Quit smoking

How to Quit Smoking, 8 Tips That Will Help You.

8 Tips That Will Help You Quit Smoking

The journey of a thousand mile starts by taking the first steps, your journey to quit smoking is simply by taking the first solemn decision to stop smoking.


One step at a time, whether you decide to quit smoking for just an hour at a time during the first day, and two hours the next and three hours the next day, or whether you plan to stop altogether is a personal matter which you alone must decide.


 Almost every smoker who genuinely wants to quit smoking will have a real struggle to face. What should he do? Here are a few steps he can take.


Quit smoking

Quit smoking


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Dissociate Yourself From Other Smokers in Your Quest to Quit Smoking

Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. It’s a popular adage, one of the best ways to quit smoking is to stay clear from anything including your friends that will entice you to start smoking again.


Stay away from other smokers as much as possible these will help you tremendously in quitting smoking, particularly during the next few weeks.


Be an advocate of “quitting Smoking”

Educate your friends on the benefit they will derive from their health and their general well-being if they quit smoking. 


Become a vigorous campaigner against the use of tobacco in any form. Let family and friends know that you have to stop smoking.


This may bore some of your friends for a while, but in the end, you may be able to help them too. And certainly, in the process, you bolster your own resolve to stop smoking.


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Take Hot Baths And Showers It Help You In Quitting Smoking

Take two hot baths every day and follow them with stimulating cold showers. This will help you physically and strengthen your will to succeed.


Involve in physical exercise

Involve yourself in some form of physical activity that will take your mind and attention away from any cigarette cravings.


Take plenty of exercise including deep breathing and long walks in the open air several times each day.


This will clean out the lungs and improve your sense of well-being. Be in the company of nonsmokers if you want to quit smoking.


physical exercise

Physical exercise



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Change Your Diets 

Watch your diet. Be sure to take large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables. These are an excellent antidote against the poisons of tobacco.  


If you were to eat little except fruit and vegetables for the next few weeks you would soon lose your desire to smoke subsequently quit smoking altogether.


Whenever necessary, take small meals more frequently to stabilize your blood sugar. This will also help to calm your nerves during this time of stress.


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Eat Balance Diet Always

Never go hungry, let your stomach be full of rich food always. Eat regularly and do not attempt to lose weight while you are trying to break the tobacco habit.


You may gain a few pounds, but don’t worry about this just now. You can lose it later if need be your goal is to quit smoking.


Eat good food

Eat good food


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Avoid Highly Seasoned Foods, Alcohol, and Tea And Coffee These Too Will Help You Quit Smoking.

Any food that will encourage your cravings for tobacco avoid it. They will spoil your appetite for normal foods that build the body.


Omit such things as pepper, mustard, spices, and all hot condiments from your diet. For the present, you should even be careful about taking an excessive amount of salt.


Drink at least ten glasses of water a day the first week. Taking a drink helps to reduce the craving for tobacco. If you will follow these instructions you will soon be surprised at the new flavors you are discovering in your foods.


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Get Rid Of Anything Tobacco

Anything that has to do with cigarettes and tobacco do away with it. It is not safe to keep any smoking materials handy just now. The temptation to start using the stuff may prove too great.

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