broccoli as source of vitamin k in importance and benefit of vitamin k

The Importance and Benefit of Vitamin K to Your Well-being.

Vitamin k

The Importance and Benefit of Vitamin K to Your Health and Wellbeing.


It does not really matter your profession every day your body is exposed to accidents and injuries that may lead to lots of loss of blood. If prompt medical care is not made available, prolonged bleeding may occur and severe anemia may result.


One of the greatest and beautiful miracles of nature is the ability of the body to heal itself naturally by first helping to stop the flow of blood.


Also one of the importance and benefit of vitamin k is Blood clotting, known as coagulation. It’s an important process that prevents excessive bleeding when you have an injury or when a blood vessel is injured.


This is where Vitamin k comes to play, it is essential in the clotting of blood. Blood clots are an integral part of the natural process of healing after an injury. When vitamin k is absent, the body is in grave danger.


One of the major importance and benefits of vitamin k is its ability to accelerate the healing of wounds.


The “K” alphabet is derived from the German word koagulation. Vitamin K is also known to play a key role in your bone health.


broccoli as source of vitamin k in importance and benefit of vitamin k

Broccoli a good source vitamin k


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Forms of vitamin K

There are two basic forms of natural vitamin K

  • K1 is also known as vitamin K1 (phylloquinone). Green leafy vegetables are good sources of Vitamin K1.


  • and vitamin K2 (menaquinone) Menaquinones, which are predominantly of bacterial origin, are present in modest amounts in various animal-based and fermented foods and vitamin K3 (menadione) are available as a synthetic form.



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A good source of vitamin k

Importance and Benefits of Vitamin K

  • Coagulation which is one of the major importance and benefits of vitamin k helps in the clotting of blood to prevent excessive loss of blood.


  • Vitamin K together with vitamin D is essential to healthy bone metabolism.


  • Vitamin k seems to have some control over the production of prothrombin within the liver. Hemorrhages may occur when this vitamin is missing from the diet.


  • Some doctors prescribe vitamin k just prior to surgery.


  • And also advise its use during pregnancy to prevent severe hemorrhage after birth.


  • Anticoagulants such as warfarin can antagonize the activity of vitamin k. This can lead to vitamin K deficiencies in the body. Therefore persons taking such drugs need to maintain a consistent intake of vitamin K from food and supplements, and also need to be monitored.


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Good sources of vitamin k

  • This vitamin is abundant in all green vegetables especially k1 (e.g. cabbage, broccoli, etc.).



  • Vitamin K2 is primarily from animal-sourced foods, with poultry and eggs much better sources than beef, pork, or fish.


  • All well-balanced diets provide sufficient vitamin k for normal needs


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