oranges good sources of vitamin C

The Benefits of Vitamin C, And Its Sources.

The Benefits of Vitamin C, And Its Sources.

Vitamin C is known as (ascorbic acid) is the great healing vitamin of the body, the benefits of vitamin C are unquantifiable.


 It is particularly needed by those who are suffering from some severe infection or prolonged illness.


The absence of vitamin C in the diet can result in a serious disease known as scurvy.


This disease is sometimes evident in pregnant women, nursing mothers, and people who live on restricted diets.


strawberries, benefits of vitamin c

Source of vitamin C


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The drawback of this very important Vitamin are:


  • Vitamin c cannot be stored in the body


  • It must be taken every day.



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Best Sources of Vitamin C


A lot of us take so many things for granted including our health and well-being. Natural fresh vitamin C is cheap and abundant around us.


Instead, we prefer to take sweetened carbonated drinks that are often harmful to our health.


One of the easiest ways we can ensure a daily supply of vitamins in our diet or into our systems is to plants fruit trees in our garden, backyard, and surroundings especially for those of us living in semi-urban areas.


If your house has space for a garden, planting fruit trees will be one of the wisest investment you can do for yourself and family. 


For those living in complete urban areas, with no space for a garden for the planting of trees. It will be wise to cultivate the habit of buying fresh fruits for your daily nourishment.


Each season of the year has special fruit that is in abundance and affordable and also rich in vitamin C.


Boosting your immune system, enjoying the benefit of vitamin C, and Helping your body to fight disease naturally is one of the best ways to live long, healthy, and happy.


Taking vitamin supplements becomes a necessity only when recommended by your personal physician.


Fortunately, vitamin C can be found in a lot of fruits, and vegetables that you can plant in your gardens, and you can also purchase within your neighborhoods.


oranges good sources of vitamin C


The following are examples of fruits and vegetables that you can derive the benefit of vitamins C from:

  • peppers.


  • Oranges.


  • Indian gooseberries(amlas).


  • Lemons


  • strawberries.


  • Limes.


  • Guavas.


  • blackcurrants.


  • Tomatoes.


  • avocados (butter fruit).


  • And other fresh fruits in season.


  • Most vegetables also contain vitamin C drumstick leaves.



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The benefit of vitamin C



  • One of the good benefits of vitamin C, it helps in the healing of wounds.



  • It helps in boosting our immunity.


  • Vitamin C helps in providing fiber, vitamins, and minerals that will aid digestion and bowel movement.


  • When it comes to the common cold, vitamin C helps in managing it and helps in reducing the risk of developing further complications, such as pneumonia and lung infections that may arise.




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