pimples or acne

Acne or Pimples, Simple Ways You Can Prevent and Treat.

Simple Ways You Can Prevent and Treat Acne or Pimples

Almost everyone has one time or the other in the course of his life has to battle with Acne or pimples.


Many a young person have been troubled with pimples or acne almost to the verge of committing suicide.


As a result of prolonged depression and anxiety due to extremely poor facial appearance, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem.


Pimples are very common in young people during their teen years. This condition, which is also known as acne, is apparently due to certain hormone changes within the body.


Other conditions that might lead to acne or pimples include the over the use of some greasy oily cosmetics, working under serious stressful conditions, emotional stress, and women undergoing menstruation.


It can occur at any age, but it’s more prevalent during early adolescence, from twelve to sixteen years of age, and is more likely to occur in those who have oily skin.


Acne or pimples primarily affects skin with a relatively high number of oil glands. In the early stages, a blackhead blocks the outlet of an oil gland within the skin.


This is not a serious problem, for it leaves no permanent effect.


If the sebaceous duct ruptures and the oily material oozes out between the layers of the skin instead of coming to the surface, there may be a cyst or swelling known as a sebaceous cyst.


These are somewhat disfiguring, but not harmful unless they become infected and form small abscesses. When these heal they may leave ugly scars.


Severe acne or pimples may occur over the shoulders, the back, and chest, as well as the face and neck.


pimples or acne


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Effects of diet on acne or pimples

Acne is not caused by diet, but certain foods definitely aggravate this condition, especially in some patients.

Foods that may aggravate these conditions include:

  • Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Cola drinks
  • Ice cream
  • Fatty meats
  • Excessive amounts of sugar

Some girls develop one or two pimples just before menstruation. These only last a day or two and are of no consequence. But when acne continues over months or years, it is very distressing, especially to a young woman, and something should definitely be done to clear up the condition.


Stress and nervous tension due to family trouble may also play a part in continuing this difficult problem.


Even in its mildest form, acne usually persists for a year or more until the hormone system of the body has become fully adjusted.


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Prevention, treatment, and management tips:

  • Keep the skin clean by thorough washing two or three times a day with a good simple toilet soap.


  • Avoid all emotional tensions, anxiety, and stress as it can increase the production of cortisol and adrenaline, which may aggravate acne. Never take more than you can handle.


  • Warm moist towels applied to the face for ten or fifteen minutes before any treatment will make the removal of blackheads easier.


  • Be careful not to open acne or pimples until it is ready to drain. Squeezing and pinching of the skin may extend the inflammation and further spreading of bacteria and delay healing, and may also cause scarring.


  • Remove makeup before sleeping.


  • Try to sleep at least eight hours every night.


  • For mild infections of the face, apply white lotion once or twice daily, gently rubbing the solution into the skin. There is much good commercial preparation that may also be tried. This must be done under the supervision of a skin specialist or your dermatologist.


  • More severe cases of acne or pimples are better treated by a skin specialist or dermatologist in the hospital.




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beautiful facial expression

A good facial expression is a priceless gift


Certain diets may play a role in aggravating acne or pimples for better health it is a wise decision to avoid certain foods such as

  • Excessive use of sugar in your diets and drinks may aggravate acne or pimples.


  • Avoid or reduce the intake of certain foods such as chocolate and nuts instead choose a plain and well-balanced diet.


  • Go for more fresh fruits and vegetables.


  • Drink plenty of water and fruit juices but avoid highly sweetened drinks to curtail acne or pimples.


  • More vitamins A, and more extra vitamin A tables should be added to the diet in more severe cases.


  • Most importantly strive to avoid all nervous strain, stress, and anxiety, and follow the principles of good living.

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