Too Much Exercise, How Much Is Too Much.

Too much exercise, how much is too much.



Too much exercise, when you consider the popular assertion that says too much of everything is bad. This simple fact cannot be far fetched from the truth.


Anything done in moderation with the purposefulness of the heart always yield a positive result.


Before starting out on your exercise routine you must ask yourselves the following questions.

  • Are you a sportsman or woman?



Certain sports require more rigorous exercise than other sports such as athletics, wrestling, shotput gymnastics require more physical activities.


  • What are your pre-existing health problems?


In general, the health benefits of exercising far outweighs the risk of not exercising. However, when done in excess without the advice of a health and fitness expert. And not giving due cognizance to your health condition and medical records.


Particularly when done in excess by individuals with a pre-existing medical condition, it may increase the risk of the following health issues.


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Excessive Exercise May lead to Orthopedic Problems

Too much exercise may lead to orthopedic problems. Such as stress fractures in the lower leg especially in athletics, particularly in those with poor biomechanics. With proper rest, this can be overcome easily.


May lead to Chronic Fatigue and Impaired Immune Functions.

Prolonged, high–intensity exercise may temporarily impair immune competence. And can lead to higher rates of upper respiratory tract infection. The best option is to engage in moderate exercise.


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Excessive exercise can induce asthma.

Excessive exercise can induce asthma. Therefore individuals prone to asthma should be engaged in moderate physical activity. When exercising it should be done under the supervision of a health and fitness expert.



This condition is encouraged by the inadequate intake of dietary energy. An exercise that leads to excessive weight loss may contribute to menstrual irregularities in female athletes. These may exacerbate the loss of bone mass a condition called osteoporosis.


female athletes


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Those in extremely hot climates should exercise caution when exercising. They should perform their exercise when the weather condition is favorable especially during the early hours of the day.


And probably later in the evening when the temperature is reasonably normal. Ensure proper hydration and water intake.


Exercise in extreme heat may cause heat stroke or other heat-related illnesses with serious adverse consequences such as kidney failure and death.


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Before you embark on any form of strenuous exercise. The importance of having full knowledge of your medical history cannot be overemphasized.


Especially when you are above age 35. You should have a medical screening to detect any risk factors for heart disease. Such as high blood pressure, before increasing your level of physical activity.


One major course of sudden death is an enlarged heart technically known as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. A genetic defect that contributes to abnormal heart rhythms and eventually hearts failure.


Other possible causes of sudden death include exercise-induced asthma. And respiration arrest, exercise-induced anaphylaxis, kidney failure, and head trauma. Coronary heart disease is mostly responsible for sudden death in older athletic individuals.


The facts still remain that exercise is most beneficial to your general health and well-being.


Most importantly you should know your limit, nutritional intake, medical records.


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Never push yourself to the extreme beyond your limit.


Do it in moderation. It should be commensurate to your body and health condition preferable under the supervision of a health and fitness expert.

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