydrates, so persons with diabetes can use them.


Soy bean are highly versatile, and the beans can be processed into oil, flour and meal. Each of these forms has many dietary uses. And soy is one of the more dietary versatile legumes.


A number of foods are made from the soybean. These includes bake beans, canned or frozen green beans, bean sprouts, soybean mil, and cheese, Margarine, and salad oil.


These foods are processed and packaged by large food processing industries. To be sold to the general public for consumption thereby providing a means of livelihood. And employment to the teeming populace.

soy milk

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The fermented curd tofu or wara is prepared locally and sold around the neighborhoods thereby providing a source of income to the family.


Nutritional Value of Edible Soybean


S/No Components Percentage
1 Proteins 40
2 Carbohydrates 30
3 Fibre 05
4 Lecithins 0.5
5 Saponius 04
6 Oil 18 – 20


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